Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chloe- Beach + Sailor

Jumpsuit- Sandro jumpsuit from The Bay in Toronto
Sweater- Wave knit Beckerman cardigan
Wrap around neck- Red BONTON scarf from Advice from a Caterpillar in Toronto
Hat- Straw hat from Brimfield in Boston MA
Sunglasses- Ray-ban light rays gifted from Ray-Bans
Bag- H&M tote from H&M store in LA
Shoes- Louis Vuitton sandals from Louis Vuitton store in Toronto

The Look: Beach + Sailor

Fun Fact: I was just in Mexico for some major relaxation of beach, sun and sand! This is one of my favourite cardigans because we made it! It was also featured in a Fibre One commercial! haha!

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mxvhelle said...

Love these pictures!
Great look

Twins said...

Super cool outfit and so great to see sunny summer look like this when it is cold and the winter here!! :-)
I hope you had fun?!

Love from Monaco xx


lovely pics!


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

what a beach look and oh the ocean, the colors, the blue sky! love the fact that your outfit is cute but not too cute! girly but not too girly! huge fan of the cardigan! and oh my that bag! perfect

Unknown said...

gorgeous outfit, that cardigan is super cute!

Luna S said...

gorgeous location! love the romper and cardigan x


blue roses said...

please take me away to that beach; so beautiful! love the cardigan and romper!

Vicky Fernández said...

Spring has arrived to your lifes! I envy you!


mispapelicos said...

My beautiful Chloe so ready to sail in your wonderful ensemble.
Loving the pics, and you always.

natalia said...

so cute! i love it!
and the background is lovely, too!

Anonymous said...

Really like the outfit! The jumper is tops! - Aliya

Bri said...

Okay, seriously fantastic jumpsuit and loving the mixed prints with the cardigan!!!!

Lightning Heart said...

oh how adorable!

Fashion Pad said...

Fab look. Great images!

giamarieb said...

you are such a dream boat! miss you!!

Anonymous said...

love your style!!
please take a look to my blog and let me know if you like it!

Carmen said...

You look so cute, love the playsuit!

Carmen Ri.