Thursday, April 30, 2009

Caillianne- April 30, 2009

Dress- Beckerman dress from Spring 06 with vintage feather pin
Jacket- Vintage YSL got it from Housing works
Sunglasses- Vintage from 74th and Columbus Flea Market
Shoes- Converse from David Z in NYC
Dog- Cubby Pomeranian.. CUTE!

The Look: Runaway Bride + Miss Piggy

Fun Fact: I just watched the movie Runaway Bride with Julia Roberts and thought it would be fun to be an 80's Runaway Bride and I wore my favourite color PINK! Pin It Now!

Chloe- April 30, 2009

Dress- Vintage Victor Costa from Edith Machinist in NYC
Black tights
Shoes- Prada satin shoes from Mom
Earrings- Pearl earrings from a vendor on the street in NYC

The Look: Edie Sedgwick + Piano Recital

Fun Fact: I am wearing this dress backwards because it's more fun! There are sequins in the back! Pin It Now!

Samantha- April 30, 2009

Jacket- Vintage Montana from my Mom
Camisole- Moschino Couture from Giorgio Femme in Toronto
Pants- Harem Pants,Comme des Garcons for H&M
Boots- Vintage Gold Cowboy boots
Charm- Louis Vuitton Key Fob
Dog- Cubby Peter Denzel Beckerman (Pomeranian Extraordinaire)

The Look: Architect + Genie in a Bottle

Fun Fact: These are another pair of cowboy boots we spray painted Gold. We were kinda in a metallic cowboy boot phase! hahha! Pin It Now!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Samantha- April 29, 2009

Knitted Jacket- Vintage YSL from Chelsea Flea Market in NYC
Camisole- Beckerman Spring '06 silk charmeuse camisole
Crinolin- Katy K New York from F/X store in Toronto
Knee Socks- from H+M
Boots- Browns shoe store in Toronto
Necklace- Gold beads from Venice Beach in Italy
Belt- Gucci belt
Earrings- Paloma Picasso "X" earings from Tiffany's
Headband- Prada Turban headband from Spring'07 Collection
Bag- Prada Venice Spring '04 Collection

The Look: The Irish Jig + Dutch Girl

Fun Fact: I did an Art course in Italy when I was sixteen years old. We went to Venice for the weekend and we made sandcastles and a sand mermaid on the beach when I bought this necklace from a necklace vendor. Pin It Now!

Caillianne- April 29, 2009

Dress- Vintage Cow Dress from Marmalade Vintage in NYC
Bolero- Vintage Bolero Misselli Originals from store Stella Luna store in Toronto
Black thigh highs- Marc Jacobs (worn under dress)from Marc Jacobs store in NYC
Shoes- Bess Boots from Bess NYC
Hat- Dollerama Store
Bag- Samantha made it..YAY!

The Look: Cow + Skateboarder

Fun Fact: This dress makes a lot of people happy! Everytime I wear it, someone shouts out from their car at me, while driving, that they love it! Pin It Now!

Chloe- April 29, 2009

Jacket- Vintage (No label) from the Chelsea Flea Market, NY
Dress- Vintage Stefano Dice Sweater from a Vintage Store in Australia
Black tights- Hard Tail Leggings from M.Fredericks in LA
Boots- L'Autre Chose from Otto Tootsie Plohound, NYC

The Look: Las Vegas + Navajo

Fun Fact: We're standing in front of Japanese Forest Grass - scientifically known as Hakonechloa macra! Pin It Now!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chloe- April 28, 2009

Jumpsuit- Seersucker Jumpsuit Beckerman SS'09
Shirt- Vintage Hawaain Shirt Nygard Collection
Necklace- Made of tiny dyed seashells, from Chelsea Flea Market NYC
Shoes- Vintage Walter Steiger
Bag- Andrea Brueckner Large Coral Market Tote
Teddy Bear Charm- Salvatore Ferragamo
Sunglasses- Retro Super Future
Ring- Lalique

The Look: Florida 1960's Tourist + Caribbean Motel

Fun Fact: Andrea Brueckner is one of our best friends and we love wearing her bags! this bag is one of my favourites! Pin It Now!

