Friday, February 28, 2014

Bjork Swan Dog Dress DIY for The Oscars

 photo MARNI-BECKERMAN-OSCARREADY-Doityourself-Beckermanblog.jpg  photo Bjork-Beckerman-DIY-SWANDRESS-OSCARS.jpg  photo 2014-Oscars-SwanDress-DIYBeckermanBlog-Beckermantwins.jpg  photo marni-swandress-diy-bjork-beckermanblog.jpg  photo redcarpet-oscar2014-beckerman.jpg

Marni needed a dress for this Sunday's 86th Annual Academy Awards! So we went in to the archives and shrunk Bjork's iconic Swan dress for her. It's like, "Honey I shrunk the Swan" but done as a neck piece so that Marni can still sip champagne (just kidding) as we watch the Oscars together this weekend! LOL! It was really easy to make, and seriously all you need is an old bed sheet or scrap of fabric, a Swiffer duster, napkins, two white hair elastics, black permanent marker and some orange cardboard that I cut out of a TNT envelope. We had all of these thing lying around the house. 

How to make it:
So what I did was cut a white piece of fabric from an old bed sheet (folded it) and stuffed it like a sock with napkins. This part is for the face. I than cut some orange cardboard into a cone and taped it as the beak. Do all of your taping in the back so you can't see it. Draw the face with a black permanent marker so that it looks like a swan eye. I then used the two white hair elastics to tie off the fabric around the neck and hold it together.  I taped on a Swiffer Duster to the end of the white fabric and taped the swans beak to the Swiffer Duster to make it connect in a reef like shape. For the last detail, I pleated a white fabric scrap and taped it over the Swiffer where everything connected, so all the tape was hidden. And Voila... Lights, Camera, Action... Miss Marni is ready for the Oscars!

An old Bed sheet or scrap of fabric
Orange cardboard
Black permanent marker
2 white hair elastics
Napkins or stuffing for face
clear duct tape or strong holding tape
1 Swiffer Duster

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pics of Us During NYFW

Here are some of our favourite street style pics of us during New York Fashion Week! Thanks to all of the incredible photographers for the amazing shots! Photos by Tommy Ton
 photo Stylecom-TommyTon-BeckermanGirls.png  photo Stylecom-TommyTon-Beckermans.png
 photo Stylecom-beckermantwins-nyfw-hats.png
 photo Stylecom-Beckermanblog-TommyTon-nyfw.png

Vogue: Photos by Phil Oh
 photo Vogue-PhotobyPhilOh-Beckermans-NewYork-FashionWeek-Streetpeeper.png

NYMag The Cut Photos by YoungJun Koo
 photo NYMag-Koo-nyfw-beckermansisters.png  photo NYmag-koo-beckermans.png  photo NYMag-Koo-Beckermansisters.png  photo NYFW-bykoo-beckermans-nymag.png
 photo NYMag-BeckermansinDKNY-nyfw-bykoo.png

Milk Made Campaign on Photo by Andrew Boyle photo milkcampaignnyfw.jpg Photo by Tommy Ton photo JakandJilcom.png

W Mag Photo by: Adam Katz Sinding  photo wmag-beckermansistersnyfw.png  photo wmag-beckermansindkny-nyfw.png

Vogue Italia: Photo by Stefano Coletti
 photo vogueitaliabystefanocolleti.jpg

Photo by: Mangue Banzima from Qui Style  photo Quistylestreetstyle2014-02-239.jpg

Photo by: Anthony Licuria from APL Photography
 photo AnthonyLicuriapic-nyfw.jpg

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Cailli- Ice Sculptures + Street Fair

 photo yorkville-toronto-winter-beckermanblog_zps58f1c803.jpg  photo beckermanblog-closingolympics-marcjacobs-yorkville-toronto_zps85e09e8c.jpg  photo proenzaschouler-beckermanblog-number1blogintoronto-musubiaoki-alien-musubi-ps11-goldbag_zpsabc16c11.jpg  photo chanel-alfeyaalfeno-toronto_zpsd8323a7e.jpg  photo marcjacobs-beckermanblog-denim-toronto-number1blog_zpsb1b9e2c4.jpg  photo christopherkanefurboots-toronto_zps23048dea.jpg  photo marcjacobs-numberoneblog-toronto-christopherkaneshoes-_zpsc524d3c4.jpg  photo yorkville-toronto-beckermanblog-proenzaschouler_zps1667bc75.jpg  photo yorkville-toronto-beckermanblog-numberoneblog_zps7cfaacd3.jpg

Jacket- Marc Jacobs
Sweatshirt- Chanel sweatshirt
Jewelry- Alfeya Alfeno
Scarf- Marc Jacobs
Jeans- Vintage Levi's
Shoes- Christopher Kane
Bag- Gold proenza Schouler
Alien Charm- Musubi Aoki
Nails- Shop NCLA
Lipstick- Heat Wave by Nars

The Look: Ice Scupltures + Street Fair

Fun Fact: Today we walked around Yorkville in Toronto and checked out the street fair that was happening. There were ice sculptures everywhere and really loud reggae music in the background. If you minus-ed out all the snow and the cold, it could almost be summer here! We were celebrating the closing of the Olympics and of course our Gold medals in Hockey! LOL! Which everyone is very excited about. We love Alfeya Afeno's candy like jewelry and can't stop wearing it with everything! When we were in New York for fashion week, I got this Alien crochet charm by Musubi. Hello Earthlings! I'm obsessed :) I keep putting him on all my bags. I just need to name him already. I was thinking Roz (for Roswell)!

