Friday, August 27, 2010

Caillianne- Buddha + Nomad

Dress- Linen dress by Donna Karan for Urban Zen from Urban Zen Store in the Hamptons, NY
Hat- Eugenia Kim straw hat from Lohemann's store in LA
Bag- Ralph Lauren bag from Ralph Lauren store in the Hamptons, NY
Sandals- Gucci gladiator sandals from Gucci store in NY

The Look: Buddha + Nomad

Fun Fact: We met Donna two days ago at the Holt Renfrew department store in Toronto!!! She is so down to earth, sweet and an amazing designer. She came to Toronto for her Donna Karan Collection Fall 2010 fashion show. The fashion show was based around "Romantic Modernity" and all the models wore thick patent leather headbands across their foreheads. The dresses were all black, draped and long and there was a bright purple coat that we loved! Donna also talked about her organization called Urban Zen which she is launching in Canada. Urban Zen is an unbelievable organization and store that helps with empowering children, well being and preserving cultures. We got this dress from her Urban Zen store in the Hamptons and love how organic it is, as well as all of the frayed seams! It's so hippy chic!
PS. My nail color is by OPI and called "No Room for the Blues" and it's Smurfette Approved! Pin It Now!


Stephanie said...

I love your nail polish! What a fun color. Plus, the description for the look is pretty hilarious, but that dress looks fun to play with!

Jenna Hughes said...

i love the pink hair! and lipstick :)

Anonymous said...

That dress is insane! Love the whole look! :)


Peta Rudd said...

You girls are so gorgeous & so creative. Love your style & most importantly, you always look like you're having so much fun together.

Heather Cavanaugh said...

OOOO i looovveee your dress!!!

| l e n e r d | said...

perfect look
and so great you met Donna
both you girls looked amazing as always
lots of love!

original seed said...

your blog is fucking ill
love the dip dye hair
sistaz you got it going on

Sylvia Etc... said...

love your look Cailliane, always fresh and beyond!
the group picture with Donna Karan is so cute, by the way your Mum is gorgeous!
Have a good day!

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

love the pink ends!

Lexie V. said...

Yes, the jacket is from topshop! I think I will post better pictures soon, guess it won't take long for me to wear it haha:) I loveeeeeeeee your hair, look very cool!

lianne said...

thanks for your comment! omg, love the nailpolish haha!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your hair, is amazing. I discover you blog days ago, its such a source of inspiration, you girls are different, and that's what fashion world needs! :)



alright i need that dress right now. i dont know why im so obsessed with linen lately.

Anonymous said...

girl can u get any more rocking!??! I LOVE this look and ur hair. omg. love it. Are you guys coming to NYFW???

xo, Kim

anna t. said...

GORGEOUS HAIR!!! if i could pull off the blond hair-dipped-in-pink look, i'd be SO happy. i'll just admire from afar.

happy wknd!


anna t.

Anonymous said...

You've met Donna Karan!? Now I'm extremely jealous. I cannot believe she was at Holts in Toronto and I spend a lot of time downtown since I'm currently in school there! Ahhh!

Btw, your over-sized hippie dress is amazing.

You've heard this all before, but keep up the great blogging ladies.


Siru said...

So amazing you met her!

juliet xxx

thehautepursuit said...

hey girl! AHHHH ur fucking awesome! I love your hair. It's brilliant. Ab-so-effing-lutely brilliant :) I wish I had the balls to bleach my ends and do that...I have a feeling my hair dresser would kill me though ahahah

your outfit at holts is really great. I love the little bag-belt you're rocking.

thx for stopping by earlier and taking the time to comment!!!


pancakestacker said...

How awesome and lucky that you met Donna! I also love that dress you are sporting! Hope you have a happy Friday! :)

The Village Idiot said...

love the ombre hair and the gauzy-ness to that dress- stunning

Bohemian said...

Wow your hair s amazing! Love the hat too!

Style Stars said...

i cant believe you met donna karan!!! so crazy and exciting. also love your hair + nails :)


Anonymous said...

amaizing hair:)

NATALIA. said...

That nail polish is fantastic! + smiles totally suit you girls! You look great!

Rachele said...

I love your flowy and gorgeous! I can't believe you got to meet Donna! how fun! :D


the Citizen Rosebud said...

How cool is that? Donna Karan rocks!

fashion clocked said...

Awesome- that is the kind of dress i could actually live in! Always love the posts ladies and can honestly say while im away on holiday i will miss it! Positive- awsome catch up on my return ( mid september!)Katie.xxxx
fashion clocked

Collette Osuna said...

How exciting meeting Donna...good for you look fabulous!

Kookie B. said...

that purple dyed hair is so ridic...i love it!

do drop by my blog when you have the time! :)

Olivia RPS said...

i love your nail polish :)
you look amazing!
Olivia x


everyone looking nice ;)

fledgling said...

i cannot get enough of your pink hair!

love it.

def. following you 3 on bloglovin'

maxwell conrad

alice said...

the dress is GORGEOUS i especially like that you put the preppy proper hat with it. :)

alice / HOT WINTER

peggy said...