Monday, April 29, 2013

Samantha- Varsity + Betty from The Archie Comics

 photo samanthabeckermanstreetstyle_zps7f6be93a.jpg  photo beckermanbiteplate_zpsc85be8a6.jpg  photo balenciagashirt_zps1f642b31.jpg  photo samanthabeckerman_zpsec92da1b.jpg  photo torontobloga_zpsfce6ca24.jpg  photo margielaboots_zps1204319b.jpg photo torontocommedesgarcons_zps0adfa084.jpg

Jacket- Vintage red varsity jacket (no label) from Tribal Rhythm store in Toronto
Blouse- Balenciaga white blouse from
Skirt- Junya Watanabe green skirt from The Room at The Bay in Toronto
Sunglasses- Red Ray-Bans gifted from
Bag- Proenza Schouler Book Bag from The Room at The Bay in Toronto
Boots- Maison Martin Margiela tabi cement boots from

The Look: Varsity + Betty from The Archie Comics

Fun Fact: I am soooo into the color red for Spring and Caillianne can't stop wearing it head to toe, so that is definitely rubbing off on me.  I love how these Margiela tabi boots are made to look like actual cement and graffiti! Don't I look like I'm wearing Archie's varsity jacket?! haha Pin It Now!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Caillianne- Western + Rock N' Roll

 photo IMG_9965c_zpsfbfc2879.jpg  photo IMG_0138_zpsb951228c.jpg  photo IMG_0020b_zpse5ba5186.jpg  photo IMG_0170_zps3ed86e5a.jpg  photo IMG_9921b_zpsa37002a4.jpg  photo IMG_9994_zpsb7ccfcce.jpg  photo IMG_9971_zps576ac945.jpg  photo IMG_0242a_zps72d001d1.jpg  photo IMG_0265a_zps703c3818.jpg

Dress- Isabel Marant dress from Creatures of Comfort in L.A
Jacket- Black leather fringe jacket from H&M in Toronto
Bag- Balenciaga from Balenciaga store in NY
Shoes- Isabel Marant shoes borrowed from Sista Sammy :) from Jonathan and Olivia in Toronto

The Look: Western + Rock N' Roll

Fun Fact: Sam and I have been listening to ZZ top non stop! Especially La Grange over and over! LOL! And it's kinda the bad ass mood we've been feeling this Spring. It's Rock N 'Roll mixed with a vintage vibe and fringe galore. All I need to do next is grow a beard!

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Samantha- Bohemian + Western Vibe

 photo samanthabeckermantoronto_zpsff419f7d.jpg  photo redoutfitstreetstyle_zpscd0c24c9.jpg  photo jimmychoobag_zps06496847.jpg  photo torontostreetfashion_zps0028695c.jpg  photo ivykirzhnershoesa_zps5254f845.jpg  photo samanthabeckermanhmskirta_zps3cf8c527.jpg

Jacket- H&M leather jacket from H&M store in Toronto
T-shirt- H&M red linen t-shirt from H&M store in Toronto
Skirt- H&M red tassel skirt from H&M store in Toronto
Hat- H&M embroidery hat from H&M store in Toronto
Bag- Jimmy Choo surfer lucite bag from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Shoes- Ivy Kirzhner Cleo heels gifted from

The Look: Bohemian + Western Vibe

Fun Fact: My whole look is from the H&M Spring 2013 Trend Collection! It has a real western and bohemian feel to it. I completely went GA GA GOO GOOOO when I saw this ethnic inspired tassel skirt. It is made out of red threaded tassels and has so much texture that I can't stop petting it! The leather jacket has the most stunning trapunto detail on the shoulders and arms. Caillianne and I are so pumped to be the official H&M Fashion bloggers of the 2013 Much Music Video Awards in Toronto! We will be doing lots of blog posts for H&M and Much Music on all of the exciting news surrounding the red carpet event! We will keep you posted on everything! YAhoooo! Pin It Now!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Samantha- Lego Land + Hip Hop

 photo torontostreetstyleisabelmarantshoes_zps2a265fa1.jpg  photo legolandtorontostreetstyle_zps0351ce45.jpg  photo samanthatorontostreetstyle_zps91e39e34.jpg  photo samanthabeckermanbluefringebag_zps731365a4.jpg  photo legoknitwearcallaparis_zps7fe391ee.jpg

Sweater- Isabel Marant hand knit sweater from Jonathan and Olivia store in Toronto
Jeans- Calla jeans from and
Hat- H&M black cap from H&M store in Toronto
Bag- Simone Camille blue fringe bucket bag gifted from
Belt- Black belt (no label) from Intermix store in New York
Necklaces- Both turquoises necklaces from H&M store in Toronto
Shoes- Isabel Marant Beckett shoes from Isabel Marant store in New York

The Look: Lego Land + Hip Hop

Fun Fact: Our good friend, Calla designed these amazzzzing jeans! We grew up together and have done previous collaborations...we are so obsessed with her prints! We went to Lego Land today and it makes me to build something big and space ship like. And I gotta say, these Lego people are really well dressed! Pin It Now!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Caillianne- Western + Graphic

 photo IMG_8781_zps25dacc4d.jpg  photo IMG_8861b_zpsec1027fc.jpg  photo IMG_8688b_zpsf3865ad1.jpg  photo IMG_8895_zps19db86cc.jpg  photo IMG_8987_zpsb2a99aa1.jpg  photo IMG_8759a_zpse6c9e44f.jpg  photo IMG_9059a_zpsbf1e8ff6.jpg

