Tuesday, November 30, 2010

H&M Spring 2011 Preview

We had the awesome opportunity to go the H&M showroom in Toronto to preview their Spring 2011 collection! We love the denim overalls, the muslin bustiers, striped coral pants, lacy floral shorts and the navy bird print jumpsuit! HOT!!! There was a bohemian 60's and 70's feeling going on in the collection mixed with nautical jackets and frilly heart vests. We love how they styled a black and white striped skirt with a simple classic camel sweater with chiffon pockets. We need that whole look! H&M's silhouettes are either long and loose or short and sharp! We are obsessed with all of their lingerie too! It's all kinda Parisian pin up with 60's inspired black sheer fabrics. It's so great knowing what's going to be arriving in the stores soon! Here are our top 6 looks from their Spring line! Can't wait to get our hands on those leather lace up football shorts...OBSESSED!

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Caillianne- Ain't nothing but a Houndog + Rock

Jacket- Armani Jeans white and black striped jacket from Andrews store in Toronto
Jeans- Forever 21 black jeans from Forever 21 store in NY
Hat- Dog hat from Mexican Flea Market in L.A
Sunglasses- Vintage lace Rocha glasses from EBay
Gloves- Leather gloves (no label) from store in the Hamptons, NY
Scarf- Black fuzzy scarf from Jacob store in Toronto
Purse- Betsey Johnson floral bag from Betsey Johnson store in Toronto
Shoes- Grey Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes (borrowed from Samantha) from Barney's Co-op store in NY

The Look: Ain't nothing but a Hound dog + Rock

Fun Fact: Is this not the funniest woofin' hat that you ever did see? I bought it in L.A. on the hottest day ever, and thought it would be the cutest winter hat! It's really starting to get cold in Toronto.... ahh!!!!! Gotta break out all of our hats and jackets! Pin It Now!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Samantha- Where the Wild Things Are + Chanel Fall 2010

Jacket- Faux fur black jacket by Jacob from the Jacob store in Toronto
Pants- Striped H&M red and black pants from the H&M store in NYC
Necklace- Steven Anton Rehage leather and silver ring necklace from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Sunglasses- Red Raybans from Sunglass Hut in NYC
Bag-Valentino fringe bag gifted from Godmum
Hat- Black felt hat from African collection at H&M store in LA
Gloves- Black leather Danier gloves from Danier store in Toronto
Shoes- Prada grommet shoes (borrowed from Caillianne) from Prada store in NYC

The Look: Where the Wild Things Are + Chanel Fall 2010

Fun Fact: I'm so into big black furry jackets because it reminds me of the Chanel Fall 2010 collection where almost every piece was faux fur and all the models looked like furry creatures!!! Karl Lagerfeld had flown in a REAL glacier (click here to see the pic) and had the models all wearing faux fur outfits and carrying ice cube handbags down the runway with the glacier as the background!!! It's very Nordic/Gorilla chic and I'm diggin' it!!! Pin It Now!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Chloe- Paris + Lanvin Bows

Dress- Lanvin for H&M dress from the H&M store in LA
Necklace and Bracelet- Lanvin for H&M from the H&M store in LA
Shoes- Black zipper Manolo Blahnik heels from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Bag- Mulberry for Target bag from Target store in LA

The Look: Paris + Lanvin Bows

Fun Fact: My sisters are still calling me their Lanvin hero! The Lanvin for H&M collection totally sold out in Toronto! And even though they waited in line for two hours, it still didn't cut it! The whole collection was sold out by 9am! It was insanity! They couldn't get their hands on anything because their wristband was time slotted for 12:00pm! So, they woke me up in L.A, because I am three hours behind them at 5am, warning me that I should get my butt over to the mall! I got them all dresses and I got myself this dress with all the bows on it! Sooo excited that we scored some pieces! I hope you did too! Pin It Now!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beckerman Bite Plate Store!

We now have a Bite Plate store! YAYAY!!! OMG! We have been working hard setting it up and we are sooo excited to launch this! We are having a Sample Sale at the beginning of December in Toronto and we wanted to kick start the pre-sale early on our store just incase any of our readers wanted our label Beckerman or our vintage clothing early! What's really great about the pictures is that you can zoom in and out and see all of the details of the clothes...Can't wait to hear what ya think! We are sooo happy about our new store and will be uploading more clothes, jewelry and handbags weekly! Click here !

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rana (Mommy)- Holt Renfrew Week: Day 7

Dress- Givenchy from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Jean Jacket- Balmain from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Earrings- Dannijo from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Bracelet- Dannijo from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Shoes- Grey wool Alexander Wang shoes from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Bag- Leopard Akris bag from Holt Renfrew in Toronto

The Look: Holt Renfrew Week: Day 7

Fun Fact: It's so funny when we reminisce about our Mom's fabulous 80's outfits, we always think of her in this oversized huge shoulder pad denim jacket with funky studs and quilted denim shoulders! And now, 20 years later, she still loves wearing denim jackets with huge oversized shoulders! Haha! Except this exceptional jean jacket is Balmain and we think it's totally amazzzzzing! Pin It Now!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Our Favourite Shoes! Holt Renfrew Day 6!

Here are some pics of our favourite shoes at Holt Renfrew! We wish our closets were bigger!! Which are your favourite?

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