Friday, September 21, 2012

Today's Look Videos!

OMG!!! We had the BESSST time ever with Andrew and Teddy filming Today's Look. If you haven't heard of Andrew Mukamal, he is the coooolest! And he is one of the sweetest most talented stylists around! Teddy, is Andrew's super awesome (cute) brother, and he does all of his filming. And together they have a killer blog called Today's Look. Andrew discusses fashion trends, shows, parties, and has awesome guests. It's one of our favorite blogs! People always tell us how Andrew is the boy version of us and we couldn't agree more! It was a total love affair meeting Andrew and Teddy! They are our brother's from another mother! Check out our interview below. There is Part One and Two, and it's cracked out cray cray fun!
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Domonique Wilson said...

I'm obsessed with Andrew! That's possibly thee most epic thing that you guys got to hang out with him :)


Unknown said...

Oh my gosh I love you guys even more now (which I didn't think was possible) after this video!!!!!
Brooke @ what2wear

Rosalind said...

How much fun and excitement can you have in one day?? This looks like a wonderful meet up.

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

OMG I went through like the same phases, I was a hippie when i was like 16 years old. Girls what are you wearing on your head? last Thursday I bought one, it was the only one in belgium and i couldn't resist. Love it 'we love the funkiest things of their collection'! YES, perfect!

I love titi and the german kid !

Hannah F said...

I've been a long time lurker ( always look and never comment) of your blog. I really love you guys and I love Andrew, Teddy and the girls. I really love you guys even more now from those cray cray episodes!!! And Teddy never has been on camera even made a cameo for you guys!! You guys should probably do some vlogs sometimes because that was 3 sticks of DYNOMITE energy!

Hannah F said...

The hats are GLAMAZING !!!

jocelyn said...

That was an epic video/ party girls and boys! Loved every enthusiastic minute of it! xoxoxo

Seinfeldted said...


just for the record: qotd: sam gets best dressed with her blue hair. love it! and

QOTD #2 - my fav young designers are asher levine and gigi burris millinery


ps. "we're fucking tripod!"