Friday, June 9, 2023

BRUCE GLEN Rainbow Gradient Slip Dresses!

We love Bruce Glen and can't get enough of these gorgeous Rainbow Gradient Slip dresses!
When we first saw these dresses on Insta... it was love at first sight! You won't believe it, but Bruce and Glen are identical twin brothers and we are huge fans of their collection!
They are both Fashion Designers and Founders/Ministers at "The Church." earning the name, The Fashion Preachers. When we saw their bright rainbow collections, we knew we would be instant friends! 
Their collections are bold, electric and conversational. Color, metal hardware and mixed patterns are key when they design and every piece they make exudes happiness. We're obsessed! Bruce Glen designs using one of the most sustainable manufacturing systems in existence today. They only employ digital printing, which utilizes a fraction of the ink and water used in more traditional processes like batch-dyeing or screen printing. All of their materials are made of natural fibers and each is 95% biodegradable. All materials are printed after a customer order is placed. There are no unused rolls of pre-printed or pre-dyed fabric. No unused inventory of fabric. They also laser cut all pieces, which reduced fabric waste per garment by 8%. How incredible and inspiring is that! Check out their collection and our new fav' twins! 

Dresses: Bruce Glen Rainbow Gradient Slip Dress
Bag: Lambert "Cailli" Heart Bag in Wild Rose #LambertxBeckermtwins
Sunglasses: The Zebra xx Anniversary Collection (The Kennedy) Etnia Barcelona
Earrings: Dean Davidson Gold Dune Earrings
Watch Band: Apple Pride Band

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