Friday, February 27, 2015

March Issue for Flare Magazine- Coach Spring 2015!

We are all about the Spring 2015 Coach Collection! We love that Gary Baseman collaborated with Coach to create an iconic collection filled with wild beasts and lots of faux fur (called fluff!) It's a Beckerman Dream! We interviewed our amazing friend and one of the best designers ever, Creative Director of Coach, Stuart Vevers and asked him some questions we always wanted to know about the Spring collection. We also checked out the newly decorated Coach store on Rodeo Drive and had a little too much fun! Lol! See the interview and video click here!
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Monday, February 23, 2015

Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2015

This Chanel Couture Collection is so beautiful and dreamy we screamed with excitement as we walked in to the room! The collection was based on a large book of imaginary flowers that was dreamt up by Karl.  It's all about pops of color and textures. The fabrics took our breath away! For shoes, sock boots and low heels were shown to give it a more casual and sporty feel. The corseted midriff tops were unexpected and super luxe to show off the waistline. The knit hats are by Maison Michel and the embroidery is by Lemarie. It took six months to make the 300 paper flowers that decorated the Chanel set. It was incredible to see the collection up close and we fell in love with the hand detailed fabrics that were dripping in flowers. So fresh!

 photo chanel-hautecouture-beckermanblog-2015-_zpsa8a1675c.jpg  photo chanel-hautecouture-beckermanblog-2015-2_zps9f497225.jpg  photo chanel-hautecouture-beckermanblog-2015-1_zpsc7700e16.jpg  photo chanel-hautecouture-beckermanblog-2015-010_zps0ec0c610.jpg  photo chanel-hautecouture-beckermanblog-2015-012_zps56e9072b.jpg  photo chanel-hautecouture-beckermanblog-2015-011_zps36eb4940.jpg  photo chanel-hautecouture-beckermanblog-2015-9_zps1349bcb3.jpg  photo chanel-hautecouture-beckermanblog-2015-8_zps65ca5fe0.jpg  photo chanel-hautecouture-beckermanblog-2015-6_zpsd3a81039.jpg  photo chanel-hautecouture-beckermanblog-2015-5_zps922c6025.jpg  photo chanel-hautecouture-beckermanblog-2015-4_zpsbed2526a.jpg  photo chanel-hautecouture-beckermanblog-2015-3_zps80de3381.jpg Pin It Now!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New York Fashion Week Fall 2015

We have been having a blast staying at The Hudson Hotel in New York! The rooms are cozy and the scene is cool. We always pop down in the morning and grab a coffee before going to the shows. The veggie burgers are also super delicious! We have been having a blast running around at the shows and always feel like we are home when we stay at the Hudson. Here are some of the shows and runway videos that we have made over the last few days. (First pic from by Tommy Ton)   photo 28-fall-2015-ready-to-wear-street-style-10_zpsbcab1cb1.jpg photo hotelpic4_zps63e164d0.jpg  photo hotelpic1_zps2dc0efd9.jpg  photo hotelpic3_zpsa6fd643a.jpg

Jeremy Scott- His Patchwork dresses and Raggedy Ann doll couture was epic! Always our fav' show!
 photo jeremyscott4_zps31377eca.jpg  photo jeremyscott1_zps606b7bb7.jpg  photo jeremyscott2_zpse0a34d18.jpg  photo jeremyscott3_zps416409be.jpg
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Rodarte- Disco Fever to the max! The styling and glitter mixed with riding jackets and leather boots!  photo RodartePic_zps194af9c7.jpg
Marc by Marc Jacobs- Served up some badassery! But this time, it was all about the beret!  photo marcbymarcjacobs_zps8908a721.jpg
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Libertine- Was a full on good vibe dance party! With embellished tweeds and patched up pants!
 photo Libertinepic_zps47b29712.jpg
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Diesel Black Gold  photo DieselBlackGoldFall2015_zps9ed61067.jpg
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 Karen Walker- Her prints and sunglasses were the stand out pieces in this magical 70's collection
 photo KarenWalker_zps6ad38764.jpg
DKNY- Sporty Couture was all the rave at DKNY with neoprenes and turtlenecks and a twist of 90's
 photo DKNY_zps1f72886b.jpg
JOY RICH- These faux fur coke outfits are everything! We need them!
 photo JoyRich_zps73f2c2e2.jpg
JILL STUART- An almost famous vibe at Jill Start.. rocker chic 70's!
 photo JillStuart_zps830a1a59.jpg
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Monday, February 16, 2015

