Thursday, December 13, 2018

Dear Santa!

 photo BeckermanBlog-AlbertaFeretti-Santa-Levis-OffWhite-1_zpsertixqdn.jpg  photo AlbertaFeretti-Santa-Levis-OffWhite-2_zpsuzu7056x.jpg  photo AlbertaFeretti-Santa-Levis-OffWhite-3_zpscmbig5fv.jpg  photo AlbertaFeretti-Santa-Levis-OffWhite-4_zpsu2rt8ynd.jpg  photo AlbertaFeretti-Santa-Levis-OffWhite-5_zpsawp0axgp.jpg

The Look: Dear Santa!

Fun Fact: Welcome to the family Dolly! We just got a baby Pomeranian and we named her Dolly P! (Dolly Parton) She is now four months and has grown this last month from 1.5 lb's to 2.3! She is still growing but she is such a happy little girl! So excited to have her! She is a bundle of joy! We got her from a friend who couldn't take care of her. She had an older pomeranian and the puppy (Dolly) was aggravating her older dog's heart murmur with all her puppy energy. So she asked us if we knew of anyone who would want Dolly. We immediately knew that we needed this little girl in our life. It feels like we sat down and wrote Santa a letter....and it would go something like this.
"Dear Santa,
I would like a Pomeranian for Christmas/Chanukah who gives endless kisses and wants to play all day! xo Cailli and Sam"
It was a dream come true! We are soooo happy! Also, loooooving these Philosophy sweaters by Lorenzo Serafini! They say..."Dear Santa" on the front and "Ive been Naughty" on the back! They have shoulder pads in them and are super obsessive and soft!
Our shoes are OFF White x Nike Vapor Fly Fuchsia kicks! We LOVE the fuchsia colour!!!! OMG!!!!!! from OFF White Toronto!

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

#HMoschino x BeckermanBlog

We can't wait!!! The #HMoschino collection is landing to select H&M stores on Nov.8th! Our love Jeremy Scott has designed the most unbelievable collection for this collaboration! Filled with leather boots, Disney jerseys, leather thigh highs, sequin ski jackets and printed chain dresses! Even dog sweaters! (Check out Marni below... wooof!) We headed to New York to check out the press preview, fashion show and celebration to kick off the collection! Sooo excited for the launch! Here's a preview of it below and a few of our favourite things! Let the countdown begin!
 photo Picture2HMoschino-BeckermanBlog_zpspy3lhvuc.jpg  photo Picture3HMoschino-BeckermanBlog_zpsobr8hcxe.jpg  photo Picture1HMoschino-BeckermanBlog-1_zps6lkxjumu.jpg  photo Picture5HMoschino-BeckermanBlog_zpsnr7cv8me.jpg  photo Picture6HMoschino-BeckermanBlog_zpsed8f7v1e.jpg  photo Picture8.HMoschino-BeckermanBlog_zpsvk8hzbsr.jpg  photo Picture9HMoschino-BeckermanBlog_zpspjvjtjtj.jpg  photo Picture7.HMoschino-BeckermanBlog_zpskyyqox0a.jpg  photo Picture11HMoschino-BeckermanBlog_zpsswemxrst.jpg  photo Picture010HMoschino-BeckermanBlog_zpsj9mqr1td.jpg  photo Picture12HMoschinoxBeckermanBlog_zpsrpwszq21.jpg  photo Picture13HMoschino-BeckermanBlog_zpsmosv9rmy.jpg Pin It Now!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Graffiti + Fall look

 photo BeckermanBlog4_zps0nmpqctb.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog-1_zpsfo02qkyb.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog-2_zps7ahrbe5u.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog3_zpsyeyiels3.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog5_zps8ryeydjk.jpg

The Look: Grafitti + Fall

Sam- Balenciaga Jean Jacket, Re/Done Jeans, Sophie Monet Star Earrings, Vetement Star Boots, Dior Saddle Bag
Cailli- Balenciaga tweed jacket, vintage M&M tee, vintage Fendi pants, Vetement Brown Boots, Dior Saddle Bag and Jeremy Scott LongChamp polaroid bag

Fun Fact: We are super in to BIG shoulders, exaggerated silhouettes, denim and tweed! Usually when Fall kicks in and Paris Fashion week happens, we love to amp it up and break out all our Fall jackets. We love the Vetements collection this Fall. It's stickers and grafitti on everything mixed with neon! Take a "Ladylike" look and mix it with street and punk!

