Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Best Friends Day!

Today is National Best friends day!!! And we are wearing our BFF bracelets that supports the American Freedom Foundation which directly supports our troops and their families! So we are wearing our Best friend bracelets because it is the ultimate friendship bracelet. What's really cool about these bracelets is that when you buy a camouflage colored bracelet online, (CLICK HERE) it is registered with a specific engraved number and sent to the armed forces connecting you with your new “BFF." It shows them how much we appreciate what they are doing, and how we support all the men and women around the world who are fighting for our country. Once they are sent their identical engraved bracelet, you can unite on the online community. For more information about this great cause and how to get your BFF friendship bracelet, please click here!

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Erin said...

First of all, that is soo awesome for representing such a great cause!

Second, I am loving each of your outfits for VERY different reasons. I absolutely adore that dress, and the hightops are very cool.

And third, can I just say, I am in love with your dogs! Such sweethearts!

Yall rock!


Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

What a great sentiment! What an amazing opportunity to connect with the heroes that are serving our country!! Like your grade school pen pal but soooo much cooler dude. Thx for the tip ladies...happy BFF day to you and those adorable furries!! They need bracelets too no?\(^ . ^)/

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

K A T H L E E N said...

those bracelets not only go great w/your outfits but is for such a great cause!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

see you girls make the world more beautiful! What a amazing day to celebrate. I cannot stop staring at the photo because it is so so beautiful, you can feel the warm vibe. So amazing with the balloons and your two little friends! And above all you girls look amazing too, so fun and colorful. I know my BBF from the day I was born and I grew up next to her! I cannot imagine my life without her

Hang T. Tran said...

Hello girls, I am so happy to discover your blog. I browse it every hour until I read all your entries :))
(((((Big hugs from Bangkok))))

Hang (my name:))

mispapelicos said...

You are so lovely, and so close to my heart.
Besos always.

mirjam schuurkamp said...

wwwwwwwwwwoooow what an absolutely adorable AND ALSO BEAUTIFULL DOG!

oke.. i calm down
you 2 look adorable!
beautifull girls.
beautifull styles
DO i need to say more?



ediot said...

you look so cute. nice photos, it looks like you're having great fun

Ashley said...

please say where ur shorts are from. i have been looking for shorts just like those

Andrea said...

love your bracelets :)

| l e n e r d | said...

gosh! is there anything more sweet than this?

you both are the queens
and those doggies are a dream!
love love everything
i wish i own my bff bracelet! to match with you

CupcakesOMG! said...

pret-tay cool y'all. way to rock a good cause with a fierce look.

jocelyn said...

Bravo! Your post exemplifies your big hearts and beautiful well as the total cuteness of your adorable furry kids. Love the bracelets and the cause! Love you!

Mrs. C said...

Too cute and what a great cause!! Could the pup be any cuter!! Ok fashion ladies...what do you think of this new lace top I got?
Recipes Fashion Marriage

Sarah Landisman said...

cute outfits, cute bracelets, and CUTE DOG. Love these pictures!

Thanks for letting us know about this great cause! xo

joelle van dyne said...

wow, i like those bracelets just for looks, but knowing what is behind them makes them 100x better.

this post has so many great things in it- sisters, doggy siblings, balloons, and fun outfits. love it.

Lydia Armstrong said...

You guys are too cute. Thanks for the info, calling my bff now!

Mary @ stylefyles said...

WHAT?!!! I didn't know there was a national best friends day! I will have to tell my BFF I heart her, stat!

out of order said...

you ladies look so fab and fun, and I love your pups!



Just stumbled on your blog AND EEEEK THIS IS THE CUTEST POST. EVER. I adore it! You two are far too cute. What beauties!

Check out mine? :)

Akiko said...

Cute photos! especially the first one. Great and pretty way to support too :)

Denim and Chanel said...

Gosh, how cute is your little baby !!! I have a Pomeranian X Corgi and he's super cute....

Love your bff bracelets too


come and visit mine and follow me too ???

AJ TAYLOR said...

great cause. And you ladies look crazy cute. i love it

Ellie said...

These photographs are so great! You both look so adorable. These photos are just perfect. So glad I found your blog!
Have a great day

Xoxo ☺ said...

How awesome is this can't wait to check those out! and the pups are so cute! Xo

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