Samantha- April 28, 2009

Dress- Vintage Brodkin from vintage store, Edith Machinist in NYC
Shirt underneath- Jean Paul Gaultier
Belt- Miu Miu borrowed from Mom
Boots- Vintage Silver Cowboy boots from store Marmalade vintage in NYC
Bag- Andrea Brueckner Medium Black Saddle Bag

The Look: "Felicity Shagwell" from Austin Powers + School Girl

Fun Fact: We spray painted these cowboy boots silver and love them! Pin It Now!

Caillianne- April 28, 2009

Dress- Beckerman Tie Dye Dress
Bracelets- Vintage Bug Bracelet from Chelsea Flea Market and from This and That Vintage in Chelsea
Necklace- Vintage heart lockets I put onto a necklace
Shoes- YSL
Bag- Vintage crochet bag from Chelsea Flea Market
Hair pieces- Vintage Shell clips from F.I.T. Flea Market and Vintage pearl hair clips a gift from Samantha!

The Look: Woodstock + Ariel from the Little Mermaid

Fun Fact: This Beckerman dress was one of our first samples for a dress we were trying out for Spring 09 and we sampled it in our Tye Die fabric from Spring 08 to see if it would work.. and we loved the sample! Pin It Now!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Caillianne- April 27, 2009

Jacket- Vintage Yellow (no label) jacket from Toronto
Shirt- Vintage Ishyu floral shirt from Toronto
Jeans- Yellow H&M denim jeans from NYC
Shoes- Vintage Allure shoes from Marmalade Vintage store in NYC
Rings- Vintage from Grandmother
Bag- From Browns in Toronto
Pin- Vintage Cherry Pin from Mom
Belt-Woven Belt from Chicos in Florida (got it when I was 10 years old!)

The Look: Chiquita Banana + Starburst Candy

Fun Fact: These shoes are indestructible! I always wear these when I'm going to a dive bar because it doesn't matter if people step on them or spill drinks. Our Pomeranian Marni even chewed on them as a puppy! Its always fab to find a pair of vintage shoes that can hold up! Pin It Now!

Chloe- April 27, 2009

Dress- Vintage HuaDi Denim dress
Shirt around waist-Diesel Denim Gallery from Bal Harbour in Miami
Black tights
Shoes- YSL
Bag- Vintage Carlos Falchi from New York Vintage in NYC

The Look: Levi's + Denim quilt

Fun Fact: In the Elle Magazine this month (May 2009) with Drew Barrymore on the cover they did this amazing denim fashion spread! It was Denim everything and I got inspired to break out my Denim dress, shirt and shoes! Pin It Now!

Samantha- April 27, 2009

Dress- Vintage dress (no label) from Toronto
Bag- Crocodile bag from Hell's Kitchen Flea Market (no label) in NYC
Tights- Knit tights from Etsy
Necklace- Gift from Grandmother, she got it in Israel in the 1970's
Shoes- Prada sandals from 1995
Rings- From Grandmother

The Look: Python + 1970's

Fun Fact: These tights are handmade and add a lot of fabulous texture and interest to any outfit! You never have to worry about getting a run in these tights! Pin It Now!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Samantha- April 24, 2009

Jacket- Vintage DKNY from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Dress- Beckerman Spring 09 dress
Black tights
Boots- Bess Boots from Bess shop in NYC
Bag- Gucci bag from Mom
Charm on Bag- Knitwear key charm made Chloe
Necklace- Leather and stud tassel necklace made by me

The Look: Jury Duty + Rock n' Roll

Fun Fact: We designed this Du Wop rock n' roll textile on the dress for our Beckerman Spring 09 collection! It's with flowers and music notes so that it looks like the fabric is singing! Pin It Now!