Friday, June 12, 2015

Apple Watch and the Gold MacBook!

We majorly looooove with the new Apple watch! We have been working so much faster with it! Like checking emails and texts on the run, making calls and using it to pay for our morning Starbucks coffee with a quick scan. But the best part about the Apple watch is that it has really inspired us to take our fitness and activity to the next level. It calculates heart rate, how long you stand in a day, how many calories you burn during a workout, and you have a move goal to get awards! I even had a 45 minute call on my watch while on the elliptical. After a work out, it then calculates it and puts it in the weekly calendar for the week. One morning I cleaned my room for hours and when I looked at how long I was standing for the day, it said...16 hours! OMG! We took a picture and posted it below because it was epic.

It's made both of us so aware of being more active and we have been feeling really great! Everyday, we have been switching the removable bands from chrome to blue, coral, green and black leather to stainless steal to match all of our outfits! And then there are so many options to switching up the face of the watch. We love Mickey Mouse stomping his foot, flowers that change colour, butterflies whose wings move and jellyfish that swim through water. They are all absolutely gorgeous and we are obsessed with personalizing it everyday. The camera feature is also so cool because when you take out your phone, it sync's up to the watch and allows you to take pictures on your watch.

We are always misplacing our phones around our house or in a purse and there is a feature on the watch that allows you to ping your phone to tell you where it is!

The texting is also one of the best features because the watch is voice activated and has emoji's that are animated! You can also send your heartbeat to a friend via text, that you create with your finger prints--it's sooo brilliant! We are learning more and more features everyday about the watch and are totally in LOVVVVE! The Gold MacBook is soooooo light is our new travelling companion. It's two pounds of chic! It is fast and has a full size keyboard and a 12" screen and it is super quiet and fast. It is the thinnest, lightest notebook designed and it is GOLD! Ahhh..... The ten hour charge is awesome too, without being plugged in. I love the built in FaceTime feature! That way we can chat with our sister Chloe in L.A, blog and then watch a full season of Game of Thrones without it powering down!
 photo applewatch-beckermanblog-toronto-4_zps74nbdzh1.jpg

 photo applewatch-beckermanblog-toronto-7_zps787m1jjq.jpg  photo applewatch-beckermanblog-toronto-1_zpscvbddflb.jpg  photo applewatch-beckermanblog-toronto-2_zps55avnqa6.jpg  photo applewatch-beckermanblog-toronto-9_zps4r99fywj.jpg  photo applewatch-beckermanblog-toronto-3_zpsvelvjgjx.jpg  photo applewatch-beckermanblog-toronto-8_zpslqmcn3as.jpg  photo applewatch-beckermanblog-toronto-5_zpsfbimh58o.jpg  photo applewatch-beckermanblog-toronto-010_zpsexlh0kec.jpg  photo applewatch-beckermanblog-toronto-6_zpsqztysn5f.jpg Pin It Now!


Tamanique @ The Maximalist! said...

Damn, love that gold Macbook. You two actually make the Apple watch look totally fashionable.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

So awesome, I looooooooooove it!!! XXXXXX

Gabrielle said...

Oh my GOSH, the gold Apple Mac is utterly incredible - what a design! :)

Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


Emma Renata said...

AHHH Love this!! :O

Beauty Follower said...

Cool gadgets... also like that tutti-frutti clutch!

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Jeanne said...

Cool gadgets girls! Thanks for sharing! You look gorgeous by the way!;)
Have an amazing Sunday!
XO Jeanne

Shannon said...

I actually thought the apple watch was kinda stupid at first but I have to admit, after reading this post, I kinda want one. I’m pretty amazed by how it tells you how long you’ve been standing for! & I love the gold macbook! All gold err’thing! haha


Paola Lauretano said...

I love your gold McBook!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy sunday girls!!!
Kisses, Paola.


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Anonymous said...

Dying for one of those watches!!! xx


GlamourZONE said...

wow,its sounds amazing
the long battery is an added advantage and the fact that its has removable bands awesome

Adriana B said...


The Fashion Panda said...

I really love those watches ! So cool !

Anonymous said...

lovely watches dear how about we follow each other?

Tania Franco said...

Apple is my favorite brand of technological devices, and you just made me fall in love with the apple watch! Looks and sounds marvelous.


lamodalena said...

Those watches are amazing! beautiul looks! :)

Unknown said...

wow! the gold macbook! x

Caro * said...

Stunning watch ! Mickey Mouse is so cute <3

Unknown said...

Wow.... this is great.

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