Thursday, October 29, 2015

HMBALMAINATION launches Nov.5th!

We have been getting asked a lot... what did we buy at the #HMBALMAINATION launch at the New York party we attended last week? So, this is what we got and what we were lusting over, after seeing the collection. Definitely try to get your hands on a beaded/pearl piece. After seeing Kylie Jenner at the party wearing this Eagle beaded dress....we knew that was one piece we needed in our closet. It fits amazing and detail, velvet and bead work is so Couture. The second dress is this black gathered wrap dress. The shoulder and fit is epic. We also needed this dress because its the perfect New Year's dress. The amazing thing about this collection is that all the pieces are perfect for Holiday parties and events. During the HM x Balmain Runway show, the Backstreet Boys came out (decked in the collection) singing their hits and made all of us go crazy!  Of course we need waaay more pieces, and will be headed back out on Nov. 5th, to get the suede thigh high boots, the pearl blouse, black blazer dress with gold buttons, belts and sooo much more!
   photo sambeckerman-hmbalmain-hmbalmaination-HM-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-designerCollaboration-Balmain-1_zpsmbxudztg.jpg photo sambeckerman-hmbalmain-hmbalmaination-HM-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-designerCollaboration-Balmain-6_zpsaagxe2ha.jpg  photo sambeckerman-hmbalmain-hmbalmaination-HM-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-designerCollaboration-Balmain-5_zpsamsinuuz.jpg  photo sambeckerman-hmbalmain-hmbalmaination-HM-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-designerCollaboration-Balmain_zpssryxfxvf.jpg  photo sambeckerman-hmbalmain-hmbalmaination-HM-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-designerCollaboration-Balmain-4_zpslvye7plu.jpg  photo sambeckerman-hmbalmain-hmbalmaination-HM-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-designerCollaboration-Balmain-3_zpspfs2oqtl.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-hmbalmain-hmbalmaination-HM-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-designerCollaboration-Balmain-1_zpsbi9srqvw.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-hmbalmain-hmbalmaination-HM-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-designerCollaboration-Balmain-4_zpsl0xqvuqk.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-hmbalmain-hmbalmaination-HM-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-designerCollaboration-Balmain-3_zpsdk0kbohb.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-hmbalmain-hmbalmaination-HM-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-designerCollaboration-Balmain-5_zpsibjddw7r.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-hmbalmain-hmbalmaination-HM-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-designerCollaboration-Balmain-2_zpsfuho7s0k.jpg Pin It Now!

Friday, October 23, 2015

PANDORA brunch at World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto!

We had the most delicious brunch with PANDORA, the exclusive jewelry sponsor of World Master Card Fashion Week in Toronto. The table was gorgeous and decorated with flowers and PANDORA jewelry on silver trays that looked...good enough to eat! We snacked on macarons before our meals even came out and ate like Queens at Colette. We are sporting pieces from their new gorgeous Autumn Collection. Our three favorite necklaces are the .925 sterling silver Angel Wings, Majestic Feather and the Hearts of PANDORA. The matching charms are amazing too! We love how the brand inspires us to self-create and express our personal style through our jewelry! They now have the Love and Guidance feather charm. OBSESSED! It was a spectacular brunch and we are so excited to showcase our #PANDORAstyle.  photo macaroons-sisters-beckermans-pandora_zpsv4eff3hg.jpg  photo pandorajewelry-toronto-beckermangirls-beckermanblog-canada_zpsoqjy9ihm.jpg  photo pandora-NA-Brunch-colette-torontofashionweek_zps7xkaiqrn.jpg  photo pandora-beckerman-wmcfw-brunch_zps2zeafc2x.jpg  photo pandorastyle-beckermangirls-sisters-worldmastercardfashionweek_zpsc53nflk7.jpg  photo brunch-colettegrandecafe-toronto-wmcfw_zpslljn0zdc.jpg  photo FullSizeRender 6_zpsei67jx2u.jpg  photo IMG_4120_zpsvrjuar1r.jpg  photo autumncollection-beckerman-sisters-beckermangirls-colettegrandcafe-toronto-brunch-torontofashionweek-wmcfw-_zpsdxmwofvf.jpg  photo beckermangirls-sambeckerman-caillibeckerman_zpsqciis9nv.jpg  photo pandorastyle-beckermans-sisters-blog_zpsthepkkwf.jpg Pin It Now!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


#HMBALMAINATION!!!!! Hashtag, Hashtag, Hashtag! When we first heard of this collab... our jaws dropped with excitement and surprise! OMG!!!! This means...COUTURE ALL THE WAY! Sequins, shoulder pads and super sexy short dresses! And boy, did we get that memo right! When we first glanced at the collection we saw the most gorgeous green sequin dress, red draped silk skirt and sexy suede thigh high boots. We couldn't wait to get them on and do a photo shoot! One of the coolest pieces of the collection is the pearl jacket. This is an iconic piece from Balmain's main collection and also one of Oliver Rousteing's most epic pieces. We were so excited when H&M invited us to the New York launch to see the pieces up close, shop the collection and help launch it tonight! We had so much fun at our photo shoot and are wearing our favorite pieces from the collection. OBSESSED! The collection launches November 5, 2015 and will be in around 250 stores worldwide and online. It will also feature clothing and accessories for both women and men.
Photographer: Jaclyn Locke and Hair and Makeup: Nina Farrauto

