Monday, September 29, 2014

Reebok x Melody Ehsani Shoes

We love these neon yellow constellation Reebok Classics designed by Melody Ehsani! They are so cool because they have a unique pattern of 12 zodiac constellations and have hand drawn stars all over them. We are obsessed with how they actually glow in the dark! The idea and inspiration behind the shoes is finding your own path in life, looking to the sky and having the universe guide your step. The shoes also have a starry white lock hardware on them with a special handwritten message in the interior of the shoes from Melody. We are all about a neon Classic Reebok pump cause they look amazing with everything, especially running around town! Check them out at

 photo melodyehsani-reebokclassic-beckermanblog-cailliandSam-limitededitionreebok-toronto-8_zps5fb5daff.jpg  photo melodyehsani-reebokclassic-beckermanblog-cailliandSam-limitededitionreebok-toronto-3_zps5cc7ce40.jpg  photo melodyehsani-reebokclassic-beckermanblog-cailliandSam-limitededitionreebok-toronto-7_zpsd9b8df79.jpg  photo melodyehsani-reebokclassic-beckermanblog-cailliandSam-limitededitionreebok-toronto-4_zps1934a5d3.jpg  photo melodyehsani-reebokclassic-beckermanblog-cailliandSam-limitededitionreebok-toronto-5_zps107e9e56.jpg  photo melodyehsani-reebokclassic-beckermanblog-cailliandSam-limitededitionreebok-toronto-2_zps2e7ae5f3.jpg  photo melodyehsani-reebokclassic-beckermanblog-cailliandSam-limitededitionreebok-toronto-6_zps5a1c3c8e.jpg Pin It Now!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Chanel Couture Preview

We had the honour of viewing the Chanel Couture Collection! It was so exquisite it took our breath away. The craftsmanship and beauty of each piece is so overwhelming and intricate, that once again Karl has outdone himself! He is the Godfather of Couture! The collection was inspired by Le Courbusier who was an architect who is known for his use of concrete in his modern type designs. Karl took it one step further and made handmade concrete beads. He incorporated them in dresses and vests over dresses. They are all hand sewn together with such precision, that they become mini tiles and serve as a super light weight fabrication on the dresses. The fabrics were the coolest part of the collection. He incorporated white neoprene in to the dresses, which had a twist to them. The neoprene was molded instead of seamed together. This is unbelievable..because basically they are all hand molded to keep their form, and sewn with gorgeous baroque jewels all over it. The collection was also inspired by the elements, like fire. He made fitted plastic lace like dresses and mixed it with fiery tweed jackets. This collection was so gorgeous and the best part was that Karl put all the looks with flats with big bows... we can't get enough of Chanel Couture!
   photo beckermanblog-chanelhautecouture-toronto-preview-1_zps7d501d66.jpg  photo beckermanblog-chanelhautecouture-toronto-preview-2_zps16676457.jpg  photo beckermanblog-chanelhautecouture-toronto-preview-44_zps2e45cc11.jpg  photo beckermanblog-chanelhautecouture-toronto-preview-4_zps5002c08f.jpg  photo beckermanblog-chanelhautecouture-toronto-preview-6_zps4ae62b70.jpg  photo beckermanblog-chanelhautecouture-toronto-preview-8_zps7fe13066.jpg  photo beckermanblog-chanelhautecouture-toronto-preview-010_zps2d24d82c.jpg  photo beckermanblog-chanelhautecouture-toronto-preview-011_zps4b641241.jpg  photo beckermanblog-chanelhautecouture-toronto-preview-012_zpse1cd6d7f.jpg  photo beckermanblog-chanelhautecouture-toronto-preview-013_zps9257778b.jpg  photo beckermanblog-chanelhautecouture-toronto-preview-014_zps9cfe7079.jpg  photo beckermanblog-chanelhautecouture-toronto-preview-015_zps6f311fff.jpg  photo beckermanblog-chanelhautecouture-toronto-preview-018_zps2b3e9a6d.jpg  photo beckermanblog-chanelhautecouture-toronto-preview-019_zps5c615731.jpg  photo beckermanblog-chanelhautecouture-toronto-preview-020_zpse94d3894.jpg  photo beckermanblog-chanelhautecouture-toronto-preview-21_zps1c668cad.jpg  photo beckermanblog-chanelhautecouture-toronto-preview-23_zpsa1e3091b.jpg  photo beckermanblog-chanelhautecouture-toronto-preview-24_zps18473de2.jpg  photo looks3_zpscfb6da37.jpg  photo thelooks1_zps2ddf91d4.jpg  photo looks2_zpsa9c7e755.jpg Pin It Now!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Beckermans x The Coveteur- Versace! Versace! Versace!

We teamed up with The Coveteur, to launch the newest and hottest Versace store in Toronto! The store is in our favourite mall... Yorkdale! We got to raid the store with our boo's Sylvia Mantella and Cary Tauben! We fell in loooove with everything! OMG! It was a Donatella Dream! We are obsessed with the printed bombers, cashmere coats and those cat eye sunnies. Our mom tried on that to die for blue dress, and we all went shopping together! All of us fell in love with that Versace comforter...that reversible black, white and gold one,  that Carey draped himself in. We had a blast hanging out together, playing dress up, and hosted the epic store party later that night! Versace! Versace! Versace! To see the article and more pics, click here!

 photo Versace_Versace_Versace-26_zps84c944a9.jpg  photo Versace_Versace_Versace-1_zpscd929bd0.jpg  photo Versace_Versace_Versace-2_zps313d480c.jpg  photo Versace_Versace_Versace-3_zps6126fe91.jpg  photo Versace_Versace_Versace-4_zpse0bf8074.jpg  photo Versace_Versace_Versace-7_zpseedc4deb.jpg  photo Versace_Versace_Versace-8_zpsc57b3def.jpg  photo Versace_Versace_Versace-11_zps1c263a9c.jpg  photo Versace_Versace_Versace-12_zps4bf33d3c.jpg  photo Versace_Versace_Versace-13_zpsa6e6175a.jpg  photo Versace_Versace_Versace-31-1_zps104afe2d.jpg  photo Versace_Versace_Versace-15_zps564c883c.jpg  photo Versace_Versace_Versace-16_zpsd8150dd9.jpg  photo Versace_Versace_Versace-17_zpsba781049.jpg  photo Versace_Versace_Versace-18_zps023adcb0.jpg  photo Versace_Versace_Versace-19_zps5500a5b8.jpg  photo Versace_Versace_Versace-21_zps685f8e94.jpg  photo Versace_Versace_Versace-22_zps17118b87.jpg  photo Versace_Versace_Versace-27_zps25ef033e.jpg  photo Versace_Versace_Versace-30_zps3d13fc1f.jpg  photo Versace_Versace_Versace-29_zpsd5419944.jpg Pin It Now!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Join us as we Host the Marc by Marc Jacobs Event in Vancouver

We are headed to Vancouver to launch Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 Preview Event at the Hudson's Bay this Friday! We will be picking our favourite pieces and styling the collection! Come have fun with us. You can customize your Marc by Marc Jacob's accessories this Friday evening on Sept.19th 5:30-8:00PM. Main Floor of the Hudson's Bay at 674 Granville Street. See the details below and don't forget to RSVP: BAYEVENTSVAN@HBC.COM

 photo 140640_TheBay_MarcbyMarcJacobs_Vancouver_Evite_zps3327a42b.png Pin It Now!