Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Caillianne- Circus + Prep

Sweater- Red Zara sweater from Zara store in Toronto
Blouse (worn underneath)- Freda white blouse from The Bay in Toronto
Pin- Vintage Anca pin from the Chelsea Flea Market in NY
Hat- Vintage straw hat (no label) from The Brimfield Antique show in Boston, MA
Sunglasses- Vintage (no label) sunnies from Showdown Vintage in Toronto
Pants- Vintage Dove pants from a store in Kensington in Toronto
Shoes- Tretorn Nylites gifted from Tretorn
Bag- Red Balenciaga bag from Holt Renfrew in Toronto

The Look: Circus + Prep

Fun Fact: I was really excited when Tretorn sent us these Nylites because my grandmother used to have a pair. They are considered the first luxury sports shoe and were designed in 1967. I remember her wearing them! We used to watch her play tennis and then she would come and sit beside me and check on my knitting and see if I dropped any stitches. Check out the Nylite Prjoect here! Also, how crazy cute is my pin! We started collecting vintage Anca pins but they are really hard to find. She was an artist in the 80's and put together pins made of vintage Bakelite and vintage poker chips and turned them into little creatures. Pin It Now!


April said...

those pants are crazy amazing

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

oh yeah, this is a look i totally wear myself! huge huge fan of the jeans, reminds me of my MBMJ jeans! fabulous combination with the smashing big oversized amazing knit sweater! the hat is like perfect! best shape ever and so original and fresh! and yes, you are the only girls who know how to wear a balenciaga bag, not a huge fan of the bags, but i always love them on you

Rockygirl said...

So funny outfit ! I love it !!!
And red always suits you.

BuyRiftAccount said...

It looks hilarious but cute. Next time, try wearing a colorful top as well. :)

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crazy and great, as usual!

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blue roses said...

so into the little man pin, he is definitely adorable. i have never heard of anca before, and would love to check her out! (i LOVE my bakelite)

those luxury sports shoes are also great, i pretty much only wear sneakers to the gym, but would love a pair of kicks for fun.

CC said...


mispapelicos said...

I love everything you are wearing Caillianne.
So inspiring and adorable.

Off the Cuff said...

Oh.Em.Gee - TRETORNS!! I used to wear them! I have to get a pair! And, I used to do the pin! You look awesome!

Ly said...

This is such a crazy post but I love it!! I could never pull it off haha


Andrea said...

i love the pants!

Jess said...

You are outrageous and I love it!! I am a very self conscious and at times devastatingly insecure person, so I shy away from putting on what makes me feel good in fear of attracting attention. You are inspiring me to really get over that. xo


AquĆ­ said...

awesome pants! I love the print and the color combo is perfect!

Isabel, Wake up & smell the azahar said...

I can decide what I like more, the pin or the pants' patern.

K A T H L E E N said...

those are some pretty awesome pants!

issatchieu said...

This look is beyond words!!!!! AWESOMELY PUT TOGETHER!!!!
You girls are looking FABULOUSSSSSSS