Wednesday, March 14, 2018

90's Vibes Only! Photography by Jaclyn Locke

 photo instax-beckerman-beckermans-canada-bath-flowers-jaclynlocke-beckermans-blog.jpg
We wanted to do super 90's shoot with our fav' photographer, Jaclyn Locke. We've worked together for years on many different projects and she always gets us. We always turn to Jaclyn to make our vision come true. We always get each other. Not only is she super talented, she is an amazing friend and we have sooo much fun dreaming up shoots together. So we wanted to try something new. This time we decided it wasn't about products or clothes, we just wanted to do a super 90's vibe photoshoot. We wanted the imperfect photos, the grainy feeling, the one shot.. that's it...kinda feel. Growing up, our grandfather would bring over Polaroid film and we would always take a million Polaroid pics of each other, our dogs and then stuff them in our makeup drawer. It was always sooo cool and funny, looking at those memories/pics years later and giggling at them. So this time, Jaclyn took her Instax camera and we went to town with it! We had so much fun taking pics together. We wanted it to be a bathroom/home personal kind of shoot and wanted it to look like those sister pictures we stuffed away in our makeup drawers to find years down the road. We only had one roll of black and white film and one roll of colourful film, so we had to be super specific on what we shot. We wanted to do a 'real" shoot and something that felt "so right now." So here it is... us in the 90's! lol! Just kidding..."Whatever!" says Cher from Clueless, it's 2018! Hair and Makeup- by us Photography- Jaclyn Locke

 photo canadabloggers-canadianbloggers-vetementsflameshoes-vetementsstarboots-vetements-beckermantwins-sisters-beckermangirls-bloggers-canada-jaclynlocke.jpg  photo bath-jaclynlocke-beckermangirls-beckermansisters-twins-canada.jpg  photo beckermanblog-sisters-canada-jaclynlocke-instax-toronto-numberoneblogincanada_1.jpg  photo twins-beckermanblog-sisters-jaclynlocke-blackandwhitedresses-twins-girls-beckermans.jpg  photo twins-blondes-sisters-beckermanblog-girls-jaclynlocke-sisters-caillibeckerman-sambeckerman.jpg  photo jumpingonthebed-twins-sisters-canada-bloggers-blog-sisters-canada-bloggers-streetstyle.jpg  photo instaxphotoshoot-beckerman-girls-jacylnlocke-beckermangirls-sambeckerman-samantha-beckerman-canada-caillibeckerman-toronto-jaclynlocke-bubbles-bubblebath-twins-tub.jpg  photo sambeckerman-caillibeckerman-canada-beckermanblog-streetstyle-canada-bloggers.jpg  photo instaxphoto-instax-beckermans-bubbles-bubblebath-twins-canada-sisters-sambeckerman-caillibeckerman.jpg  photo bubblebath-twins-canada-twins-beckermans-beckermantwins-sisters-caillibeckerman-sambeckerman-samanthabeckerman.jpg  photo 90sphotoshoot-photoshoot-canada-flowerinmouth-toronto-bloggers-jaclynlocke-twins-beckermanblog.jpg  photo blackandwhitephotography-sambeckerman-caillibeckerman-beckermanblog-twins-jaclynlocke-flowers-90s-twins.jpg  photo bubblebath-sisters-beckermantwins-sisters-beckermanblog-beckermantwins-girls-bloggers-jaclynlocke-sisters.jpg  photo beckerman-jaclynlocke-photographer-sisters-twins-flowers-instax photo-beckermans-beckermanblog-twins-bloggersincanada.jpg  photo gettingready-jacylnlocke-sisters-canada-toronto-streetstyle-canada-bloggers-jaclynlocke-canada-samandcaillibeckerman_1.jpg  photo funnyfaces-beckermans-beckermangirls-bloggers-fashion-sisters-beckermangirls-blog-canada_1.jpg  photo instax-jaclynlocke-beckermans-canada-bloggers-toronto-pinkfauxfurrug-canada-caillibeckerman-sambeckerman-beckermanblog-bloggersincanada-numberoneblogintoronto-twins_1.jpg Pin It Now!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

#HMStudio Fashion Show in Paris! In H&M Stores NOW!

WOWOW!! What a show last night! The new #HMstudio Show is a see now buy now Collection, so everything is available right now at H&M Stores worldwide. We had an incredible day leading up to the fashion show, all organized by H&M that made it an extremely memorable and special trip. The Artist Moa Bartley, painted my portrait and used the fashion show textile as my outfit. Then I had my makeup done, by a professional makeup artist using all H&M products. I went for a dark red lip and rock n' roll cat eyeliner for the show with a lil creme glitter on my cheeks. Then had a mani and pedi all done with H&M nail polish (in both green and pink). We stayed at the cozy H&M Hotel/House that gave us all monogrammed house robes and personalized our rooms with H&M candles, towels and cosmetics. I also experienced a Sound bath where gongs were played, and it was a deep meditation that helped fight my jet lag. I got all ready for the Fashion Show and headed to the Musee des Arts Decoratif. It was transformed into a Ryokan, which is a traditional Japanese Inn. We took off our shoes, slipped on tabi socks and sad down on tatami mats for a custom made sushi extravaganza! We ate and sipped saki under Japanese lanterns while the models strutted down the runway, smiling:) Some of my favourite pieces are: fringe tops, oversized khaki ponchos, crystal earrings and knit geometric prints and I'm wearing them in the pics below. The show was all about Japanese minimalism, inspired by the streets of Japan and the culture. The finale was rained Cherry blossoms! It was soooo gorgeous, it gave me goosebumps. The whole #ss18 Collection is available now at selected H&M stores worldwide and online! Make sure to stop by and check out the stunning Collection! Photoshoot pics by: Laurent Becotruiz

 photo hm-canada-beckermanblog-streetstyle-beckermans-beckermantwins-sisters-twins-hm-hmstudio.jpg  photo beckermans-sisters-hmcanada-hm-hmstudio-samanthabeckerman-twins-beckerman-parisfashionweek-style.jpg  photo sambeckerman-hm-hmstudio.jpg  photo sambeckerman-pfw-parisfashionweek-hm-hmstudio-beckermanblog-samanthabeckerman-beckermantwins-hmss18-ss18.jpg  photo picbyLaurentBecotruiz-sambeckerman-beckermanblog-hm-hmstudio-parisfashionweek-pfw-beckermans.jpg  photo laurentbecotruiz-sambeckerman-beckermans-streetstyle-hM-vetementsboots-hm.jpg  photo moabartling.jpg  photo hmstudio-fashionshow-hm-ambiance-japaneselantern-beckermanblog-beckermans-hm-hmstudio-pfw.jpg  photo samaraandsam-hmcanada-hm-hmshow-hmstudio-fashionshowparis.jpg  photo vegetariansushi-hm-hmfashionshow-hmstudio-ss18-sambeckerman-sisters-beckermans-beckerman.jpg  photo hmstudio-art-fashionshow-beckermanblog-cherryblossoms-runwayshow-hmstudio-fashionshow-beckermangirls.jpg
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