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Levi's x Jordan 4 x Beckerman Girls

We looooove the new collab Levi's x Jordan 4's and the denim shoes are sooooo dope!!!!! The jean jackets are reversible and have a flight logo inside along with a wind breaker material. Cailli is wearing the black denim combo with the black denim shoes and Sam is wearing the white denim version with the matching shoes! Matchy Matchy! We shot in such a sick location today, it's the Tom Thompson red giant canoe landmark in Toronto! Photo's by Mack Kalish @kalish301
 photo BeckermanBlog-Levis x Jordan-5_zpsxbaneoqq.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog-Levis x Jordan-7_zpsqhkku1dq.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog-Levis x Jordan-4_zpstu1dmnt5.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog-Levis x Jordan-3_zpsth0evstn.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog-Levis x Jordan-6_zpsetltfl1m.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog-Levis x Jordan-2_zps3xbibljb.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog-Levis x Jordan-1_zpsdksd039e.jpg Pin It Now!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie Paris!

We went to the newly renovated Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie  at the Shangri-La Hotel in Toronto for the most relaxing facial ever. The Moroccan Vibe of the spa and the Caudalie products makes it our most favourite spa in the city.  Chocolate dipped strawberries and champagne greeted us as we walked in and we relaxed in our cozy robes before getting our facial. First, we went into the hot Hammam steam room that is so gorgeous and hot. We layed down our towels and let the steam go into our pores and completely zenned out. It relaxed our bodies and mind. Then we got the best facial in the city called the Caudalie Grand Facial using all Caudalie products for an hour. It's the kind of facial you never want to end. The Miraj Spa just re-opened with new renovations and a bigger manicure/pedicure station perfect for getting all the girls together for a party! We can't wait to go back!

 photo HammamFinals-60_zpscystcf33.jpg
 photo HammamFinals-65_zpsmfl67cqk.jpg  photo HammamFinals-49_zpszurqwh0y.jpg photo HammamFinals-27_zpsto0qiuow.jpg  photo HammamFinals-62_zps7oq123vj.jpg  photo Hammam-1_zpsiarwqdvx.jpg  photo For Blog-HammamFinals-2_zpsauh0wh5w.jpg  photo HammamFinals-17_zpsnpnupmoi.jpg  photo HammamFinals-39_zpskvshgkag.jpg Pin It Now!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Doll House Dreams!

 photo BeckermanBlogToronto-Beckermantwins-Chanel-1_zpslyvfkioy.jpg  photo BeckermanBlogToronto-Beckermantwins-Chanel-3_zps2craleyl.jpg  photo BeckermanBlogToronto-Beckermantwins-Chanel-4_zpsqzhxajxn.jpg  photo BeckermanBlogToronto-Beckermantwins-Chanel-6JPG_zpsgu83iiyg.jpg  photo BeckermanBlogToronto-Beckermantwins-Chanel-2_zpszp3rhu4q.jpg
Photos by: Daniel Kim Walking Canucks 

The Look: Doll House Dreams!

Cailli's Dress- Hot pink cartoon dress by Dat Print Doe,
Shoes, Sunnies and Bag- CHANEL

Sam Jacket and Jeans- BeckermanDIY made by us.
Shoes, Sunnies and Bag- CHANEL

Fun Fact: We found this totally incredible house in Toronto decked with dolls! It's has all of our fav's like SpongeBob, Mickey Mouse, Barbie, He-man and so many more from our childhood. We collaborated with CHANEL wearing all of their newest accessories! We are obsessed with these white leather/chain and sequin espadrilles for the summer and the oversized gold sunnies. But these bags are just the best! The boy bag has an iridescent shine and the oversized bag has camellia's embroidered in it...swoon! Pin It Now!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Awesome Blossoms!

 photo BeckermanBlog-1-Daniel Kim-Preen-Alessandra RIch- Flower dresses-beckerman twins-5_zpsktul1s76.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog-1-Daniel Kim-Preen-Alessandra RIch- Flower dresses-beckerman twins-1_zps7sdjo0ti.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog-1-Daniel Kim-Preen-Alessandra RIch- Flower dresses-beckerman twins-2_zps63cmadf3.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog-1-Daniel Kim-Preen-Alessandra RIch- Flower dresses-beckerman twins-3_zpswvuhtwxd.jpg  photo beckermanblog flowers-1_zpse8xz4qnn.jpg Photography by: Daniel Kim (@WalkingCanucks)

The Look: Awesome Blossoms!

Dresses: Preen (pink one on Sam) Alessandra Rich (white one on Cailli)

Fun Fact: Tis the season of the Blossom and of floral dresses! It's kinda a staple for us to have flower dresses in our closets. Especially for our friends Spring/Summer weddings and upcoming events.
We shot today with one of our favourite photographers, Daniel Kim. He is such a talented street style photographer. We always love seeing him and hanging out, and he is Canadian too! Check out his instagram for an awesome dose of street style!

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