Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Caillianne- Louvre + Paris Chic

 photo IMG_3606_zps574ddabb.jpg  photo IMG_3758_zps3d8eaeb6.jpg  photo IMG_3795_zpsdec03bf4.jpg  photo IMG_3528a_edited-1_zpseb18550a.jpg  photo IMG_3698_zpsfc3e67da.jpg  photo IMG_3610_zpsce6a810a.jpg  photo IMG_3559_zps526d9b0f.jpg  photo IMG_3677_zps3a1a8734.jpg  photo IMG_3659_zpse698dc63.jpg Sweater- Isabel Marant sweater from Corbo in Toronto
Dress- Isabel Marant dress from TNT in Toronto
Bag- Simone Camille backpack from Simone Camille
Shoes- Isabel Marant shoes from Jonathan and Olivia in Toronto

The Look: Louvre + Paris Chic

Fun Fact: We had the bessst time ever in Paris and visiting the Louvre was practically a dream! We have a number #1 favorite bag at the moment! It's this Simone Camille backpack! OMG! It saved our life sooo many times on our trip to Paris because we carry so much with us all the time! Like our huge camera, lipstick, sunnies, passports, granola bars, water..etc... and this bag was chic and sooo comfy and super soft and held everything. We can not stop wearing it! I wore it the whole trip in Paris and love the invisible magnetic closure at the top, the hidden zipper at the side and the vintage coins. Simone Harouche who designed it is totally brilliant and amazing! And we are obsessed!  

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Absolutely Mrs. K said...

I absolutely love this outfit! love the combo of the skirt, one hell of a skirt, and the short sweater! must remember that! huge fan of backpacks lately, don't know why but they are so practical to wear, especially when you are city tripping

Unknown said...

Nice outfit and amazing skirt :)
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Kisses from Spain, Kela

Jackie Harrison said...

You look fabulous love the last pictures

Jane said...

Perfect, as always! What a cute parisian babe :-))

LaviƱa Jampit said...

nice outfit for a Paris tour! :)

Natalia/Shandrese said...

That skirt is amazing!!

Nerissa Sayson said...

Wow! Another cute blog to style stalk :)
I love your blog header!
First time to visit your blog by the way!
Outfit is so nice..loving the skirt so much!

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Sandra Leiva said...

Beautiful pics! Love your skirt <333


Emma | THE HOTSPOTTER | said...

In love with this look, the sweater looks so comfy!! X

Chrissabella said...

Great pictures and love your skirt!

Greetings from London,

Rakel said...

great look!

S said...

Great look and pics!! I love Isabel Marant :) Thanks for your visit and comment, love the blog I follow you, hope you follow me back!
Bj S

Tamina said...

the pictures look so great :-) I really like your backpack. I currently look for one

Kristi said...

Love these fab shots & outfit - especially that amazing jump!!!

Shannon Valle said...

This is such a chic look, the pantone of the outfit is gorgeous.

The Fashann Monster

Alice said...

That skirt its stunning!!!!!!!!

Come to visit

Gina and Alicia said...

Love this outfit, especially the skirt!