Tuesday, January 26, 2016

#RocktheDots Party in LA with Minnie Mouse!

We had the most magnificent time at the Rock the Dots and Refinery 29 party with our best friend Minnie Mouse in L.A! We came to celebrate our Fashion Icon's outfits throughout the years, and how her style is so influential. Minnie sets the trends! Her positive and confident attitude sets her apart because she exudes happiness wherever she goes and inspires people to be their true self. Minnie's style is all about having fun. The party was packed with fashionistas and even Minnie Mouse was dancing to Justin Bieber's "Sorry." Inspiring Fashion Editorials hung on the walls that showed how Minnie has inspired Fashion and Art through the years. Our favorite was an amazing photo of Madonna wearing her Minnie Mouse ears shot by photographer, Herb Ritts. We are so excited to be Disney Canadian Ambassadors and we did a little happy dance with Minnie on the red carpet to celebrate! Lots of gorgeous Minnie inspired dresses were displayed around the room and curated and designed by designers from all around the world. We also had a blast at the Photo Booth and definitely rocked the dot on National Polka Dot Day! What a fabulous night!

 photo beckermanblog-minniestyle-La- party-disney-2-madonna_zps3ub9voax.jpg  photo beckermanblog-minniemouse-disney-style-bloggers_zps65bqjfcy.jpg  photo Rockthedots-beckermangirls-beckermanblog_zpsm5cqw2ej.jpg  photo losangeles-disney-disneyland-minniemouse-fashionicon_zpslmjesdmp.jpg  photo beckermanblog-disney-rockthedots-losangeles_zpsmke7ryz9.jpg  photo refinery29-minniestyle-rockthedots-icon-minniemouse_zpsi1lkn2jv.jpg  photo minniemouse-style-fashion-beckermangirls-toronto-la_zpsknkbssrm.jpg  photo beckermanblog-minniestyle-La- party-disney-8_zpsqldgoifd.jpg  photo beckermanblog-minniestyle-La- party-disney-rockthedots-5_zpslqodtger.jpg  photo refinery29-rockthedots-party-fashion-minniestyle-beckermans_zpsnltsooef.jpg  photo beckermanblog-minniestyle-La- party-disney-7_zpspfdeu5pz.jpg  photo beckermanblog-minniestyle-La- party-disney-3-rockthedots_zpsqpjpoyle.jpg  photo beckermanblog-minniestyle-La- party-disney-9-rockthedots_zpsy9hvbasm.jpg Pin It Now!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Our Saks Fifth Avenue Campaign! #saksuTOpia

We collaborated with Saks Fifth Avenue Canada for the #saksuTOpia Campaign as one of the influencers, and we couldn't be anymore excited that Saks is finally coming to Toronto! The countdown is on! We love living in Toronto and how our city bustles with creativity. We teamed up with Saks to share our story and to launch a documentary series with nine other influencers who share different passions from Toronto's Tastemakers. We have chosen our favourite things from the site to shop from. Check it out here! Here are some backstage photos from the shoot. We had so much fun filming it with the crew and hanging out and making a Sin City inspired video!

 photo beckermanblog-sisters-saks-saks-uTOpia-canada-twins-14_zpsk3ck8o6z.jpg  photo beckermanblog-saks-saks-uTOpia8_zpslfyu5zej.jpg  photo beckermanblog-sambeckerman-saks-saks-uTOpia-11_zps4ychgra4.jpg  photo beckermanblog-saks-saks-uTOpia-caillibeckerman-9_zpsljc4vi1z.jpg  photo beckermanblog-saks-saks-uTOpia-2_zpssspfdtio.jpg  photo beckermanblog-saks-saks-uTOpia-1_zpsjombnisk.jpg  photo beckermanblog-saks-saks-uTOpia-5_zpskrakwctq.jpg  photo beckermanblog-saks-saks-uTOpia-10_zpscg3wit9l.jpg  photo beckermanblog-saks-saks-uTOpia-3_zpsgdo7bpnq.jpg  photo beckermanblog-saks-saks-uTOpia-4_zpsxlpeae5k.jpg  photo beckermanblog-saks-beckermansisters-toronto-saks-uTOpia-12_zpse9aie4vv.jpg  photo beckermanblog-sisters-saks-saks-uTOPia-torontobackstage-toronto-13_zps598ktyui.jpg  photo beckermanblog-saks-saks-uTOpia-7_zpsed9ve7yo.jpeg Pin It Now!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Sam- Sporty + Patchwork

 photo coachshearlingjacket-beckerman-karllagerfeldbag_zpsm9svxqv1.jpg  photo streetstyle-beckermanblog-coachbikersheepskincoat-coach_zpswcsb3lyk.jpg  photo coachjacket-karllagerfeld-adbd-beckermans-chanelvidsorsunglasses-christopherkane-_zpsf235qm2k.jpg  photo FullSizeRender 5 copy_zpsahjef4au.jpg  photo chanelvisorsunnies-chanel-beckerman_zpsebqrmxfx.jpg  photo adbdlongsleevehoodedfleecepullover-deepfuchsia-losangeles-toronto_zpsv3j54f8o.jpg   photo sambeckerman-coach-chanelsunglasses_zps4ohy6zvx.jpg  photo karlaroundtheworldweekender blackbag_zpsgcex3m55.jpg  photo diorgoldnecklace-dior-beckermans_zpsaq9mgsv4.jpg  photo christopherkane-loverslacesneakers-streetstyle-beckermans_zpsmd3tdf6j.jpg photo adbdsweatshirt-samanthabeckerman-beckermans_zpsp7sskjwj.jpg

Coat- Coach Biker Shearling Coat
Sweatshirt- ADBD Deep Fuschia Hoody
Pants- Black Leggings
Shoes- Christopher Kane sneakers (or this color)
Bag- Karl Lagerfeld Around the World Weekender
Key Fob (on bag)- Karl Lagerfeld travel tag
Necklace- Dior
Sunglasses- CHANEL Visor Sunnies
Lipstick- Nars Isola Bella 

The Look: Sporty + Patchwork

Fun Fact: Happy Happy 2016! We rang in the New Year with friends and fam' dancing in the New Year, partying it up and shakin' dat booty. Today, I'm all bundled up cause it's soooooo freeeezing in Toronto (-20 Celsius) and wearing my fav' fuzzy Coach biker jacket. We just got these CHANEL visor sunnies and they are EVERYTHING! We first rocked them when we went to the Dubai Chanel Fashion Show and just got them as one of our Holiday presents from CHANEL!  Our good friend Adam Derry who owns the coolest skate shop ADBD in LA, made this cozy, soft sweatshirt (that I wear as a dress) and I'm lovin' the deep fuschia/red wine color. Christopher Kane, one of our favourite designers just came out with a kick ass sneaker collection and used the lace from his Resort Collection into sporty/girly sneakers that mold to your feet. This gold Dior necklace is one the most gorgeous, light weight necklaces I have ever had on. The patches on my Karl Lagerfeld Around the World Weekender are so special because it's Karl Lagerfeld's mementos that remind him of his fav' travels around the world. OBSESSED!

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