Thursday, August 29, 2013

Samantha- Checkered + Sgt. Pepper

 photo IMG_7805d_zpsdfad0a7f.jpg  photo IMG_7893d_zps451e9e2a.jpg  photo IMG_7841_zpsaf4a3083.jpg  photo IMG_7758a_zps4ff09623.jpg  photo IMG_7885_zps81fd5591.jpg photo IMG_7791c_zpsa5d82987.jpg  photo IMG_7912_zps5767f98f.jpg  photo IMG_7836_zps2f2f55d3.jpg

Dress- Beckerman Spring 2008 checked dress that we made Hat- H&M Paris Collection
Hat from H&M store in Toronto Shoes- Maison Martin Margiela Tabi Cement boots from
Bag- Vintage crocodile bag (no label) from the Hamptons Flea Market in NY
Sunglasses- H&M flip sunnies from H&M store in Toronto
Scarf- Yves Saint Laurent star scarf from Yves Saint Laurent store in NY

The Look: Checkered + Sgt. Pepper

Fun Fact: I was flippin' these glasses up and down all day long! They remind me of Urkel and his awesome flip glasses! haha We made this linen dress five years ago and I'm still obsessed with it and how it moves!

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Our Favourite Shoes!

We have been dreaming of some Rock N'Roll shoes... Elvis approved! We are into cornflower blue boots, Space cowboy flats, studs up the Yin Yang, black patent and leopard!
   photo FAVshoesFINALforblog111_zps0fe3851f.jpg

1. Prada black studded loafers
2. Isabel Marant White Caleen Cowboy boot
3. Isabel Marant Black Clemence Studded heel
4. Chloe Blue Susanna Studded boots
5. Opening Ceremony blue Velutto boots
6. Opening Ceremony Metallic Brenda boots
7. 3.1 Phillip Lim Silver Quinn loafers
8. Stella McCartney black Patent Morgana loafer
9. Sigerson Morrison black pointed bootie
10. Schutz blue Croco heels
11. Charlotte Olympia Slipper Kitty
12. 30mm Skeleton Rain boots
13. Ivy Kirzhner Babylon Suede Sandals Pin It Now!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DIY Breakfast food Recipe's!

Throw down some fruit and make a food monster! LOL! We have been instagramming our DIY breakfast foods (@BECKERMANBLOG) and making breakfast really fun and challenging in the morning. We are not foodies in the slightest, and not gonna lie, we drink smoothies while making them so we don't get hungry. But trying to make these little creatures has been really inspiring and difficult when when need to go grocery food shopping. Check out our creations and DIY videos and pics make your own! As Miley says...We can't stop!" To see how we made Mickey Mouse in a video, check our Instagram because we had the Mickey Mouse Munchies and couldn't wait for breakfast...uh oh!


Mickey Mouse:
1 Waffle for face and mouth
2 Pieces of bread for ears Banana slices for eyes
2 Chocolate chips for eyeballs
1 Raspberry for mouth
Nutella to put on ears (And add maple syrup on top for delciousness!)
   photo photofixedtouploadmickey_zps11bdce47.jpg

Mouse Cheese Platter:
Cheese- Cut in triangle
Blueberries- add eyes and a nose
Ears- are smaller crackers
Cherry stem- for tail
And add bigger crackers around plate
   photo cheesephoto_zps6f463e5b.jpg

Fruit and Nutty Owl
1 Apple for wings and face and ears
6 Almonds for wings
1 Chocolate granola bar for tree bark and a bit for eyes
Banana slice for the moon
Cheese slice for nose and feet
 photo owlbreakfast_zpsbbf095cf.jpg

Teddy Bear Toast:
3 Pieces of toast
We used WOW Butter (Fake peanut butter) or you can use Peanut Butter on toast
Banana slices for eyes and nose
Blueberries for eyes and nose
 photo bears_zps6a45a2d4.jpg

Monster Food Face:
2 Bananas as eyebrows
2 Cherries as eyes
1 Waffle
2 Yogurts for eyes
Blueberries on top of waffle
H&M cell phone case for mouth
 photo monsterfoodface_zps0f58102b.jpg

Happy Pancake Face:
2 Pancakes with Powder on top
2 Raspberries as eyes
1 Blackberry for nose
Blueberries for mouth
Maple Syrup
 photo Pancakesmiley_zpsc00251df.jpg

Fish Food:
1 Piece of Bread for body (cut in a fish shape include fins and tail shape)
Slice strawberries for body (add cream cheese underneath)
Blueberries for eyes and bubbles
Lettuce for the ocean floor


Breakfast Butterfly:
1 Banana for body and face
3 Blackberries to make as stripes in the body. Use them to also make a smiley face on top of banana
1 Apple- Slice it in circular shapes for the body and use red skin to stripe the tail
2 Cherry stems- for the antennas

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Caillianne- Graffiti + Rock

 photo IMG_1374_zpsec632f01.jpg  photo IMG_1444_zpsb1c174c9.jpg  photo IMG_1434_zps0a6dc059.jpg  photo IMG_1470_zps7a49e803.jpg  photo IMG_1439_zps2616bc06.jpg

Jacket- Black suede Isabel Marant fringe jacket from Ebay
Shirt- Plaid H&M shirt from H&M in Toronto
Leggings- H&M leggings from H&M store in Toronto
Sunnies- Ray-Bans from Raybans
Bandana- Vintage red bandana around neck
Shoes- Sigerson Morrison Leila booties from Sigerson Morrison 
Bag- Proenza Schouler graffiti bag from The Room at the Bay

