Friday, February 17, 2012

Samantha- 1970's + Knitwear

Knit Jacket- Vintage rainbow hand knit jacket by Norma from Rosebowl flea market in LA
Top (under jacket)- Versace for H&M sweater from H&M store in LA
Pants- Vintage Levi's from Showdown Vintage in Toronto
Socks- Tie dye Etsy socks from
Bag- Prada pink baby bag from
Shoes- Velvet Gucci pumps from Gucci store in NY

The Look: 1970's + Knitwear

Fun Fact: We collect vintage knit Norma jackets because they remind us of the jackets that our grandmother used to make for us when we were little. Whenever we find them at flea markets, we scoop them up right away because they are soooooo hard to find! Click here to see our white Norma jacket.
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Michelle's Style File said...

Your rainbow knit is fabulous! What a find.


Mikimoto Angel said...

That colorful jacket made you look so bright and cheerful. I love this outfit. :-)

I hope you get to visit my blog soon.

Much love from Mystic Nymph.

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

that is why i love this blog! nobody and i mean nobody can pull this off like you! first of all, please send that gorgeous cardigan over here! the gucci shoes could have looked so tacky, but not when a beckerman girl is wearing them! huge fan of socks and shoes, so you cannot go wrong with that!

Lightning Heart said...

holy crap, that jacket is insanely good!

mispapelicos said...

I have never seen a more beautiful JACKET EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR,ahhhhhhhhhhh
Gorgeous, my dear Samantha

dictionaryoffashion said...

Interesting jacket! :)

blue roses said...

rainbow brite popcorn party sweater! love it! perfect color match with those gucci pumps.

Anonymous said...

all the colours make me smile on a rainy day! adorable.

glitter wishes from munich,

Lydia Armstrong said...

Love this jacket!! What a lovely story behind it. And omg, how cute is that bag.

lapetiteblonde said...

wow dear!!amazing look!!
love that colors!!
kisses pretty=)

Raquel said...

I love your jacket!

Andrea said...

aweosme jacket and your socks are insane :D love them!

Ioana-Carmen said...

Nice post!!! Check my blog and follow me if you want!!

Polly said...

I love everything about this but the teeny Prada bag just makes me die at how cute it is!

| l e n e r d | said...

uber loved this look
so much colors to love
the knit is to die for. ADOREEEEEEEEE

The trendy frog said...

what a funny bag¡¡¡


Hannah F said...

I searched on for a half hour searching for this prada bag. I loves it. Love the jacket too. Is there another name for the bag??? I want it I want I want it! ( said in my Rumplestiltskin voice from Shrek)