Thursday, September 14, 2023

Paddle Project!

We are so honoured that Campfire Circle asked us to paint a paddle for the paddle project auction. Campfire Circle is an amazing camp where kids who have cancer can play, grow and enjoy new experiences all in a safe environment. We have created a paddle with some of our most favourite childhood cartoons that always make us smile. Growing up, summer camp was such a sacred and special place for us to go be ourselves, be in nature and have the best time! We have teamed up with #campfirecircle to auction off our paddle to raise money for kids to have this kind of joyful experience where kids can be kids. There is also a #bonfirebash gala in November to celebrate! When creating the paddle, we first started with outlining in pencil, used markers to colour in the cartoons and then painted it with paint. We wanted the colours to be vibrant and happy. See how we made it here!
The final step is that the paddle will be be varnished so it can be used in the water for canoeing! 🛶 Stay tuned for details on the auction and how you can help!
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