The Look: Graffiti + Rock

Fun Fact: Lovin' these graphic blue and black Leila booties from Sigerson Morrison! They are sooo mod-graphic-western and rock all mixed into one boot. Today was actually quite cool in Toronto so I busted them out... couldn't wait until Fall! Today is one of the first day's I'm out and about since getting my appendix out, so I still have to wear stretch pants since none of my pants fit yet! LOL!  Pin It Now!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Samantha- Pink Flowers

 photo IMG_1330_zps841a668f.jpg  photo IMG_1296_zps4d7b8070.jpg  photo IMG_1326_zps7c9c36d5.jpg  photo IMG_1298_zpsc1bbd839.jpg  photo IMG_1335_zps4ad6d074.jpg  photo IMG_1368_zps86568b2b.jpg

Dress- Horses Atelier black vintage flower sundress dress from
Jacket- Vintage kimono (no label) from Chelsea Flea Market in New York
Shoes- Sigerson Morrison Vesta black bootie gifted from
Sunnies- Vintage pink sunnies from (gift from Cailli)
Necklaces- Eddie Borgo rose gold jax necklace and rose gold Agent To Tokyo necklace (gift from Chloe)
Bag- Prada pink raffia bag from Holt Renfrew in Toronto

The Look: Kimono + Pink Flowers

Fun Fact: The coolest thing about vintage kimono's is that they are always in style! This one that I'm wearing is from the 1900's and is hand embroidered! It was a treasure that we found at the Chelsea Flea Market in New York over twelve years ago! Pin It Now!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Caillianne- Bats + Skate

 photo IMG_7688ab_edited-1ccd_zps2acede70.jpg  photo IMG_7359a_edited-1a_edited-1bb_edited-1ccddd_zpsb0f1e0ac.jpg  photo IMG_7677a_zps69028426.jpg  photo IMG_7597a_zps81eb50b5.jpg  photo IMG_7511a_zps32a0a4eb.jpg  photo IMG_7399a_zps6986b1e3.jpg

Sweater- Hayley Elsaesser bat sweater from
Hat- Hayley Elsaesser eyeball hat from
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban sunnies
Shorts- Plastic Alexander McQueen shorts from eBay
Neon shorts- Neon shorts from American Apparel in Toronto
Bag- Gold Proenza Schouler PS11 bag from The Room at The Bay in Toronto
Shoes- Hand painted Beavis and Butthead shoes

The Look: Bats + Skate

Fun Fact: We are in love with designer Hayley Elsaesser! She is a new up and coming super talented designer from Australia and her collection is totally obsessive. Her Spring 2013 collection is filled with ghost and spider sweaters, bug jeans, eyeball hats, skull tops and most importantly...tons of color!  We can't get enough!

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

H&M Osheaga Music Festival 2013 and DIY

H&M invited us to the Osheaga Music Festival that took place in Montreal and it was a blast! It was a three day fun filled adventure with amazing musicians, an H&M DIY tent and fashionista's getting their groove on everywhere! Cailli couldn't come last minute because she got her Appendix removed, but the whole H&M Canada team and I danced our pants off for three days and we sent her pics to cheer her up! LOL! There were major headliners like Mumford and Sons, Ellie Goulding, The Lumineers, Tegan and Sara, Icona Pop, Kendrick Lamar, The Cure, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. And Indie groups like dj's C2C from France (my new obsession), Lou Doillon (Jane Birkin's daughter and fashionista), Wild Belle, and Hyphen Hyphen (that was in H&M's commercial)

I had the BEST weekend dancing in the rain/mud, singing at the top of my lungs, running from concert to concert and hanging in the H&M DIY tent! It was the coolest tent around because they had DJ's playing music while everyone was coming in to craft and make their own DIY's! From studs, rhinestones, stencils, safety pins, gems, stamps and fabric paint...everyone was crafting up a storm and customizing their own clothes.

Cailli and I made four DIY inspiration pieces that hung in the DIY tent. It included two H&M sweatshirts and two H&M jean shorts. It was to give people an idea of what they could do with the materials. There was also a printer printing thousands of Polaroid's of everyone who hash tagged #HMosheaga on their Instagram and Twitter feed during the concert. It was a really cool memento and I ended up with 25 Poloroids!

Osheaga was the best music festival that I'd ever been too and I still can't stop thinking about all the FUN we had. But when Mumfords and Sons performed their finale, all of this white confetti exploded and fell out of the sky and fell over 20,000 people! It was magical! Check out the video below!
   photo photo4-6_zps121f3ee4.jpg photo photo1-19_zps323a76ca.jpg  photo IMG_1114_zps6efc0475.jpg  photo IMG_1257_zpse1b66c08.jpg  photo photo-49_zps610a1dcb.jpg  photo IMG_1236_zpsac049d99.jpg  photo IMG_1051_zps398aa590.jpg  photo IMG_1057_zps1ae519da.jpg  photo photo2-16_zps12ce5659.jpg  photo IMG_1260_zpsbf921796.jpg  photo IMG_1147_zps4b8ba7c7.jpg  photo IMG_1088_zpse5dbb3fa.jpg  photo IMG_1231_zps2f57a163.jpg  photo IMG_1191_zps98c548b2.jpg  photo IMG_0978_zps56707fa5.jpg  photo IMG_0962_zpsd691f668.jpg  photo IMG_1218_zpsf855b9a7.jpg  photo IMG_1215_zps0049aad2.jpg  photo photo2-20_zpsdf0052da.jpg  photo photo1-18_zps79ddfc09.jpg  photo IMG_1112_zpsd291cf2a.jpg  photo photo3-12_zpsa1353a97.jpg  photo photo-49_zps8a28fdd5.jpg  photo IMG_1030_zps6d11b4c4.jpg photo IMG_1247_zpsac28f1a0.jpg Pin It Now!