Get the Look:

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Join us at H&M in Toronto for our DIY Denim Event!

 photo photo1-18.jpg  photo photo2-21.jpg photo photo-57.jpg  photo HMARTWORKFOREVENTFINAL.jpg

This Saturday, Feb. 22nd join us at H&M in Toronto at Yorkdale Mall for a Do It Yourself Denim Craft Party! From 12:30-3:30 PM we will be crafting up a storm! Sooooo many crafts to play with! 25% off your entire purchase when you buy denim. Gift cards, giveaways and a grand prize for best DIY creation! #HMDENIM is going to be insanely fun! Can't wait to see you there! Here are some of our denim DIY creations/outfits that we have been working on! Pin It Now!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

MM6 Maison Martin Margiela Collection during New York Fashion Week

 photo 1Q4A1607.jpg photo mm6-newyorkfashionweek-nyfw-beckerman.jpg  photo orange-black-mm6-clothes-fashion-beckermantwins.jpg  photo mm6-nyc-nyfw-beckermansisters-margiela.jpg  photo Margiela-fav-looks.jpg
You never know what to expect from MM6 Maison Martin Margiela. There is always a surprise, an emotion, an element that catches you, that makes you think...that brings Art and Fashion together. The show opened with a big white sheet that went around in circles while the crowd waited eagerly to see what was inside. The big sheet opened up to handsome, Canadian singer Sean Nicholas Savage who started to sing passionately. The singer wore a tux, that was really a one piece, and he sang with so much emotion while on stage that it almost brought tears to our eyes. The models walked down the runway and around him while he sang, "It looks like you, but it's not you." The clothes were so gorgeous and edgy. There was a minimal aesthetic vibe with tops that were made out of bubble wrap, coated denim and paper like materials. We are beyond obsessed with the bubble wrap pieces and fingerless gloves! The colour palette was white, bright metallic orange, coffee, forest green and black. It was an experience that we won't forget and a definite favourite of New York Fashion Week! See below to see the whole live feed and some of our favourite looks!
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Friday, February 14, 2014

Chanel Haute Couture Preview during New York Fashion Week!

We were honoured to be invited to see the Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2014 Collection that just arrived to New York from Paris! The bright floor was filled with large wardrobes that hung the Haute Couture Collection. They were soooo beautiful! They sparkled with feathers, handwork beading, embroidery and amazing energy. The Chanel team was so inviting and we had an amazing time chatting about the collection and how they are made. Karl's attention to detail in every garment was incredible to look at and discussing the process of how the tweeds are made and how the dresses are built with corsets in them. The collection had a pastel and silver color palette and a sporty feel to it. There were kneepads, elbow pads and fanny packs that were inspired by the skater girl. Each Chanel outfit is custom made and also comes with gorgeous matching tweed sneakers. We had total goose bumps looking at this collection, the dreamy tweed fabrics, exquisite detail and execution of each garment was a total masterpiece. We felt like we were in a dream. Karl did it again and created a magical and epic collection!
 photo samandcaillibeckerman-chanel-cambon_zps4cbb9df1.jpg  photo chanel-couture-spring14_zpsb726f1c8.jpg  photo chanel-tweed-sneakers-beckermantwins_zps3b6c6cf7.jpg  photo chanel-tweed-elbowpads_zps8ea29d8a.jpg  photo chanel-beckermans_zps1be60c68.jpg  photo beckermanfeathersandrainbow_zpsea93cc68.jpg  photo chanelcouturebeckerman_zpsd8a3db37.jpg  photo chanelbeckerman-girls-feather_zps937a6934.jpg  photo beckermans_zps1485f968.jpg  photo beckermannewyorkcouture_zpse87fa749.jpg  photo chanel-feathers-haute-couture_zps645111a0.jpg  photo rainbow-chanel-sneakers_zpse7f6d1c0.jpg  photo feathers-chanel-couture_zps7c42824c.jpg  photo chanel-beads-nyc-showroom_zps8ad3a1c6.jpg  photo beadwork-gown-chanelparis_zpscb874876.jpg  photo chanelmannequin-dress-chanel-nyc_zps2e84c25d.jpg  photo chanelcrystalshoes_zpsfe0a52b4.jpg  photo blackfeatherdresschanel_zps0d3783a5.jpg  photo cocktail-couture-black-gown-crystal_zpsaf524d5c.jpg  photo chanelparis1_zpsd97ec2f2.jpg  photo chanel-bow-beckermangirls_zpsc9cd05c6.jpg  photo chanelfeather-skater-couture_zpsdff34861.jpg  photo chanelclassiccollar-bow_zps73c60a09.jpg  photo chanelfeathers-nyc_zpsfcbd2fd2.jpg  photo chanellayerdress-party-couture-paris_zpscf3ea9d2.jpg  photo chanel-couture-sneakers_zpsd2e1a4d7.jpg  photo chanelhautecouture1_zps65f82840.jpg  photo skate-silver-beads-chanelcouture_zpsf32c8578.jpg  photo chanel-collection-couture-beckermangirls_zpsf43f5f2f.jpg  photo chaneldress-beckerman-toronto-newyork_zpsd25833df.jpg  photo chanel-kneepads-skatergirl-beckermanblog_zps9e6c3ab5.jpg Pin It Now!