Monday, December 13, 2010

Samantha- Elf + Handyman

Jacket- Vintage Vanson leather jacket from Value Village in Toronto
Pants- Vintage Ice Cube painter pants from Israel kibbutz volunteer clothing bin
Plaid shirt (underneath)- Vintage plaid shirt (no label) from Hells Kitchen Flea Market
Belt- Vintage Army belt (no label) from Hells Kitchen Flea Market in NYC
Hat- Vintage knitted hat (no label) from 69 Vintage Store in Toronto
Shoes- Ralph Lauren oxfords from Holt Renfrew in Toronto

The Look: Elf + Handyman

Fun Fact: This vintage military belt is from WWII and the vendor at the Hells Kitchen flea market told us that the canvas pouch in the front probably held bullets. Lately, I've been really into menswear and military and love the feeling of the Rag and Bone Fall 2010 Collection. Click here to see it. Pin It Now!


Unknown said...

Hey Beckerman Girls! So in love w your Blog!

Fantastic to meet you at Kellys Holiday Party!

Keep in touch!


jemina said...



Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Ga! The hat and belt are both incredibly gorgeous paired with your scrumptious jacket and shirt!!! Brilliant look!!!

magdamagda said...

such a cool Elf!:)this look makes me dream of trips through the forest!


coco kailee said...

That leather jacket is the bomb-dot-com and I LOVE the shoes! The hat is quite adorable on you too, Samantha! I'm definitely in the Christmas spirit now <3

xoxo coco

Lightning Heart said...

hahah what a great outfit!

Fashion Gossip said...

Red leather jacket is so cool! Like! m.

fashion clocked said...

brilliant- love the red leather so hot and the elf stripey hat is awesome so much fun. I love army jackets, bags and belts so cool... and the rag and bone collection swooooooon time! How amazing is Callianne in the purple and yellow knit below- love the colours- so so striking and the robot bag always so inspiring!!Kisses you beauties.Katie.xx

fashion clocked

WulfW said...

It's not the best wording to say that the pouch carried bullets, though I suppose it's not incorrect, strictly speaking. The pouch carried a single "clip," almost certainly for an M1 Garand rifle, the standard rifle US troops used in WWII. (It was also used by US troops in the Korean conflict, too.) An M1 clip held 4 cartridges. All firearms ammunition is cartridges of one type or another. Each cartridge is a metal casing--filled with gun powder--that also holds a bullet. The bullet is actually only the metal bit shot out of the gun barrel and causes the damage--i.e., the nasty bit.

To refer to the entire cartridge as the bullet is, technically, incorrect.

Just tell admirers that the pouch held "rifle ammo," or more specifically "an M1 clip," and you'll be golden. :)

Katherine said...

Haha i love it! Elf chic

HeebieJeebieJaya said...

Most adorable elf EVER! Love the menswear look to it.

The Red Moon said...

Love our red leather jacket!!

and flowers pick themselves said...


xo Alison

thehautepursuit said...

hi beautiful girl. I think this post could have also been called Canadiana or Haute lumberjack. hahaha it just seems very canadian to me!

That jacket reminds of this red moto Balenciaga jkt i desperately want from HR. but it's like too big...and the only one left in Canada. SIGH!!!

Farm Girl Fashionista said...

Adorable!! I have painter's pants...covered in paint...never thought to wear them for anything more?! Fabulous!!


Love the belt and love even more that it has a story! xo

mispapelicos said...

I missed your post while I was visiting my daughter.
Love those brogues, your red jacket and your military spirit.

tinyjunco said...

hullo Ms. Socks! fancy meeting you here... (hee hee!)

i love the coral-y orange with beige, khaki, olive drab - ah! it's an especially great look on blondes - brings out all those sunny, warm tones.

although one would think an elf would be too busy this time of year to post for a fashion blog...... ; )