Wednesday, February 7, 2024

BeckermanHome- Home Renovation!

We went for a little visit to our house that is currently under a big reno!
When we originally bought our house, when you went downstairs, and you were taller than us 5'4... you would hit your head or just graze it going downstairs. (We had to tell our friends that were over 6 feet to duck! Lol!) So when doing the reno, we thought it would be sooo cool if we could round the archway and play off the circular stair case to give it that really cool vibe. Curving it like this helped us push it back in to the hallway to make it deeper. So that way, when you go down the stairs you don't even come close to hitting your head. Our fav' part is when you go down the stairs and look up, the circular staircase looks so good with the circular skylight. The shapes play off of each other. Also, the guys primed it and sculpted it to perfection. It starts small at this itty bitty point and then it goes in to this amazing wave. The light also bounces through the stairs which we are loving. The stairs are still taped up, and we have primer and paint still.. but its fun to see the vision come to life! We couldn't do it without our architect Robert Micacchi, Laura Busi and Cigdem Akin.
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