 photo greenbalmaindress-redskirt-blackbeadedblouse-balmain-oliver-rouseting-designercollection-hm-paris-balmain_zpsswi2xuuw.jpg  photo SamanthaBeckerman-CaillianneBeckerman-twins-beckermangirls-hm-balmain-HMBALMAINNATION-sisters_zps1ejpbcqm.jpg  photo Beckermans-Sisters-Balmainparis-HMBALMAINNATION-HM-PARIS-BeckermanBlog_zpsphldlik0.jpg  photo SamBeckerman-CailliBeckerman-HM-JaclynLockePhotographer-NinaFarrautoHair-HM-HampM-sisters-twins_zps36tr4sar.jpg  photo greenbalmaindresssequins-redskirt-balmain-hmbalmaination-hm_zpsokd0kded.jpg  photo balmainparis-oliverrousteing-hm-canada-toronto-braids_zps1msxefze.jpg  photo Beckermangirls-Beckermanblog-sisters-HMBALMAINNATION-balmainparis-conrows-beads-paris_zps1c5esjtm.jpg  photo HM-Balmain-PARIS-Beckermangirls-sisters_zpsoaco3vfi.jpg  photo Beckermantwins-sisters-beckermanblog-balmain-oliverrousteing-paris_zpstu1pgqiu.jpg  photo Beckermangirls-beckerman-balmain-paris-balmaination-photobyjaclynlocke-hairbyninafarrauto_zps7v492p4o.jpg  photo Beckerman-blog-HM-BALMAINNATION-HMPARIS-BALMAIN-bloggers-paris_zpsqxpd2pi4.jpg  photo hm-beckerman-sisters-toronto-balmain-hmbalmain-balmainnation_zpsyll40qkw.jpg Pin It Now!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Moschino Spring 2016 Capsule Collection!

 photo cailli-Moschino Spring 2016 Capsule Collection-BeckermanBlog-Carwash-6_zps4ytdcj1z.jpg  photo cailli-Moschino Spring 2016 Capsule Collection-BeckermanBlog-Carwash-5_zps0egsukux.jpg  photo cailli-Moschino Spring 2016 Capsule Collection-BeckermanBlog-Carwash-3_zpscriugd8j.jpg  photo cailli-Moschino Spring 2016 Capsule Collection-BeckermanBlog-Carwash-2_zpsqw7pw4xr.jpg
 photo cailli-Moschino Spring 2016 Capsule Collection-BeckermanBlog-Carwash_zpsdf2ymtvj.jpg
 photo IMG_2449_zpserwssjl5.jpg  photo IMG_2454 1_zps0uyy3frh.jpg  photo IMG_2443_zps2ezzfe0c.jpg

T-shirt- Moschino Fresh top (worn as dress)
Backpack- Moschino Fresh bag
Cell Phone- Moschino phone case
Boots- Dr. Martens Willow Pascal Boots

T-shirt- Moschino Shop T-shirt (worn as dress)
Bag- Moschino T-shirt Bag
Boots- Giuseppe Zanotti

The Look: Moschino Spring 2016 Capsule Collection

Fun Fact: If there is one thing we are addicted to... its Moschino! Did I need to finish that sentence! lol! And the Moschino Capsule Collection for Spring 2016 is sooooo awesomely gorgeous! We are wearing the t-shirt dresses, cell phone cases and FRESH BAG and are soooo OBSESSSSSED with all this FUNKY FRESHNESS! Make sure to check it out online while it is still available!

Get the Look:

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Noisy May- Hudson's Bay!

We are obsessed with Noisy May's new collection! Not only is their denim amazing, but we are living in their plaid shirts.. and never taking them off! We are all about their rock n' roll style and skinny legged jeans. Their jeans are soft, stretchy and ripped to perfection. It's so great for back to school and traveling in. Just so OBSESSED with this skeleton sweater! This skeleton sweater will be available October 15th exclusively on But we can't wait for it to get even colder outside so we can wear this parka jacket, everyday. The hood on it is just so snuggly. It's all available at Hudson's Bay! (This post was sponsored by Hudsons Bay but all opinions, styling and outfit selects are our own.)
 photo NoisyMay-BeckermanBlog-HudsonsBay-1_zpse0b7ixfq.jpg  photo NoisyMay-BeckermanBlog-HudsonsBay-2_zpshorl35am.jpg  photo NoisyMay-BeckermanBlog-HudsonsBay-3_zpsxilefdrc.jpg  photo NoisyMay-BeckermanBlog-HudsonsBay-4_zpslqi06ox4.jpg  photo NoisyMay-BeckermanBlog-HudsonsBay-5_zpskxucgvcg.jpg  photo NoisyMay-BeckermanBlog-HudsonsBay-6_zpsfpqthpkb.jpg  photo NoisyMay-BeckermanBlog-HudsonsBay-7_zpsx3zgx1wt.jpg  photo NoisyMay-BeckermanBlog-HudsonsBay-8_zpsalc4zsyj.jpg  photo NoisyMay-BeckermanBlog-HudsonsBay-9_zpsgupye9dc.jpg  photo NoisyMay-BeckermanBlog-HudsonsBay-011_zps2pfsh2jx.jpg  photo NoisyMay-BeckermanBlog-HudsonsBay-12_zpsk7qyhng1.jpg  photo NoisyMay-BeckermanBlog-HudsonsBay-13_zpsdt0uniwz.jpg Pin It Now!