Friday, February 28, 2014

Bjork Swan Dog Dress DIY for The Oscars

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Marni needed a dress for this Sunday's 86th Annual Academy Awards! So we went in to the archives and shrunk Bjork's iconic Swan dress for her. It's like, "Honey I shrunk the Swan" but done as a neck piece so that Marni can still sip champagne (just kidding) as we watch the Oscars together this weekend! LOL! It was really easy to make, and seriously all you need is an old bed sheet or scrap of fabric, a Swiffer duster, napkins, two white hair elastics, black permanent marker and some orange cardboard that I cut out of a TNT envelope. We had all of these thing lying around the house. 

How to make it:
So what I did was cut a white piece of fabric from an old bed sheet (folded it) and stuffed it like a sock with napkins. This part is for the face. I than cut some orange cardboard into a cone and taped it as the beak. Do all of your taping in the back so you can't see it. Draw the face with a black permanent marker so that it looks like a swan eye. I then used the two white hair elastics to tie off the fabric around the neck and hold it together.  I taped on a Swiffer Duster to the end of the white fabric and taped the swans beak to the Swiffer Duster to make it connect in a reef like shape. For the last detail, I pleated a white fabric scrap and taped it over the Swiffer where everything connected, so all the tape was hidden. And Voila... Lights, Camera, Action... Miss Marni is ready for the Oscars!

An old Bed sheet or scrap of fabric
Orange cardboard
Black permanent marker
2 white hair elastics
Napkins or stuffing for face
clear duct tape or strong holding tape
1 Swiffer Duster

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Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

Hahahahahahhahahahah!!!! Omigosh Marni WINS Best dressed paws down!!! I love watching her sashay down that red carpet! Tooooo presh for words! Move over Boo, there's a new HBIC!

Happy Weekend my loves! See ya on IG! Muahhhhhs!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Claudia Lackner said...

OMG! So cuteeeee! Love this!

Anonymous said...

this is the best thing I saw all day! I love it, so creative & the video is so adorable :)