Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sam- Pop Art + Pizza

 photo levisjeans-vintage501-vintage-acnejacket-dolorousjewelry-michaelnelsonwatch.jpg  photo macmakeup-beckerman-fashion-pizzasweater-wawbag.jpg  photo acneleatherjacket-sarahsbag-shopsuperstreet-beckermantwins-sambeckerman-numberoneblog-fashion.jpg  photo beckerman-streetstyle-fashionblog-canada.jpg  photo levisjeans-chanelscrunchie-balenciagashirt.jpg  photo sambeckerman-fashion-blog-bloggers-acne.jpg  photo maisonmartinmargiela-tabiboots-cementboots-beckerman-toronto-sisters-twins.jpg  photo sambeckermanblog-fashion-sarahsbag-torontoblog.jpg

Leather Jacket- Acne (similar here)
Sweater- Kiko Mizuhara Pizza sweater
Blouse- Balenciaga
Jeans- Vintage Levi's (similar here)
Bag- Sarah's Bag from
Necklace- Dolorous Jewelry
Watch- Michael Nelson beaded watch
Shoes- Maison Martin Margiela cement boots (similar here)

The Look: Pop Art + Pizza

Fun Fact: This bag makes me feel like a super hero! WAW! POW! BAM! It's beaded to perfection and I'm obsessed with it. It's from my favourite shop, ShopSuperStreet curated by our friend Lucy who has the best taste! For my make up, I was inspired by the  Marques Almeida's Fall 2014 runway make up look created by MAC.  On my eyes, I'm wearing the new MAC Chromaline Basic Red AC3 which goes on so creamy, it didn't move all day and was so easy to take off at night. WAW!

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Style Tag App!

We have been using the Style Tag App for the last month and we are obsessed with it. It's like shopping in your best friends closet and finding out where everything is from, without asking them! lol! We did a post all about Spring's hottest trend- ripped denim. We live in ripped denim and love how Rock N' Roll it is. Even our baddie boo, Riri is sporting some ripped up goodness. So we put together a look book of all of our most favorite ripped up denim pieces and you can shop from them directly. Make sure you download the app, click here! It's sooo much fun!
   photo withlogo_zpse420115e.jpg  photo Untitled-2_zps88b30565.jpg  photo cailli-blackrippedjeans_zps1f78fa1b.jpg  photo rippeddenimandisabelmarantbootsnew_zpsefee8161.jpg  photo Untitled-5_zpsc90b792c.jpg  photo Untitled-6_zps8eea065d.jpg   Pin It Now!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sam- Electric Rainbow + Mars

 photo futuraeyewear-silhouette-annacoroneoscarf-topshopvest-silkscarf-beckerman.jpg  photo futurasunglasses-colorfulvest-vintagejacket-blondehair.jpg  photo badlands-ontario-fashionblog-beckermans.jpg  photo beckermans-beckermanblog-twins.jpg  photo samanthabeckerman-numberoneblogcanada-rainbow-streetstyle.jpg  photo hayleyeslaesserbag-vintagecoat-dinosauromightyleggings-fauxfurvest-fakefur.jpg  photo badlands-canada-toronto-ontario-sambeckerman-miumiuboots.jpg  photo miumiuboots-fakefurvest-omightyleggings.jpg  photo beckerman-fashion-beckermanblog-torontoblog-fashion-topshop-omighty.jpg

Vest- Fake Fur Vintage Vest
Coat- Vintage
T-shirt- Omighty
Leggings- Omighty (similar here)
Boots- Miu Miu
Sunglasses- Futura by Silhouette
Bag- Hayley Elsaesser
Scarf- Anna Coroneo

The Look: Electric Rainbow + Mars

Fun Fact: Cailli and I had the best time hanging in the Badlands, pretending it was Mars and leaping from hill to hill. I'm wearing our friend Anna's scarves (Anna Coroneo), who is super talented, super sweet and she designs all of her textiles by hand.  They are so chic, very colorful and we are totally obsessed with her happy prints! These dinosaur leggings by O'Mighty remind me so much of my sis, Chloe who collects vintage dinosaur pins. Right now, I'm all about dinosaur and monster prints for Spring!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Cailli- Badlands + Babydoll

 photo hm-beckermanblog-denim-torontoblog_zpse9d9deea.jpg  photo badlands_zpscdbff07e.jpg  photo beckermanblog-denimdress-hm-badlands_zps3c505782.jpg  photo badlands-beckermanblog-cowboyhat_zpsad2504c0.jpg  photo hmtassledress-cowboyboots-benedettabruzziches-beckermanblog_zps92436238.jpg  photo benedettabruzziches-hmdenimdress-venessaarizaga-michaelnelson_zpscbc51cda.jpg  photo hmdenimdress-beckermanblog_zps01462a83.jpg  photo cowboyboots-beckermanblog-torontoblog_zps57d73a2d.jpg  photo beckermanblog-badlands-hm-numberoneblog-canada_zps65b830d9.jpg

