Monday, June 30, 2014

Cailli- Superhero + Patches

 photo beckermanblog-dknypatchjeans-elabag-beckermanblog_zps099270f9.jpg  photo beckermanblog-toronto-cailli-scarf-mannermarket_zps3a8dab84.jpg  photo elabag-mannermarket-dknypatchjeans-pradacharm-beckermanblog-toronto_zps422f4a18.jpg photo dkny-patchjeans-beckermanblog-toronto-mannermarketscarf_zps0a4959a3.jpg  photo isabelmarant-mannermarket-dknypatchworkjeans_zpsdde2bad7.jpg  photo miumiunecklace-cameo-miumiu-cailli-beckermanblog-toronto_zps4dac5be9.jpg  photo dkny-patchworkjeans-caillibeckerman-toronto-beckermanblog_zpsa3a59e1a.jpg  photo mannermarket-dkny-beckermanblog-scarf-isabelmarnat_zps96df5c96.jpg

Scarf- Manner Market Northern Soul Patches Print Scarf
Jeans- DKNY Patch jeans
Tshirt- Ralph Lauren
Bag- Ela bag
Charm- Prada flame charm
Necklace- Miu miu cameo
Shoes- Isabel Marant studded heels

The Look: Superhero + Patches

Fun Fact: I can't get enough of patches! I loooove this Manner Market scarf! It's a large one, so I pinned the corners down, to make sleeves, and turned it in to a kimono. I paired it with my favorite DKNY patchwork jeans to be the patchwork Queen! lol!

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sam- Prints + Rock n' Roll

 photo commedesgarconsshoes-junyawatanabeshoes-sambeckerman-beckermansisters-prints-fashion-clothing-raybans-hm-torontonumberoneblo_zps11e7f5e7.jpg  photo narslipstick-gatrimon-blonde-chanelnecklace-beckermans-toronto_zpsb890eaca.jpg  photo chaneldallas-beckerman-chanelnecklace-bolo-western-gatrimontop-beckermans_zpsd0c1b5c3.jpg  photo sambeckerman-beckermanblog-sisters-twins-canada-bloggers-gatrimon-hm-dkny_zps7dd13acc.jpg  photo benedettabruzzichesbag-handbag-quiltedbag-toronto-canada-beckermanblog-style-beckermans_zps93135ee9.jpg  photo dknywatch-donnakaranwatch-dknytime-beckermanblog-sisters-streetstyle_zps9f1a8ba5.jpg  photo gatrimon-beckerman-sisters-beckermanblog-sambeckerman-hm-toronto-streetstyle_zpsea29dffc.jpg  photo junyawatanabeshoes-pythonshoes-commedesgarcons-streetstyle-beckermans_zpsa09b5822.jpg  photo sambeckerman-beckermanblog-blonde-toronto-canada-sambeckerman-graffiti-bruxas_zps1b69dc8e.jpg

Shirt- Gat Rimon 
Shorts- H&M
Shoes- Junya Watanabe
Bag- Benedetta Bruzziches from Shop Super Street
Sunnies- Ray-Ban
Watch- DKNY (black colour available here)
Necklace- Vintage Bolo and Chanel Dallas pin

The Look: Prints + Rock n' Roll

Fun Fact: It's been HOTTT in Toronto! We've been running around the city and the only way to stay cool is in a light t-shirts and drawstring shorts! I'm all about western pieces right now, the Chanel Dallas Sheriff star pin and western booties make everything a lil' YEEEHAW fabulous! And my Benedetta Bruzziches bag from Shop Super Street is totally on sale now!!! TOTAL SCORE and it has a built in mirror in the inside for putting on lipstick! The greatest thing about the graffiti wall behind me is that it's painted by two super talented and cool sisters Fiya and Shalak. The wall used to look like this a year ago, when Cailli blogged there in 2013 and then it got tagged by some ugly spray paint.  So, the sisters, re-did the Bruxas art and made them fierce and put "don't mess with us" faces on them. How INCREDIBLE!!! Nobody is going to mess with this wall!

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Cailli- Fringe + Totoro

 photo cailli-rodarte-totoro-beckermanblog-torontonumberoneblog_zps476caafe.jpg  photo beckermanblog-totoro-toronto_zps91a7ac87.jpg  photo poppylissiman-rodarte-adbd-beckermanblog_zpsc1114cee.jpg  photo totoro-rodarte-beckermanblog-toronto-_zpsb3474e7e.jpg  photo gazelles-toronto-beckermanblog-rodarte_zps2b34c586.jpg  photo adbd-beckermanblog-rodarte-toronto-cailli_zps86550c85.jpg  photo rodarte-totoro-toronto-blackleatherfringejacket-poppylissiman_zps5478d38e.jpg  photo rodarte-beckermanblog-toroto-numberoneblog_zps905111db.jpg  photo toronto-beckermanblog-totoro_zps15ec1d49.jpg

Leather Jacket- Rodarte
Tank Dress- ADBD mesh dress
Sunnies- Ray-Ban 
Bag- Poppy Lissiman WorShip Clutch
Hat- New Era (similar here)
Shoes- Adidas Gazelles (similar here)

The Look: Bad Bish + Totoro

Fun Fact: Rodarte makes the best leather jackets hands down! We are obsessed with the fringe, leather, lacing and the fit. It's motorcycle madness meets Game of Thrones! We can't get enough of these jackets and I wore it today with my old school gazelles to keep it sporty and because I'm a sucker for purple.. lol!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Our H&M Commercial- The Style Squad is coming tomorrow! TUNE IN!

