Monday, January 3, 2011

Happppppy New Year!!! 2011!!!

We had the most amazzzzing New Years bash!!! Chloe and Justin flew in from L.A to come celebrate with us in Toronto. Boy, did we miss them!! We kicked off New Years by having a yummy vegetarian dinner at our parents house! We had Tofu scramble wraps and chocolate cake for dessert! Our most favourite food ever! (Thank goodness for leftovers!) Then we threw on our H&M for Lanvin Dresses...(OMG!) We have been saving them to wear for New Years and it was difficult not to cheat and wear them earlier! Haha! And Sam threw on her red rose Garden collection dress from H&M and we headed over to Danielle's place for champagne and a pre-mini dance party before heading to our final destination Casa Loma (Canada's castle). Casa Loma is kind of insane! It's an old HUGE castle built in 1911 with secret passage ways. We felt like princesses dancing in a grande library to hip hop all night!!!! We hope you all had a fantastic New Years and danced your way into 2011!!!

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Kim said...

You ladies look awesome! Love the outfits, love the pictures :) looks like you had a fab night!

Twins said...

You all look gorgeous!! And it seems you had a great time together!! I like the headband, your shoes and of course!! All the colors!!!!!!
Happy new year to all of you xx

Unknown said...

LOOOVE your rings!!!
Happy new year!

mispapelicos said...

What a fantastic post. I felt i was amongst you all partying... Love you all, but I have fallen for the flowery dress and sandals.
The animal rings are out of this world, ahhhhhhhhh
Happy 2011 my dear, dear friends.

jemina said...

Oh WOW!!! you guys are THE BEST!!! LOVE the cute rings, seriously I can imagine any party will be LOTSA FUN with all of you :)

Happy New Year dearest

Wishing you Love, Joy & Peace :)


Unknown said...

You all look amazing and like you had loads of fun. I adore your dresses- especially the yellow one.


Meg said...

Your outfits are so perfect and the rings are so cute! It definitely looks like you had an amazing time!! Happy New Year Ladies :)

ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

LOVE these outfits girl, so bright & colorful :) Lovely post!

XoXO-Kelli K

Nikki said...

Holy cow! Looks like a super fun party and you all look amazing!

Happy New Year girls! All the best for 2011.



Katherine said...

I'm in love with all the lanvin for H&M dresses, but those rings are really what caught my eye-- spectacular!

Unknown said...

Oh my, you girls look so cool no matter what you do! Your rings are gorgeous, and your dresses and everything! Happy new years darlings!

Love iben

Keira Lennox said...

Can you guys adopt me? I want to be a Beckerman sister. You all look gorgeous -- great way to ring in a new year :)

Anonymous said...

You girls look amazing! I love the yellow so much and those rings are so cute.
Love the blog too

Modna Komoda said...

I'm dead now. THOSE RINGS! THOSE DRESSES! You are stunning.

Really, really.

Modna Komoda said...

Hey, I'm looking right know at the rest of your sets and I think I love you :D! I'm adding you to my blog list. Whoa!

ediot said...

you girls look great . love the dresses. i have that same yellow lanvin&h&m number.
hope you're having a great beginning of 2011


this free bird said...

Girls you know you ripped it GOOD! I love the bright outfits...espesh the RINGS!!

Happy New Year!

Rianna said...

Brilliant pics, you all have amazing hair!!
Rianna xxxx

A La Mode said...

These pictures are so cute, I adore your matching rings!

Happy New Year! XX

maDame said...

oh gosh..i really like the fancy rings.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

You guys are waaaaaaay too amazing! I remember when I first found you guys when you did your first collection! I was amazed then, and I am amazed now!!!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

Sara said...

I love all your dresses! Great photos. :)