Coach Fall 2015 Show- New York Fashion Week

The Coach Fall 2015 Fashion show was one of our favorites this season. Stuart Vevers is the king when it comes to jackets! He is also one of the best designers ever! Every single jacket that was shown was drool worthy and baaaad to the bone. Pins, leathers and sheepskins were shown along with patches on leather pants and plaid wool fabrics that were in blue and brown tones. The Coach iconic boots from Fall 2014 were updated with sheepskin underneath and they are definitely going to be on everybody's must have list for next winter! The bags had the word, "Lucky" written on them and backs of leather jackets had the words, "Nomad" written in script--so Rock n' Roll! We can't wait to get our hands on this collection! To the show, we wore Coach's Spring 2015 collection! The candy coated fluff (faux fur) jackets are everything and we wore them with our Gary Baseman x Coach bags! (Photos of us by the awesome  photo coach-nyfw-fall2015-beckermanblog-2_zps124aa49b.jpg  photo coach-nyfw-fall2015-beckermanblog-1_zps627ba1f9.jpg  photo coach-nyfw-fall2015-beckermanblog-3_zps9a470704.jpg  photo quistyle-coach-beckermanblog-nyfw-1_zps0f61f07f.jpg  photo quistyle-coach-beckermanblog-nyfw-2_zpseb3578f8.jpg  photo quistyle-coach-beckermanblog-nyfw-3_zps41b936f7.jpg  photo quistyle-coach-beckermanblog-nyfw-4_zpsf6424484.jpg
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A video posted by Cailli & Sam Beckerman (@beckermanblog) on
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Friday, February 13, 2015


We are herrrrre in NYC! For another fashion week! And we had so much fun flying with Air Canada! We were honorary co-pilots! That hat says it all! lol! It was such an easy and relaxing flight (considering we didn't get any sleep the night before) We were packing all night and trying to fit everything into five suitcases for a week! Ahhhh! the life of a blogger! But we did it, and arrived in style thanks to Air Canada!
 photo FullSizeRender-2_zpsa4f0b09f.jpg  photo FullSizeRender_zpsf86dd4d9.jpg
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VFILES FALL 2015: The VFiles Sport show was sooo sporty and so amazing! The oversized hoodies, 90's inspo, along with crop tops, bathing suits and scooters. The music for the show was also A+. Next up was Julia Seemann whose denim masterpieces mix denim and faux fur. She is known for creating new silhouettes. Even Rihanna has been rocking her pieces this season... totally brilliant! The most exciting menswear of the show was Ximon Lee! His collection was Samurai denim warriors whose looks were so futuristic and cool my phone blew up with taking too many pictures.. lol! Andrea Jiapei Li showed these timeless structural pieces with sandals and used the most amazing fabrics with a simple yet complicated twist. Our favourite Aussie's Discount Universe did beaded overalls, amazing hand purses and even had the cutest poodle alive walk their show!
 photo vfiles-beckermanblog_zps3db689c7.jpg  photo discountuniverse-vfiles-beckermanblog_zps0864db8e.jpg  photo discountuniverse-vfiles-beckermans_zps3c849f89.jpg  photo beckermanblog-newyork-nyfw_zpse7abd2ea.jpg  photo beckermanblog-nyfw-vfiles_zpsc16406d8.jpg

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BCBG FALL 2015 SHOW: A beautiful show! Our favourite pieces were the knitwear pieces. The mosaic knits added a vibrance to the oversized sweaters and leather laced pieces. The bold pink and purple fabrics were stunners! We just loved the Tibetan influence this season. photo bcbgrunwaynyfw_zps797961f2.jpg  photo bcbgfall2015_zpsff0a12e2.jpg  photo bcbg-beckermangirls-runway-nyfw-bcbgfall2015_zpsfc19d74b.jpg

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COACH FALL 2015: This collection was another epic collection for Coach! We loved the tough girl vibe mixed with leather, pins and shearling. The jackets, the jackets the jackets! Every single one of them... BAM! Just sooooo good! Words can not describe how gorgeous they all are. The motorcycle jackets with the shearling arms, the leather jackets with the pins. It was all about the unique individuality of each piece... and seriously who doesn't want the perfect jacket for Fall. The leather pants had patches on them and the sold out Coach boots from last season are back with even more shearling and more height! It really is the perfect Fall Collection! photo coachfall2015-twins-newyork_zps0bd3ac66.jpg  photo coachfall2015-skullsweater-beckerman-twins-runway-nyfw_zps0b5603cd.jpg  photo beckermansisters-ny-newyork-shearling_zps8131fb13.jpg  photo stuartvevers-coach-beckerman-nyfw-coachfall2015_zps8e9fcf65.jpg  photo coachcoat-fall2015-beckermangirls-newyork_zps90925cee.jpg
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A video posted by Cailli & Sam Beckerman (@beckermanblog) on
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