Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cailli- Eiffel Tower and Jodhpurs

 photo eiffeltower-marcjacobsscarf-paris-simonecamillebag-8_zps47ece52a.jpg  photo eiffeltower-marcjacobsscarf-paris-simonecamillebag-5_zpsa346105e.jpg  photo eiffeltower-marcjacobsscarf-paris-simonecamillebag-3_zpsb27ef1d1.jpg  photo eiffeltower-marcjacobsscarf-paris-simonecamillebag-7_zps32fcc95f.jpg  photo eiffeltower-marcjacobsscarf-paris-simonecamillebag_zpsf215e089.jpg  photo eiffeltower-marcjacobsscarf-paris-simonecamillebag-6_zpsea279e15.jpg  photo eiffeltower-marcjacobsscarf-paris-simonecamillebag-4_zps202dea54.jpg

Jacket- 3.1 Phillip Lim leather jacket
Scarf- Marc Jacobs scarf (or here on Nordstroms)
Sunglasses- RayBans
Backpack- Simone Camille tweed backpack
Pants- Vintage Jodhpurs (similar here)
Shoes- Chloe boots
Lipstick- Nars Heat Wave

The Look- Eiffel Tower + Jodhpurs

Fun Fact: Sooooo excited to get to the Trocadero Platform in Paris and blog! Sam and I were on the Red bus touring around hoping that it would stop at Trocadero because we found it randomly the last time we were in Paris (and it is the perfect way to see the Eiffel). After we walked down the street to the Palais de Tokyo Museum which is brilliant because the Phillipe Parreno exhibition is on and it was really cool! Piano's were playing by themselves and it was super mysterious.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Favorite Shoes of the Week!- Gift Guide

 photo bunnyflatsforblog222_zps233447a5.jpg
We can't get enough of these Ivy Kirzhner Bonker Bunny flats! They are so perfect with a pair of jeans or great for the Holidays with a velvet skirt. We love how Rock N' Roll they are with the studs going around them. Wouldn't you freak out if you got them as a present for the Holidays!? Or in your stocking? Obsessed! Click here to see more images! Pin It Now!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Sam- Camouflage + Silver

 photo beckerman-toronto-blogger-streetstyle_zps8b7d1a21.jpg  photo silver-brocade-jacket-black-shoes_zpse8a6f1f6.jpg  photo samantha-beckerman-paris-hm-balenciaga_zps0604ef41.jpg  photo beckerman-isabel-marant-outfitoftheday_zps571cbe08.jpg  photo sambeckerman-paris-hm-isabelmarantforhm_zps5b35365b.jpg  photo paris-hmisabelmarant-kitty-hat_zps7bea5423.jpg  photo isabelmarant-bobby-beckerman_zpsb348c4cd.jpg  photo paris-architecture-fashion-clothes_zpsab220d54.jpg

Jacket: Isabel Marant for H&M
T-shirt: Isabel Marant for H&M (similar here)
Necklace: Isabel Marant for H&M (similar here)
Pants: Christopher Kane (similar here)
Shoes: Isabel Marant. Bag: Balenciaga (similar here)
Hat: H&M (similar here)
Lipstick: Nars Future Red (limited edition by Guy Bourdin)

The Look: Camouflage + Silver

Fun Fact: I can't stop wearing this Isabel Marant for H&M brocade jacket because it's silver and the fact that it's reversible makes it sooo warm cause it's two layers of silk! And that mesh necklace….holy next level! It's like jewelry but a scarf at the same time...that's why we are doing a Giveaway on it! Cause it ROCKS! Today is the last day for our Isabel Marant and H&M Giveaway, click here to enter! There's also a stunning silk printed tassel scarf that you could win too!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cailli- Fringe + Fountains + J.Crew Invite

 photo IMG_3215_edited-1_zpsd9aca69e.jpg  photo IMG_3348_zps31e69d97.jpg  photo IMG_3178_zpsc127b999.jpg  photo IMG_3367_zpsac78e0e1.jpg  photo IMG_3044_zpsbdaaf42a.jpg  photo IMG_3351_zps97afb864.jpg  photo IMG_2970_zps076650b5.jpg  photo IMG_3363_zps69afab22.jpg  photo IMG_3336_edited-1_zps2f8c8258.jpg  photo BeckermanInvite_zpsd743a453.jpg

Jacket- Isabel Marant (similar here)
Shirt- Plaid H&M shirt (similar here)
Pants- Fringe Isabel Marant Pants (similar here)
Bag- Spotted Marc Jacobs bag (similar here)
Boots- Isabel Marant stud boots (similar here)
Lipstick- Nars Heat Wave

The Look: Fringe + Fountains + J.Crew Invite

Fun Fact: Fall, Fringe and Fountains... ahhh! We wanted to invite you all to an amazing Holiday Party we are hosting this Thursday November 21st at J.Crew in Toronto at Yorkdale Mall. It's from 6-8pm and we are having cocktails, dancing and shopping! The goodie bags are going to be amazing. So please make sure to RSVP if you can make it, or if you are in Toronto! YAY! Please RSVP to: See you Thursday!