Jacket- Leather H&M quilted jacket from H&M in Toronto
Blouse- H&M blouse with gold studs from H&M in Toronto
Necklace- H&M Bolo from H&M in Toronto
Pants- H&M leather pants from H&M in Toronto
Hat- Fashion Against Aids hat from H&M hat (from a few years ago)
Shoes- H&M Shoes from H&M in Toronto
bag- Simone Camille Jaguar bag
Straps on boots- Vintage harness straps on boots from EBay

The Look: Western + Graphic

Fun Fact: We have some fantastic news! We are the official H&M fashion bloggers of the 2013 Much Music Video Awards Show in Toronto. Bieber and Drake (and all our fellow Canadians) and music stars from around the world come to party and celebrate the night away!  We just filmed a TV commercial and have some exciting news to announce soon! Today I'm wearing head to toe H&M! We are obsessed with their amazing leather pieces they have in stores right now, like this quilted bomber coat and ivory pants. They also have the most perrrrfect Cowboy boots (that I buckled on some vintage harnesses) that I refuse to take off! Pin It Now!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's our 4th Anniversary!

We can't believe how four years have flown by! WoW! We are soo excited that it's our blog's Birthday today! This last year has been phenomenal and we want to thank all of our readers for all of your support and your sweet comments! We have the best time doing our blog and love all of you so much. We have lots of special moments since our last Bday! Like, Chloe and Justin getting engaged, hosting cool events in New York, making crazy cracked out DIY's, and collaborating with  our most favorite brands! Here are some highlights and favorite pics below from the past year :)

-We hosted H&M's Summer Lounge and our favorite summer picks, had a fabulous dance party down in Dundas Square in Toronto.
-We hosted The Bay's Trends event and styled model's in our favorite trends for the season.
- We were live on the Red Carpet in NY with Maison Martin Margiela with H&M with Kanye, Mena Suvari and Renzo Rosso featured on H&M's Facebook page for the event.
- Hosted 7 for All Mankind jean event in Toronto
- Hosted Coach's Fashion Night Out in New York with Solange Knowles

- Out of Con'TROLL DIY
-Coach Bag DIY for Fashion Night Out
-Bart Simpson Patchwork jeans DIY
-Colorblocked and Painted Vest DIY

-We were featured in The Coveteur, Cosmo Girl Indonesia, Refinery 29, H&M Life, Marie Claire, Toronto Life Style Book, Hello Magazine and Foam magazine.

 photo Beckermans-68_zpsbfd8eba5.jpg  photo The_Beckermans-18_zps487310ba.jpg  photo The_Beckermans-15_zpsa24f8e0c.jpg  photo IMG_7438a_zpsbb9ea4cd-1_zpsd0d654ea.jpg  photo IMG_6705_zps2d8202ef-1_zps585d755a.jpg  photo IMG_3203_zpsa3c7303b-1_zps4db3424f.jpg  photo IMG_4441-1_zps00142d46-1_zpsc4f087b0.jpg  photo photo-32a_zps5971a330.jpg  photo photo-33_zps93f4ea16.jpg  photo photo-34a_zpsdf6605c0.jpg  photo IMG_8869_zps09a7e079.jpg  photo IMG_1930_zps175f4340.jpg  photo DSC_6853a_zpsa5f62902.jpg  photo IMG_7973a_zpsbbbd3f51.jpg  photo DSC_6876_zpsccf1b255.jpg  photo IMG_6311_zpsbe431caa.jpg  photo photoyay_zps1f2ab8a5.jpg  photo IMG_2402_zps03282bf4-1_zpseda69816.jpg  photo IMG_1438_zpsbd13f622.jpg  photo IMG_3801-1_zpsf0fd1eb1.jpg  photo IMG_0762_zps11799f23.jpg  photo IMG_1048_zpsa2c39cea.jpg  photo photo1-3_zps53504709.jpg
 photo IMG_9924bc_zps705afbb6.jpg  photo IMG_2905_zpsa25f6e07.jpg  photo IMG_8274-1_zpsbb50afd7.jpg  photo IMG_4103_zps31705398.jpg  photo IMG_3267_zps3178d94d.jpg  photo IMG_9132_zpse47dcae7.jpg  photo IMG_1217_zpsbe583f30.jpg  photo IMG_0671a_zps735238a2.jpg  photo IMG_0069-1_zps5781ebda.jpg  photo girlsalltogetherwithborderscopy3_zpsd3d25474.jpg  photo IMG_0716-1_zps3d5b32c0.jpg  photo IMG_1441_zps4aa7e04a.jpg  photo IMG_4488a_zps694a9a41.jpg  photo IMG_4293-1_zpsb0fce09b.jpg  photo IMG_4451a_zps58813a13.jpg  photo IMG_4321_zpsd44e7f05.jpg

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