Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Cailli- Alexandre Vauthier + Margiela

 photo toronto-margiela boots-moschino high heel-5_zps8emehkio.jpg  photo toronto-margiela boots-moschino high heel-6_zpso6ag2ns4.jpg  photo toronto-margiela boots-moschino high heel-2_zpscdqpketv.jpg  photo toronto-margiela boots-moschino high heel-9_zpslydzbqvp.jpg  photo toronto-margiela boots-moschino high heel-4_zpsawuyipjs.jpg  photo toronto-margiela boots-moschino high heel-010_zps7ft8vh8e.jpg  photo toronto-margiela boots-moschino high heel-8_zps76khgdkf.jpg  photo toronto-margiela boots-moschino high heel-7_zpslshpiybe.jpg  photo toronto-margiela boots-moschino high heel-3_zpsbi4f6jsx.jpg

Jacket- Alexandre Vauthier
Jeans- H&M
Shoes- Margiela
Bag- Moschino high heel

The Look: Alexandre Vauthier + Margiela

Fun Fact: Vrrrrom Vrooom.... Start your engines and Happppppy Happpppy New Year!!!! Soo excited for this new and special year ahead of us! We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for following us and for all the love and support over the years. We are hitting our seven year milestone for our blog this year, and feel really happy and lucky to have you as one of our readers. Can't wait for all of our new adventures this year! We love you and wish you and your family all of the happiness in the world for a fabulous 2016!!! Get the Look:

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Sam- Army + Vetements

 photo streetstyle-beckermanblog-sisters-twins-vetements_zpsjpxd8tyt.jpg  photo samanthabeckerman-girls_zpsfzlbbx1s.jpg  photo lesvetementsjeans-vetements-bluenewcutjeans_zpss12dgehn.jpg  photo samanthabeckerman-canada-agentprovocateur-2015_zpsk0x4bgo7.jpg  photo toronto-canada-streetstyle-bloggers-sambeckerman_zpslx48mbtb.jpg  photo chanelbag-chanelchristmasgift-lesvetements_zpssouipihc.jpg  photo samanthabeckerman-agentprovocateur-hmtshirt-robyngrossnecklace_zpsqgennhw2.jpg  photo sambeckerman-vetements_zps0sas1uvs.jpg

Jacket- Vetements (similar here)
T-shirt- H&M
Jeans- Vetements 
Bag- Chanel (or cool clutch style here)
Necklace- Robyn Gross
Bra- Agent Provocateur Chiki Bra
Earrings- Pamela Love spike earrings and Dior Pearl Earring
Boots- Alexander Wang (similar here or here)
Hat- Vintage leather motorcyle hat

The Look: Army + Vetements

Fun Fact: Woop Wooop! Today I got my favorite jeans and jacket on by Vetements. I'm so excited about the designer Demna Gvasalia and how he has the reigns at Balenciaga. I love how he deconstructs vintage-ish pieces and re-creates them in his own way. It's inspired by grunge, 90's and diy's- everything that I love. The butt on these jeans are sooo cool with the way the pockets are placed lower. The design detail on the extra long sleeves are just too cool. This bag is the most magnificent clutch and it was a holiday present from the Chanel team. I love it dearly and how colorful it is. This season, it's all about showing a little lingerie and making what's underneath just as special as what you are wearing. One of my most amazing friends from childhood Robyn Gross created this stunning turquoise necklace. She is not only one of the most talented up and coming jewerly designers.... her eye for design and stones is exquisite. Make sure to check out her website and email her for special orders.

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Karl Lagerfeld Giveaway!

It's official..we are Karl Lagerfeld Ambassadors for Canada! We are sooo excited and wanted to celebrate by doing an incredible Karl Lagerfeld Bag Giveaway! One of our fav' shopper bags is up for grabs. It has the coolest Karl patches inspired by his travels, and this black leather bag fits everything...including Karl Lagerwoof rockin' his custom motorcycle jacket
We are shipping international! So make sure you enter below, we will be picking randomly and announcing the winner on Monday, Dec.21, 2015.

