Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chloe- Flowers + Cotton Candy

Sweater- Topshop ombre cream/pink sweater from Topshop store in Toronto
Necklace- Skull necklace (no label) picked up from a street vendor in Mexico
Jeans- Flower Topshop jeans from Topshop store in Toronto
Bag- Prada pink faux fur bag bag from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Shoes- Pink Dr. Martens gifted from Dr. Martens

The Look: Flowers + Cotton Candy

Fun Fact: I picked up this skull necklace in Mexico and every time I wear it, people think it's a candy necklace!
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Monday, February 27, 2012

Samantha- Grey + Charlie Chaplin

Jacket- Grey reversible Balenciaga coat from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Pants- Zara grey jeans from Zara store in Toronto
Hat- Grey H&M bowler hat from H&M store in Toronto
Bag- Blue Balenciaga messenger bag from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Shoes- Giuseppe Zanotti shoes from Holt Renfrew in Toronto

The Look: Grey + Charlie Chaplin

Fun Fact: There's something about all grey looks that really make me happy...Stella McCartney created one of my fav' all grey looks in Fall 2010 and I still think it looks effortless and chic. We went to the car show on the weekend and had a blast walking around for 4 hours looking at all the new models. My fav' was the BMW concept car!
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Marni at H&M Preview!

We went to the Marni at H&M preview at the fabulous Trump Tower in Toronto and had a total blast looking at all the new exciting clothes and accessories coming out on March 8th! The collection is stunning and we love the tribal prints, polka dot pieces, chunky jewelry, sequined collars, and hats! We can't wait to get our hands on it!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Caillianne- Sporty + Leather

Jacket- Black Phi jacket from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Army jacket (under)- Simone khaki and black leather jacket from
Pants- Sandro pants from The Bay in Toronto
Sunglasses- Black Ray-Ban's gifted from Ray-Ban
Belt- Silver Balenciaga belt from Balenciaga store in NY
Bag- Silver Balenciaga bag from Balenciaga store in NY
Charm on bag- Prada flame charm from Prada store in NY
Socks- Purple Forever 21 socks from Forever 21 store in Toronto
Shoes- Balenciaga shoes from Holt Renfrew in Toronto

The Look: Sporty + Leather

Fun Fact: We have been into the whole military leather vibe sporty thang lately! It's all about the sporty pants and leather bits! Chloe just came into Toronto this weekend from L.A. and we both picked up these pants on sale! Normally we try not to buy the same things but in this case we made an exception ;) Pin It Now!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Samantha- 1970's + Knitwear

Knit Jacket- Vintage rainbow hand knit jacket by Norma from Rosebowl flea market in LA
Top (under jacket)- Versace for H&M sweater from H&M store in LA
Pants- Vintage Levi's from Showdown Vintage in Toronto
Socks- Tie dye Etsy socks from
Bag- Prada pink baby bag from
Shoes- Velvet Gucci pumps from Gucci store in NY

The Look: 1970's + Knitwear

Fun Fact: We collect vintage knit Norma jackets because they remind us of the jackets that our grandmother used to make for us when we were little. Whenever we find them at flea markets, we scoop them up right away because they are soooooo hard to find! Click here to see our white Norma jacket.
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chloe- Denim + Leopard

Shirt- Denim shirt by Diesel from Diesel store in Bal Harbour, Florida
Dress- Leopard D&G dress from
Sunglasses- Prada black cat eyed sunnies from Prada store in LA
Necklace- Juicy Couture necklace from Juicy Couture store in LA
Bag and charm- Louis Vuitton bag and charm from Louis Vuitton store in LA
Bracelet- Black beaded bracelet by Juicy Couture from Juicy Couture store in LA
Shoes- YSL denim heels from YSL store in NY

The Look: Denim + Leopard

Fun Fact: I didn't mean to cut all my hair off but surprisingly I love it! LOL!

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