Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cailli- Over the Rainbow + Smiley Face

 photo ilovemrmittens-marquesalmeda-benedettabruzziches-venessaarizaga-campers-bernhardwillhelm-christopherkane-happyfacesweatpants_zpsbba9f65c.jpg  photo IMG_1612_zps609a74c6.jpg  photo ilovemrmittens-marquesalmeda-benedettabruzziches-venessaarizaga_zpscd414df9.jpg  photo ilovemrmittens-marquesalmeda-benedettabruzziches-venessaarizaga-2_zps50a6d42d.jpg  photo happinesspants-camperforbernhardwillhelm_zpsed3a9d6a.jpg  photo mrmittens-happinessbrand-campers-berhardwillhem-marquesalmeda-benedettabruzzichesbag-1_zps9ec11624.jpg  photo IMG_1489_zps44fbcd70.jpg  photo ilovemrmittens-marquesalmeda-benedettabruzziches-venessaarizaga-campers-bernhardwillhelm-2_zpsedc56ecf.jpg  photo ilovemrmittens-marquesalmeda-benedettabruzziches-venessaarizaga-campers-bernhardwillhelm-christopherkane_zps5dddd09e.jpg

Sweater- Yellow knit I love Mr. Mittens Cardigan
Hat- Yellow knit I love Mr. Mittens Mr.big hat
Jean top- Marques Almeida Spring 2014 denim top
Blouse- Rainbow Christopher Kane blouse
Necklace- Venessa Arizaga eye candy necklace
Bag- Benedetta Bruzziches denim carmen available at ShopSuperStreet
Sweatpants- Happy face sweatpants by Happiness Brand
Shoes- Bernhard Whillhelm X Camper Smiley shoes available at Gravity Pope

The Look: Over the Rainbow + Smiley Face

Fun Fact: Lovin' this knitwear tons! I love Mr. Mittens is such a cool Australian knitwear company that hand makes made to order knitwear. They have the brightest yarns and I think their oversized cardigan and Mr. Big hat are just so special... I am living in this! There is a new amazing shopping website called Shop Super Street that sells seriously the coolest stuff! This Benedetta Bruzziches bag is from there, and it's epic. I love the denim peace sign embroideries and how its quilted. Definitely a website to check out! Denim, Denim Denim... the best fabric around. Our friends Marques Almeida do denim the best! This is my new wrap top and it's shredded on the bottom and ties on the side. Love them so much. The smiley faces take the cake today! Happiness sweatpants...check. They are the best sweats on planet earth! The Bernhard Willhelm X Camper collab is still going strong and they are my fun hiker shoes. They have smiley faces all over them and look like teenage mutant ninja turtles smiling. They are so rad! Today I was running around trying to find a missing piece for my shower. The whole thing came out of the wall while I was showering.. lol

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naz said...

Great colourful look

mispapelicos said...

You make everything your wear chic, stylish and so much fun.
love, love, love and eternal INSPIRATION.
Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuu

The Dainty Dolls House said...

You look amazing doll, love the bright colours, yellow is gorgeous xx

The Fashion Panda said...

The yellow looks good on you !! :)

Agnes W said...

Cool knitwear! Loving the vibrant yellows and oversize cardigan! Our snow is starting to melt...yay!!

House of Illusions

Jeanne said...

Another perfect outfit I love your style! I love the yellow touches of your look!

Natalie Mulford said...

That cardigan and beanie = PERFECTION! And then to see its made in Australia, even better!!

jocelyn said...

You are definitely my sunshine!!

Unknown said...

Cute look! Hey by any chance I found a photo of you wearing a yellow Jean Philippe Ricifriar fur coat. Do you remember how much you bought it for on ebay? I have a similar one and would just love to know what it is worth :) my email is Thanks love!

Anonymous said...

Faboulous look! xo

Anonymous said...

Faboulous look! xo

Unknown said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I love the Bernhard Willhem camper sneakers are so cool! Want it in pink <3