Thursday, October 27, 2016

Kenzo Collaboration

Kenzo! Kenzo! Kenzo!! We are sooo obsessed and in love with Kenzo's Fall 2016 Collection. The plush tiger shearling coats and Japanese School girl vibe gave us Jungle Fever of a thousand degrees celsius and counting! And that means...Hot Hot Hot! Carol Lim and Humberto Leon designed a ferocious Sailor Moon inspired collection with jumpsuits, bombers, tiger prints and florals and infused it with big shoulders and girly ruffle blouses. We can't get enough of the leather skirts with the giant toggles on everything! Especially the proportions of the skirts. Our three favourite coats this season are the oversized Duffle Coat, the Tiger Designer Bomber, and the tiger shearling! We love wearing funky coats in the winter because lets face it... thats all anybody ever sees! These are the most beautiful fabrics and we also love the 90's wedge shoes and kitten heel leather boots. Check out the rest of the collection online here!
   photo 8-beckermanblog-sisters-twins-kenzo_zpshhykasue.jpg photo 1-beckermans x kenzo_zpsfpjn16np.jpg  photo 2- beckermanblog- sisters-kenzo_zpsg0yuthpv.jpg  photo 4-kenzo-beckerman-twins-beckermanblog_zpstf5d0nbx.jpg  photo 6-beckermanblog-sisters-twins-kenzo_zpssyshxona.jpg  photo 5-kenzo-beckermanblog-tiger-patent_zpsreedqzpl.jpg  photo 3- kenzo-tiger-beckermangirls_zpsblzrwe3e.jpg  photo 9-kenzo-beckermans-beckermanblog-tiger_zpsuekh5hlw.jpg  photo 7-beckermangirls-sisters-twins-beckermanblog_zpsvhm3vjor.jpg Pin It Now!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Karl Lagerfeld Ambassadors of Canada

We're KARL's Girls! Our favourite Karlism is "I'M VERY MUCH DOWN TO EARTH, JUST NOT ON THIS EARTH."- KARL LAGERFELD We are obsessed with everything he makes from leather Karl leather jackets, travel patches on bags, faux fur handbags, Choupette hangtags and knitted hats. There is a real vibe of world traveller combined with bad girl chic, a Parisian attitude and lots of Choupette quirkiness! MEOW! During Paris fashion week, we saw the new classic bag of his KARL signature in script placed along the front flaps of bags. Our favourite pieces that we cannot live without are his studded leather jackets and fingerless leather gloves. We wear them all year and the gloves are the best for texting and emailing. We are honoured to be the Karl Lagerfeld Ambassadors of Canada and excited to be part of the Lagerfeld family:) #TeamKarl 

 photo karllagerfeld-sambeckerman-caillibeckerman-beckermangirls-toronto-canada_zpsjwfl6xkk.jpg  photo teamkarl-beckermanblog-sisters-karl-lagerfeld-fashionbloggers_zps8bayzjch.jpg  photo beckermans-karl-lagerfeld-leatherjacket-canada-fashion_zps7z6gx6kq.jpg  photo karlfauxfurjacket-karllagerfeldambassadors-canada-teamkarl-beckermans_zpszzxkfenx.jpg  photo karlbag-sisters-karllagerfeld-teamkarl-ambassadors_zpseqm5atmf.jpg Pin It Now!