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Karl Lagerwoof's Favorite Things- Gift Guide

 photo giftguide-chanel-shopbop-karllagerfeld-favoritethings_zpsb936880b.jpg
1. Jonathan Adler eye spec case
2. Rag and Bone Racer gloves
3. Black quilted Vintage Chanel bag
4. Rodarte gold barb wire earrings
5. Joomi Lim Punk ring
6. Carolina Amato leather and knit gloves
7. Juliet and Company Pearl Necklace
8. Black Super Sunglasses
9. DKNY Lael Cut out Booties
10. Gold Vintage Chanel bag
11. Kenneth Jay Lane star necklace
12. Ivy Kirzhner Bonkers Bunny flats
13. Alice and Olivia Zebra Jeweled iphone case Pin It Now!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Isabel Marant for H&M Giveaway!

 photo giveaway-hmisabelmarant-hm-isabelmarant-free_zps9b19d1ec.jpg

Giveaway! Giveaway! Giveaway! Just because the collection launches today and we are sooo excited! We are giving away two of our favourite accessories to two winners. We are obsessed with the Isabel Marant for H&M mesh necklace and the red printed silk scarf! We are picking 2 lucky winners who will receive one of the items...(*We will notify the winners in one week!*) Contest ends: Thursday Nov.21st

 It's so easy, all you have to do is: ...

1. Leave a comment below with your EMAIL in the comment box so we can contact you if you are the winner.

2. Join our Beckerman Bite Plate Facebook Page (click here)

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Isbael Marant for H&M launches tomorrow-Thursday November 14th!

Get ready! The countdown begins! We are soooo excited for the Isabel Marant & H&M Collab! Its the best collaboration of the season, and will hit select H&M stores Thursday November 14th! We are sooo excited to go and shop our little hearts out! The collection is so obsessive and drool worthy! We are also featured on The Coveteur today dressed up in the collection! Check out their video that we are in!

 photo finalforblog2_zps1dda94e1.jpg  photo IMG_6746square_zps26191295.jpg  photo thecoveteur-hmisabelmarant-beckermangirls_smaller_zpsec07e04a.jpg  photo 021c2eba400b11e3a12822000a9f18f6_8_zps92eba664.jpg  photo 759ceab64a4011e39395120aa4c2c382_8_zpsf781ca5e.jpg  photo IMG_6684square_zpsc421a8d3.jpg  photo fe6beb2e3dcc11e3a3f622000ae9143c_8_zps776bde73.jpg  photo 4a083db63cc011e3a8af22000a9f133c_8_zps7b73b8f4.jpg  photo 057cb7943bcb11e3a59b22000a9f3c66_8_zpsca4a3603.jpg  photo 8493592644c611e3957422000a1f8ac8_8_zps4577909d.jpg  photo e14cad7c43e311e385d522000a9f3c76_8_zps54ec0849.jpg  photo af3c48ca3c9e11e3820f22000a1fbcef_8_zps7f9542c8.jpg Pin It Now!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Fysh UK Eyewear

Blogging in the Fall is sooo pretty! We have been spending lots of time in the park with all the gorgeous leaves turning colors before it gets too cold using the picnic tables as work tables. We have been blogging up a storm and love wearing our FYSH UK glasses. They are super fun, lightweight and we love how funky the sides of the arms are. photo hmforisabelmarant-fyshuk-eyeglasses-hm-isabelmarant-1_zps8ab21463.jpg  photo hmforisabelmarant-fyshuk-eyeglasses-hm-isabelmarant-2_zpsa3942651.jpg  photo hmforisabelmarant-fyshuk-eyeglasses-hm-isabelmarant-4_zpsb88167ac.jpg  photo hmforisabelmarant-fyshuk-eyeglasses-hm-isabelmarant-5_zpsebc3a406.jpg  photo hmisabelmarantjacket-hm-fyshuk-isabelmarant3_zpse2209d71.jpg  photo hmisabelmarantjacket-hm-fyshuk-isabelmarant1_zps4ab442af.jpg  photo hmisabelmarantjacket-hm-fyshuk-isabelmarant2_zps0640ca01.jpg

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Samantha- Cotton Candy + Carousel

 photo cottoncandysambeckerman_zps916c543d.jpg  photo printedpantssamanthabeckerman_zps3a588355.jpg  photo isabelmarantjackettiedye_zps2cc3857d.jpg  photo isabelmarantballwinbag_zpse01888da.jpg  photo falltimeinparisisabelmarant_zps5f28cd09.jpg  photo isabelmaranthatcarouselparis_zps3781b247.jpg  photo blackcaleenbootsisabelmarantpants_zps4c4da0e2.jpg  photo redtiedyefashion_zpsf4ae2d04.jpg

Jacket- Isabel Marant tie dye (similar here)
Top- Number long sleeve Isabel Marant 
Jeans- Isabel Marant
Belt- Isabel Marant 
Hat- H&M (similar here)
Bag- Isabel Marant 
Boots- Isabel Marant Caleen
Lipstick- Nars Heat Wave

The Look: Cotton Candy + Carousel

Fun Fact: Our hotel was right across from the Tuileries in Paris and we couldn't believe how gorgeous this park was! All of the kids were on the carousel eating ice cream and cotton candy, so we joined in on fun!

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