*** We contacted the Winner!***

How to enter the Giveaway:
1. Leave a comment below with your email (so we can get in touch with you)
2. Follow us on Instagram @beckermanblog

And if you are already following us on Instagram, you ROCK!  photo KarlLagerfeld-Beckerman-Giveaway-Patchwork Shopper-BeckermanBlog-5_zpsnopxkbjy.jpg  photo KarlLagerfeld-Beckerman-Giveaway-Patchwork Shopper-BeckermanBlog-15_zpskhum2fts.jpg  photo KarlLagerfeld-Beckerman-Giveaway-Patchwork Shopper-BeckermanBlog-7_zpsh2gxqumt.jpg  photo KarlLagerfeld-Beckerman-Giveaway-Patchwork Shopper-BeckermanBlog-1_zpsdovjyis0.jpg  photo KarlLagerfeld-Beckerman-Giveaway-Patchwork Shopper-BeckermanBlog-4_zpsuyyokpkd.jpg  photo KarlLagerfeld-Beckerman-Giveaway-Patchwork Shopper-BeckermanBlog-14_zpsszlwy52r.jpg  photo IMG_9998_zpsrtwkjtt9.jpg  photo IMG_0008_zps2njbjna2.jpg Pin It Now!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Beckermans x Diesel Pre Spring 2016

We are obsessed with Diesel's new hottest handbags! Le Zipper Le-Littssy, Le Zipper Le- Tracy and Le Zipper Le- Bhonny.... Can we just say, they are Le Fabulous! The leather is so soft and they are the perfect size bags to wear from day to night. They have these motorcycle details like the the large zippers and the amazing details on the inside for your phone and lipstick. We are also in love with Diesel's Pre Spring collection. The collection includes: multicoloured stripe sweater sets, grommet jackets, hooded sweatshirt with leather inserts and our favourite... The Jogg Jean! We wear Diesel's Jogg jeans on a daily, so these new additions to the Pre Spring Collection are just so amazing. But the jacket that blew our minds was the silk satin bomber jacket with the Eagle and the soft star sweater. They also go perfectly with the Le Zipper bags and it's hard to decide which bag we love the most because they are all so spectacular. Even though we are twins, we have different personalities and styles. Cailli wears sportier pieces and loves sweatshirts and badass jeans while Sam lives in dresses and leather jackets. But with this collection, we are actually having sister fights over who is gonna wear which bag, because we love them so much! Make sure to check out Diesel's Pre Spring collection in stores and online to see their hottest new bags and our Diesel Campaign below! #BeckermansXdiesel #dieselprespring16

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sam- Army + Pearls

 photo sambeckerman-gvgv-vfiles-beckermangirls_zpsajvu5ctv.jpg  photo jennybird-jewelry-chanelpearlearring-narsmakeup_zpscebffbqg.jpg  photo samanthabeckerman-moschinobag-fresh-yeezy-sisters-canada-twinbloggers_zpsabm13bgq.jpg  photo samantha-beckerman-beckermanblog-numberonebloggersincanada-sisters-twins_zpslxbist0r.jpg  photo sambeckerman-yeezy-sisters-canada-bloggers_zpshyezty41.jpg  photo moschinobag-freshmoschino-beckermansisters-beckermans-toronto_zpsgoaox8iz.jpg  photo jennybird-pearlchoker-hm-fashionbloggers_zpsjpuggzpa.jpg  photo chanelmakeup-gvgv-armyjacket-laceup-toronto_zpsgwiurgzb.jpg  photo yeezy950-sssnese-beckermanblog-sisters-streetstyle_zpstdfnvmxb.jpg  photo yeezyseason1-yeezy-950-blackboots-canada_zpsg1dz2sd2.jpg

Jacket- GVGV Army Lace Up Coat
Skirt- H&M
Top- H&M
Earring (gold)- Jenny Bird Slant Ear Cuff
Necklace- Jenny Bird Lyons Choker
Pearl earring- CHANEL
Belt- Vintage chain and hoops belt
Bag- Moschino Fresh Backpack
Boots- Yeezy First Season 950's

