Friday, August 3, 2012

Chloe- Cornstalks + Pastels

Top- Isabel Marant Etoile striped top from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Skirt- MyPetsQuare grommet leather skirt gifted from MyPetsQuare in Australia
Sunglasses- Ray-Bans gifted from Ray-Ban
Bag- Balenciaga black leather bag from Balenciaga store in LA
Necklace- Assad Mounser necklace from
Bracelets- Vintage coin bracelets (no label) from Hamptons Flea Market in NY and Eddie Borgo silver nail bracelet from
Shoes- Alexander Wang black leather Raquel sandals from Holt Renfrew in Toronto

The Look: Cornstalks + Pastels

Fun Fact: I can't believe I finally blogged with cornstalks! We finally found them! And they were easy to get too and we didn't have to get stuck in barb wire and nobody was chasing us (Children of the Corn movie comes to mind)! haha!
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Ok, I ADORE everything about this post. Corn stalks: WOW! Amazing photo opportunity. Isabel Marant top: Frikkin gorgeous. Skirt: Incredible colourful grommet detailing. Walking pose with big trucks in the background: The Shit!!! X

Viostyle said...

very beautiful pictures!!!<333

Marie said...

Ahah awesome! Where is it?

Louisa said...

Great background! I just adore the necklace, and the skirt is awesome and so unusual.


I have been looking evvverrrywhere for a corn field background. No luck yet... good job girl, you look fab.

Akiko said...

Such a cool skirt and looks great on you! Love the fun photos of yours as always :) xo akiko
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Absolutely Mrs. K said...

hhahhaa yes you are so right 'children of the corn" was the first thing i thought about when i saw these photos, but you are so much more fashionable and kind i hope! love the sandals so much! they are so whimsical and fashionable! perfect with your outfit! the second photo is simply divine but i love the one with the truck too! never seen such a big truck in real life! oh and that skirt, how divine is that

Elle Johns said...

Love the leather skirt with grommets!!

xoxo, Elle

Nichole said...

Love the details on your skirt! Fantastic!

Vintageeva said...

LOved the post! xx

Anonymous said...

I love that top! Have to look up Holt Renfrow, didn't know they stocked IM. Love the pic standing in the cornfield!
- Aliya :)