Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Samantha- I'm with the Band + Hitchhiker

Jacket- Acne jacket from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Sweater (underneath)- Vintage leopard sweater (no label) from Value Village in Toronto
Hat- All Saints hat from All Saints store in New York
Jeans- Green Rag and Bone jeans from The Narwhal in Toronto
Gloves- Blue faux snake skin Holt Renfrew brand gloves from Holt Renfrew
Shoes- Chloe boots from
Guitar bag- Maison Martin Margiela bag with H&M guitar bag gifted from H&M

The Look: I'm with the Band + Hitchhiker

Fun Fact: This guitar bag is soooo coool because it makes me feel like a BONAFIDE rockstar! (If only my guitar lessons paid off! Waaah!) I look like I just got off the tour bus and they forgot about me and left me stranded in the snow... haha! Pin It Now!


Anonymous said...

Love your jacket!!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

love the pop up of the blue gloves and omg snow!!!!! still crazy about the chloe boots, still not in my wardrobe! i always love it when you are wearing them! the bag is so you!

Unknown said...

a guitar bag....yes!!!! you always have the perfect amount of quirkiness/awesomeness for every outfit!!
brooke @ what2wear

the style crusader said...

That guitar bag is super cool. i love the boots too! xx

Andrea said...

favourite boots ever <3

Amandine said...

Your blog is amazing!
Love your boots!
Thank you so much for stopping by on my blog! xo

scattergirll said...

Cute shoes! xx

| l e n e r d | said...

such a hotti sistah!
and i love u girls 4eva n eva u always bright up my days with ur comments

lovelovelove my chic sistahs!

mispapelicos said...

So wonderful, ahhHhhhh

Unknown said...

awesome look.. I love the boots!
I wonder what would the story be behind a girl hitchhiker/band aid that looks just like you on these photos.. cool post

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment I really appreciated it !!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG AND STYLE SO MUCH!!! But the thing I love most probably are all your boots, they are perfect and really particular! :)
xoxo Sophia

Unknown said...

Adore this look!

manu campayo said...

nice post...genial los botines

elclubdelamoda said...

I like this blog... me encantan las fotos las sigo

Stilettos Diary said...

love the boots.. its awesome..


Unknown said...

omg. You are so cool.

Seriously. Not only are you wearing like, the best brands ever, but by combining them with vintage and making them your own, you really wear them marvelously.

The addition of the blue gloves to the olive green outfit is so inspired. It definitely has motivated me to put a pop of color on my hands. You've got it goin' on girl. Some seriously fierce poses. I am a FAN!


Rebecca Jane said...

First off - fantastically styled outfit.

Secondly (and more importantly) - loving the attitude in these photos!