Dress- H&M Denim tassel dress
Bracelets- Venessa Arizaga take out bracelet, Pandora bracelet, Michael Nelson watch beaded bracelet
Bag- Benedetta Bruzziches from ShopSuperstreet
Hat- Vintage hat
Socks- Happy Face Knee Socks
Shoes- Vintage Cowboy boots

The Look: Badlands + Babydoll

Fun Fact: We went roadtrippin' out to Cheltenham Badlands which was such a cool experience! It's located along the Niagra Escarpment and many hundreds of millions of years ago the Cheltenham area was a shallow sea. But once the sea dried up, the sedimentary base of the sea was exposed for the first time. In the 1930's, the area was poorly farmed and turned to red clay. The hills signify the riverbed and the formation of the red color is due to iron oxide deposits. Sooo obsessed with this H&M denim dress. I think it's the perfect dress for the summer....ooooh tassels! Visiting this magical place totally reminded me of our trip to The Grand Canyon! Check out that video here!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sam- Grunge + Leather

 photo sambeckerman-fashion-torontoblog-streetstyle-fashionblog-canada-hm-chanel.jpg  photo sambeckerman-samantha-fashion-streetstyle-hmplaidshirt-leatherdress-gatrimon-chanelnecklace.jpg  photo gatrimon-fashion-beckerman-sam-clothing-toronto.jpg  photo hmplaidshirt-beckerman-sisters-twins-blonde-chanelnecklace-narslipstick-dragongirl.jpg  photo streetstyle-blog-fashionblog-numberoneblogtoronto-beckermans-beckermanblog.jpg  photo gatrimon-leatherdress-plaidshirt-hm-beckermantwins-beckermanblog-twins.jpg  photo pradabag-rocknroll-pradagembag-blackleather-toronto-blog-sisters-beckermanblog.jpg  photo beckermansisters-fashion-girls-blog-leatherdress-fashion.jpg

Top- H&M Plaid Shirt (similar here)
Dress- Gat Rimon leather dress (similar styles here)
Necklace- Chanel
Purse- Prada (similar here)
Earrings- Pamela Love
Shoes- Isabel Marant for H&M (similar here)
Lipstick- Nars Dragon Girl

The Look: Grunge + Leather

Fun Fact: The coolest thing about leather dresses is that they can be worn anytime of day, to any event, going for lunch, worn at a black tie function or casual...they are just so rock n' roll! I love this one from Gat Rimon, it just feels so good on! And throwing on my fav' plaid shirt makes this outfit beyond comfy! And just add some gems, rhinestones, studs and lil bling and you are ready to go! I am loving the Spring weather right now and the warm breeze in the air makes me feel like I'm on holiday!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Cailli- Surf and Sail

 photo beckermanblog-loversandfriendsla-commedesgarcons_zpsb1f0cf97.jpg  photo beckermanblog-torontoblog-gatrimonbag_zps3aa510c9.jpg  photo chanelshoes-rufflesocks-torontoblog-beckermanblog_zps354ff37b.jpg  photo gatrimonbag-commedesgarconsjacket_zpsa61b9e68.jpg  photo friendsandloversladress-gatrimonbag-chanelshoes-commedesgarconsjacket-torontonumberoneblog_zpscf081be2.jpg  photo loewe-elephantcharm-gatrimontiedyeclutch_zpsede51d5b.jpg  photo toronto-numberoneblog-chanelshoes-beckermanblog-gatrimonbag-rayban_zps112a651f.jpg  photo commedesgarcons-friendsandloversla-ray-ban_zps2dbc8881.jpg  photo commedesgarconsjacket-beckermanblog_zps5f472a7f.jpg  photo commedesgarcons-torontoblog_zps96af7c07.jpg

Jacket- Comme des Garcons Jacket
Hat- Korean Hat
Dress- Lovers + Friends  Fly Away Mini Dress
Bag- Gat Rimon Bag
Charm- Loewe elephant charm
Sunnies- Ray-Bans
Shoes- Chanel desert boots
Lipstick- Nars Dragon Girl lipstick

The Look: Surf and Sail

Fun Fact: I'm obsessed with this little bike hat with my initial on it! I found it randomly in a little shop with no label but the woman told me it's from Korea. I also got this Lovers and Friends fly away mini dress that is so cozy and perfect for the summer! It goes perfect with my Comme Des Garcons jacket. But I can't get enough of these multi colored Chanel dessert boots!

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