Wednesday, November 23, 2016


We are soooo in love with our CHANEL watches! They look amazing with all of our outfits and never need a battery. We simply just wind them up when we take them off (which is practically never) but it is essential when we are traveling and in a different time zone. They are scratch-resistant saphire crystal, and adjustable for our small wrists. Our watches are such a fashion statement and keep us calm when traveling and help us not be too fashionably late! lol! The white and black ceramic steel J12 CHANEL watches are the original watches that really started the ceramic watch trend. The 38mm black automatic came out in 2000 and the white came out in 2003. We never ever ever want to take these babies off! Here are the details about each watch below!

J12 White ceramic & steel - 38mm automatic (H0970) 
Case: Ceramic Bezel: Steel Dial: Lacquered white Crown: White ceramic Hands: Lacquered black Crystal: Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal Bracelet: Ceramic Size: Standard size adjustable

J12 Black ceramic & steel - 38mm automatic (H0685) Case: Ceramic Bezel: Steel & ceramic Dial: Lacquered black Crown: Black ceramic Hands: Lacquered white Crystal: Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal Bracelet: Ceramic 
Size: Standard size adjustable  photo Cailli Beckerman- SAMANTHA BECKERMAN-CHANEL-J12-2_zps27had4if.jpg  photo chanel-j12-beckerman girls-2_zpsr9lskewm.jpg  photo SAMANTHA BECKERMAN-CHANEL-J12-1_zpsiic0vzqo.jpg  photo Cailli Beckerman- SAMANTHA BECKERMAN-CHANEL-J12-1_zpsvvz5faul.jpg  photo Cailli Beckerman- CHANEL-J12-1_zpsykc884i2.jpg  photo Cailli Beckerman- SAMANTHA BECKERMAN-CHANEL-J12-3_zpsgycqgj4w.jpg  photo Cailli Beckerman- CHANEL-J12-2_zpsylkmwnim.jpg  photo samantha beckerman-j12-chanel_zpspvb8l92f.jpg  photo chanel-j12-beckerman girls_zpsszv0r9u8.jpg Pin It Now!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


We can't believe the #KENZOXHM Collaboration is launching tomorrow on November 3rd! We are soooo excited! This collection is filled with so much energy, prints and colours! It's imaginative, dreamy and the perfect collection to have fun in and dance dance dance! There are so many pieces we are obsessed with. We looooove the tiger bodysuits and faux fur jackets, along with the tribal inspired dresses and oversized knapsacks. The Kenzo designers, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim teamed up with H&M to go into the Kenzo archives and resurrect some of their all time favourite pieces. Each piece was modernized and brought back to life. We photographed some of our must have pieces below and had a blast shooting this campaign for our blog!  It's ferocious! RAWWWWR!
Photos by: Jaclyn Locke
Glam by: Nina Farrauto
In Canada, the collection will be available in Toronto at the H&M stores: CF Eaton Centre, 13-15 Bloor Street West and Yorkdale Mall. In Montreal, it will be available at 1100 Ste. Catherine Street and CF Carrefour Laval. In British Columbia, it will be available at The Pacific Centre, Vancouver and Metrotown Burnaby.  photo KenzoHMBeckerman16498_zpsjhpjlezn.jpg  photo KenzoHMBeckerman16251_zps9b6luiyo.jpg  photo KenzoHMBeckerman16425_zpsqkqago7g.jpg  photo KenzoHMBeckerman16520_zpszl7za9ug.jpg  photo KenzoHMBeckerman16275_zps2oe2m8uo.jpg  photo KenzoHMBeckerman16399_zpsrazdjbzm.jpg  photo KenzoHMBeckerman16542 1_zps5maj5ttv.jpg  photo KenzoHMBeckerman16229_zps2cxt2pqo.jpg  photo KenzoHMBeckerman16401_zps5eksn9hh.jpg
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