Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween- Albert Einstein Zombies!

It's our favorite time of year again!!!!! And this time we, went as Albert Einstein Zombies!!!! We celebrated in L.A with our family! Chloe and Justin went as a mummies (because Chlo is expecting!)
Our mom went as a she-devil, our dad an eyeball and Courtney our awesome friend went as a butterfly. We headed over in a stretch Jackie and Keith's killer house party in Santa Monica and had a freaky Friday kinda time!!!
 photo halloween-beckermanblog-1_zpsc58cfa15.jpg  photo halloween-beckermanblog-3_zps25304deb.jpg  photo halloween-beckermanblog-2_zps5ebf90e7.jpg  photo halloween-beckermanblog-4_zps05d03c42.jpg  photo halloween-beckermanblog-5_zps682824db.jpg  photo halloween-beckermanblog-6_zps95614b2a.jpg  photo halloween-beckermanblog-7_zps3eec0553.jpg  photo halloween-beckermanblog-8_zps2b40539c.jpg  photo halloween-beckermanblog-9_zps35048dfc.jpg  photo halloween-beckermanblog-012_zps9e84024a.jpg  photo halloween-beckermanblog-013_zps453b273d.jpg  photo halloween-beckermanblog-011_zps194ac387.jpg  photo halloween-beckermanblog-010_zps527b2155.jpg Pin It Now!


Unknown said...

ahahahaha I looooooooooooooove halloween!

Q said...

Too good!!!... love it.x

Jeanne said...

Stunning costumes girls!
Seeems like you had a blast for Halloween!

Ivana Klepáčová said...

amazing ♥

CharloJiho said...

Funny photos ! It's a great event !

Kirsten Thyra said...

omg those outfits are so awesome but sooo creepy!! Love it!
Hope you had a fabulous Halloween :)

Courtney said...

Your costumes are epic!!
XO Color Me Courtney
Dress Outside The Lines

Caro * said...

So funny !! These costumes are amazing girls ! :)

Lyric Fashion Lover said...

Too funny!!! Love your costumes!