Friday, June 28, 2013

H&M Recycling Video!

H&M has a fantastic recycling program where you can bring in your old clothes (of any label) and get a voucher towards some new H&M clothes! Watch our video to find out all the details! Long live fashion! Pin It Now!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Samantha- Mickey Mouse + Goth

 photo IMG_6325_zpsd6be7713.jpg  photo IMG_6452_zps2263f693.jpg  photo IMG_6047_zps9eab157f.jpg  photo IMG_6016_zps68982938.jpg  photo IMG_6379_zpsb1c60669.jpg  photo IMG_6111_zps96853395.jpg  photo IMG_6349_zpseb1de7e4.jpg  photo IMG_6559_zpsab63f0d5.jpg

Top- Marc Jacobs Mickey Mouse top from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Blouse (under top)- Balenciaga blouse from
Pants- Navy leather blue H&M pants from H&M store in Toronto
Bag- Maison Martin Margiela for H&M black leather glove bag from H&M store in Toronto
Shoes- Marques Almeida shoes from Opening Ceremony store in LA

The Look: Mickey Mouse + Goth

Fun Fact: I've loved Mickey Mouse my whole life! We have gone to Disneyland and Disneyworld a ton, have had Mickey and Minnie B-Day parties and own a lot of ears. This top feels like a neoprene sweatshirt and I'm obsessed with how Mickey sparkles. I wore my favourite dark lipstick to give it that goth vibe and it's Nars Train Bleu. M-I-C-K-EY-M-O-U-S-E! Pin It Now!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Caillianne- Gwen Stefani + Love

 photo IMG_5688a_zps13680ee0.jpg  photo IMG_5770a_zpsf794ab76.jpg  photo IMG_5826_edited-1aaa_zps2e90781d.jpg  photo IMG_5953-1_zpsdac7e632.jpg

Top- Isabel Marant blouse from Creatures of Comfort in L.A
Pants- Jersey harem Mary Meyer pants from Foundry in L.A
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban sunnies gifted from Ray-Ban Bag- Love bag by Maison de Vacances Paris
Shoes- Stella McCartney heels from Corbo in Toronto (borrowed from Samantha)

The Look: Gwen Stefani + Love

Fun Fact: Everytime I see pics of Gwen Stefani, she is always rocking the coolest Harem Pants with heels. She kinda gave me the harem pants bug. I wanna live in them this summer because they are so comfy and slouchy and Rock Steady! Pin It Now!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Samantha- Grunge + White

 photo IMG_0612a_zpsa093f027.jpg  photo IMG_0574a_zps91f5a594.jpg  photo IMG_0604-1_zps461705ab.jpg  photo IMG_0564_zps6682397e.jpg  photo IMG_0582_zps47c4392c.jpg  photo IMG_0567_zpsd7eb11d4.jpg  photo IMG_0618_zpsc1a89a8a.jpg  photo IMG_0590_zpsa7e22b59.jpg

Shirt- Plaid H&M shirt from H&M store in Toronto
Necklace- Isabel Marant black feather from
Pants- White Guess Brittney Skinny jeans with beading gifted from Guess
Bag- Proenza Schouler bag from Opening Ceremony from
Bracelets- Gold and silver Guess spike bracelets gifted from Guess and Balenciaga wrap bracelet from Balenciaga store in LA
Earrings- Pamela Love arrow earrings gift from my sista Chloe
Belt- Isabel Marant Elvis belt from TNT store in Toronto
Shoes- Isabel Marant Bobby shoes from Isabel Marant store in LA

The Look: Grunge + White

Fun Fact: I'd have to say my favourite thing to wear in this world is plaid shirts (and Mickey Mouse sweatshirts) cause I've been wearing them since I was ten years old! This Sunday is the Much Music Video Awards where we are hosting on the red carpet for H&M! We are SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED! Tune in cause it's gonna be a hot hot show! Pin It Now!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Caillianne- 80's Surf + Red on Red

 photo IMG_0538a_zpsb6780bfa.jpg  photo IMG_0487-1_zpsb080f965.jpg  photo IMG_0480a_zpsb0715fd0.jpg  photo IMG_0502a_zps0f411b9e.jpg  photo IMG_0539-1_zpse8356fb6.jpg

Dress- Red Balenciaga dress from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Sunnies- Red Ray-Ban's gifted from Ray-Ban
Bag- Balenciaga bag from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
 Shoes- Red Chloe boots from Holt Renfrew in Toronto

The Look: 80's Surf + Red on Red

Fun Fact: I am soooo excited about Isabel Marant for H&M Collaboration! It's going to be insane! Like seriously excited! I couldn't figure out what to wear today and decided to go all red! Oh yeah... red! Errday, Errday!

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Samantha- Denim + Surf

 photo IMG_4982_zps24b6996f.jpg  photo IMG_5111_zps30e1280f.jpg  photo IMG_5022-1_zpsad325e61.jpg  photo IMG_5085_zps5fe14e73.jpg  photo IMG_5049_zps8b664255.jpg
 photo IMG_4780_zpsbf371f84.jpg
Jacket- H&M Denim Jacket from H&M store in Toronto
T-shirt- H&M grey t-shirt from H&M store in Toronto
Jeans- H&M jeans from H&M store in Toronto
Sunglasses- H&M blue sunnies from H&M store in Toronto
Belt- H&M black and gold hardware belt from H&M store in Toronto
Bag- Proenza Schouler Bag from
Hat- H&M black Men's hat from H&M store in Toronto
Shoes- Acne shoes from

The Look: Denim + Surf

Fun Fact: I'm just a little obsessed with denim on denim! Especially when it's ripped, shredded and bleached out. We are so pumped for the Much Music (MMVA)Video Awards that happen next Sunday, June 16th in Toronto! And we need your help picking our H&M Red Carpet outfits! Cailli and I have 3 options each and we need your help to let us know which one you like best by voting here on the Much Music website. We are also in a fashion show walk off video! Can't wait to see which outfit gets the most votes! Yahooo! Pin It Now!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Caillianne- Paisley + Pop

 photo IMG_4512a_zpsca1d7f8d.jpg  photo IMG_4622ab_zps6236b009.jpg  photo IMG_4556a_zps362fdfa1.jpg  photo IMG_4627ab_zps7299a8fa.jpg  photo IMG_4353a_zps4c87561d.jpg  photo IMG_4688a_zps58b4e0b9.jpg  photo IMG_4753a_zps9093aff7.jpg

Jacket- H&M Jacket from H&M
T-Shirt- Red H&M Tee from H&M
Skirt- White crystal H&M skirt
Earrings- H&M crystal earrings
Necklace- H&M crystal necklace
Sunglasses- Kitty Sunglasses from H&M
Bag- Prada bag from Holt Renfrew
Shoes- Isabel Marant shoes

The Look: Paisley + Pop

Fun Fact: We are getting set to host the Red Carpet for the Much Music Video Awards in Toronto! We have been blogging up a storm for H&M and we are their official bloggers of the MMVA'S! And PSY is co-hosting! Oooooh!!! Gangnam style! You can even learn how to tie a Psy bow tie here with the illustration we did! We hope you enter the contest to hang with us on the red carpet. It's gonna be the best because artists like Demi Lovato, PSY, Avril Lavigne, Phil Phillips and Ed Sheeran are performing! All you have to do is look for the secret code words on the Much Music blog and enter the contest there! You even get a head to toe H&M makeover! The clothes are that amazing! I'm decked head to toe today in H&M! Werk! Pin It Now!