The Look: Army + Pearls

Fun Fact: I seriously stalked this Army jacket! I tried it on at VFILES in NY and waited for the pre- Black Friday sale to start and got it....and it just arrived! I'm obsessed with GVGV, a Japanese brand that is soooo hard to find and they make the meanest Army jackets that are reversible. The lacing up the back with the velvet ribbon has such a 90's vibe. These Yeezy boots are from Kanye's first season, and they are the bessst winter boots of the season! The best thing is that they have a hidden platform (like the Isabel Marant sneakers), are comfy and are perfect for our Canadian winters. Our friend Jenny Bird from Toronto has the most incredible jewelry Collection. She is so super talented and we saw her the other night at a party rockin' this Ear Cuff and we screamed! We told her how we are all about ear cuffs and pearls and she told us that she just dreamed up this pearl choker, that I'm wearing. I couldn't be anymore obsessed with it cause it's grungy and girly all at the same time! Moschino Moschino Moschino....funky freshness at its bessssst. My new favorite backpack is this fresh bag that we can not stop fresh and so clean clean.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Cailli- Cosmic Wonder + Marques Almeida

 photo caillibeckerman-toronto-marquesalmeida-toronto-beckermanblog-3_zpsgd5jqcqc.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-toronto-marquesalmeida-toronto-beckermanblog-2_zpsi8qvksoo.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-toronto-marquesalmeida-toronto-beckermanblog-4_zps37qweaoh.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-toronto-marquesalmeida-toronto-beckermanblog-6_zpsh6wy7hd3.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-toronto-marquesalmeida-beckermanblog-9_zpsveuscbtn.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-toronto-marquesalmeida-toronto-beckermanblog-5_zps3puaytsq.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-toronto-marquesalmeida-toronto-beckermanblog-1_zpsmpp2jf3n.jpg

Wearing: All Marques Almeida

The Look: Cosmic Wonderland + Marques Almeida

Fun Fact: Our good friends Marta and Paulo from Marques Almeida are one of the most talented designers! We love them to the moon and back and they create the cooooooolest most gorgeous clothes ever. I'm wearing HTT (head to toe) Marques Almeida today and the boots to the denim jackets to every little detail in this brocade dress is brilliant! We were at their show in London when we saw this Fall 2015 and fell in love with every single piece! Get this look:

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sam- Pins + Plaid

 photo toronto-beckermansisters-beckermangirls-coachshearlingboots-pinjacket-flowers-streetstyle_zpsfzxt3lyt.jpg  photo sambeckerman-gatrimon-poppylissiman-coach_zpsf6iw6bx4.jpg  photo lovebag-poppylissiman-blondehair-blogger-fashion_zps5navbfur.jpg  photo sambeckerman-plaiddress-gatrimon-narsmakeup_zpsjxmiyaf7.jpg  photo bonheur_bodychain-jewelry-beckermans-sisters-canada-fashion-streetstyle_zpsscv0tapg.jpg  photo coachboots-coachpinjacket-samanthabeckerman-beckermangirls_zpsa5nvzqe7.jpg  photo plaiddress-shearlingboots-samanthabeckerman-beckermantwins-coach_zpso5koraqr.jpg  photo poppylissiman-lovebag-applewatch-blackchrome-beckermans-beckerman-canada-fashion_zpsqd70k2la.jpg  photo torontobotanicalgardens-beckermanblog-coachpinjacket-leatherjacket-fall_zps8jddcrtv.jpg

Jacket- Coach Embellished Racer Jacket
Dress- Gat Rimon plaid dress
Boots- Coach Zip Moto Boots
Bag- Poppy Lissiman Peace Love Clutch
Bandanna- Poppy Lissiman Cosmic Bandanna
Black Faux Fur Key Fob- Poppy Lissiman Pom Pom
Body Chain- Bonheur Gold Loren Body Chain

The Look: Pins + Plaid

Fun Fact: Pins Pins Pins on leather! This is my favvvvvourite Coach jacket ever! These custom made pins are so phenomenal. My favorite ones are the silver zipper bananas, horses, and the emoticons. It's sooo badass and I haven't taken it off for two weeks. Cailli has one too, and we actually fight over who is going to wear it! lol! Our friend Poppy Lissiman from Australia makes these amazing vegan clutches and accessories. This is her latest LOVE clutch. All of her pieces have such good energy in them and her cosmic bandanna has stars and moons all over it. I just got into body chains and have been wearing them like second skin under plaid shirts, dresses and lingerie. This Bonheur body chain is so sexy and I love it! The new iPhone watch just came out with the new black chrome color! My sister Cailli got the new rose gold color. It has faster app features and I've been using it regularly for tracking my work outs and taking my heart rate. It also reminds me when to stand hourly. I'm so obsessed with it especially the Mickey Mouse face on it and its so much fun to talk on the phone using it. I feel like an undercover spy! lol!

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