We had the best time at The Much Music Video Awards as H&M's Correspondents on the Red Carpet! We talked to a lot of rock stars and celebs like Ed Sheeran, Fefe Dobson, Chloe Moretz, Jena Malone, Kellan Lutz, Sonreal, Kiesza, Kiernan Shipka and more. We were also decked head to toe in H&M and were red carpet ready! We had green room interviews with Ariana Grande and Imagine Dragons... and took selfies with Kendall and Kylie (it doesn't get better than that!) It was out of control fun and such an amazing experience because we were backstage the whole time getting the fashion scoop! We will be on The Style Squad this Thurdsay June 19th, at 7pm EST, with Liz Trinnear as we host the best looks on the red carpet and talk about the best trends for the summer.  Here is our H&M commercial below as well as pics we took from the Red Carpet and from filming the Style Squad segment! Stay Tuned!  photo beckermans-beckermanblog-jenners-kardashians-mmva_zpsad70820e.jpg  photo imaginedragons-beckermans-mmvas-toronto-hm-danreynolds_zps4dac9d6f.jpg  photo beckermanblog-mmva-kellanlutz-toronto-stylesquad_zps96e18696.jpg  photo edsheeran-beckermanblog-toronto-mmvas_zps3aee4afd.jpg  photo stylesquad-mmva-muchmusicvideoawards-ariangrande_zps7c0ff70d.jpg  photo hmstylesquad-mmva-beckermanblog-hm-toronto-redcarpet_zpse05dbcb3.jpg  photo stylesquad-beckermanblog-toronto-mmva-hm_zps1e0eaf4a.jpg  photo stylesquad-hm-hmcanada-beckermanblog-muchmusic_zpsf68cf994.jpg  photo beckermanblog-liztrinnear-stylesquad_zps4cf962aa.jpg  photo redcarpet-stylesquad-beckermanblog-toronto_zpsa4bdfd4e.jpg
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The MMVAs Aftershow is Coming!

The Much Music Video Awards are happening this Sunday June 15th!...Save your Screams! We are sooo excited to be back as H&M's fashion correspondents! We will be backstage while the MMVAs are happening and we will be catching the performers and presenters outfits as they run on and off the stage. It's going to be EPIC! We will be chatting all about the red carpet, those amazing stylish and crazy moments! Our show will be airing on the MMVA Style Squad, June 19th on Much.  Here are a few of our looks below all decked in H&M!

 photo sambeckerman-blogpost3_zpseb8dd6ed.jpg  photo sambeckerman-blogpost1_zps57d40d76.jpg  photo sambeckerman-blogpost2_zps788b1d1a.jpg  photo cailliblogpost3_zps2ee0c944.jpg  photo cailliblogpost2_zps24429212.jpg  photo cailliblogpost1_zps923d11ae.jpg Pin It Now!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Etsy Collaboration

Etsy is one of our favorite shops! We buy a lot of our crafts and vintage clothes from here including: vintage Furby bags, vintage patches, leather hand painted jackets, crochet spike head piece, and hand knit monster bags! We are obsessed! The list goes on and on. We are on it everyday favoriting things and liking new stores. We found amazing treasures like a cabbage patch doll in an astronaut suit and a embroidered dog bow tie! It's such a special site because it is inspiring and everything is one of a kind. We love meeting new artists through Etsy and connecting through Art, crafts and clothes. Check out our pics below from the shoot and check out their blog here!

 photo Etsy-beckermanblog-etsycanada-etsycampaign1_zpse8303aca.jpg  photo etsyclothes-etsycanada-etsy-beckermanblog-toronto-pizzabag_zps6d8b98fb.jpg
 photo Etsy-beckermanblog-beckermandog-etsycanada-etsycampaign-toronto_zpsb31729a7.jpg

Cailli is wearing: a vintage watermelon jacket and dinosaur earring, donut ring, clutch from Etsy.
Sam is wearing: An Oreo necklace, Oreo ring and burger earrings, rope bracelets, spike ring, pizza pillow clutch, vintage leather jacket, and bracelets from Etsy.
Cubby and Marni's accessories are from Etsy

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

We are Flare Magazine's new Columnists!

We have exciting news...we are FLARE Magazine's new columnists and have a monthly page! Our first Flare Mag column will up on today! We are rockin' Adam Selman inspired by our baddie boo, Rihanna for the July Music Issue! Check out the video below!

 photo diyscarf-diy-beckermantwins-blondes-beckermans-sambeckerman-caillibeckerman-flaremagazine.jpg  photo Beckermangirls-AdamSelman-Rihannastylist-designer-fashioncolumnist-toronto-canadamagazine.jpg  photo FLAREMAG-Beckermans-Beckermanblog-beckermantwins-toronto-bloggers-blog.jpg  photo flaremagazine-flarecanada-flarefashion-beckermans-twins-adamselman-bunnyhat-julyissue-rihanna-badgalriri-riri-adamselman-melottenberg-fl.jpg Pin It Now!