Thursday, May 5, 2016

Our CHANEL Cruise Cuba Collection 2016/17 Trip!

We got invited on a trip of a lifetime to see the CHANEL Cruise Cuba 2016/17 Collection on the streets of Havana Paseo Del Prado! Cuba is changing dramatically and it was such a special time to be there, because CHANEL is the first international fashion house to have a show there! It was so exciting because it was also Karl Lagerfeld's first time in Cuba! (We got to see the first U.S cruise ship in forty years docked there and Fast and the Furious 8 is the first American movie that has started filming!)
On our first night, we went to a CHANEL dinner at Atelier that CHANEL hosted for all the press that attended. We ate delicious pesto pasta, Coco Flan and had yummy drinks in fresh coconuts while we chatted with friends. Later that night we went to Tropicana to see an incredible Cabaret show filled with flamingo dressed dancers, chandelier headpieces and neon outfits. Everyone was shaking their tail feather while sipping on champagne. We stayed at Hotel Nacional de Cuba and went on a shopping tour the next day to see local artists at a Flea Market. We bought some hand made pop can hats, tie dye dresses and purses. The walking tour we went on was amazing because we saw such beautiful architecture and soaked up the culture since it was our first time in Cuba.
We then all went back to our hotel, jumped in the pool and got ready for the big night!
Before the fashion show started, we all got picked up in vintage rainbow convertible cars that brought us to Havana Paseo del Prado. There were 170 cars that brought all 600 guests to the show. It was so much fun being in the car with the buildup of the amazing energy and excitement before the show started. Locals were on their balconies behind us and in front of us cheering on the models and waving at us. We met Vin Diesel who was such a sweetheart and we took a fun selfie with him. We were all sitting on park benches and the models walked down a runway that was 160 metres long. CHANEL made history and turned Havana's street into a gorgeous runway show, showing lots of colorful tweeds, neon sequin dresses and Viva Coco Libre tees. There were also military jackets, lots of Panama hats and brogues. There were 86 looks total and some menswear looks that had the male models smoking Cuban cigars. CHANEL embraced Cuba's culture playing live Afro Cuban music during the show and even had Cuban Cigar purse boxes and vintage car prints on skirts and bathrobes.
At the end of the show, the models Cha- Chaed down the runway and danced their way back with drummers and dancers and singers! It ended with a Congo line, a Cuban carnival tradition and they all followed behind Karl who was holding his godson's Hudson Kroenig's hand. It was EPIC! All of the guests rushed on to the runway to dance and be a part of the celebration. We ended up right behind Karl and Hudson capturing it, in one of our videos on Instagram. After the show, guests jumped back into the vintage cars and headed to La Plaza de la Catedral for the after party. Dancers and live singers filled the party with Cuban beats and dance moves. We danced all night until our feet hurt! One of our favourite moments was when Karl hit the dance floor. It was everything! We didn't want the night to end. It will be forever be one of our most unforgettable and special trips! Cha Cha Cha!

 photo sambeckerman-caillibeckerman-beckermans-beckermantwins-beckermanblog-chanelcruisecuba-sisters-bloggers-beckermans-chanel-coc_zpsnrn924gh.jpg  photo chanelinvite-chanelcruisecuba-beckermangirls-chanelcuba-cococruisecollection_zpsnzj0uufo.jpg  photo samanthabeckerman-caillibeckerman-chanelcruisecuba-cococuba-beckermans-havanna-cruise_zpsjbzf9aop.jpg  photo Chanel Cruise Cuba- Coco Cuba-Beckerman Blog- Cuba- Chanel-2_zpscorhhx4x.jpg  photo beckermans-sambeckerman-samantha-beckerman-beckermanblog-havana-cuba_zps8tl31hjz.jpg  photo cubancars-vintagecars-cuba-havana-ridetochanelshow-candycolors-chanelcruisecuba_zpsu3p7x26d.jpg  photo samandcaillibeckerman-twins-sisters-chanel-cuba-havana-market-cubamarket-chanelcruisecuba_zpsploev14g.jpg  photo chanel-cruiseship-chanelcruisecuba-firstcruiseship-beckermanblog-sisters-cococuba_zpsunia6x7a.jpg  photo chanelcruisecuba-canadians-chanelcanadateam-panamahats-chanelcruisecuba_zpspvnswe53.jpg  photo chaneldinner-chanelcruisecuba-cococuba_zps5zpqtlhj.jpg  photo chanelcruisecuba-chanelcanada-beckermans-beckermanblog-chanelcruisecuba_zpsjdpo69ca.jpg  photo chanelcruisecuba-cococuba-sisters-beckermans-beckermanblog-chanelcruisecuba_zpspmvzbpiv.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-streetstyle-blogger-cuba-chanelcruisecuba-havana_zpstdhoxedf.jpg  photo havanacuba-sisters-cuba-chanelcruisecuba-beckermanblog-sambeckerman_zpsvxcvznad.jpg  photo chanelcruise2016-17-runway-havanapaseodelprado-chanelcruisecuba-cruisecollection-bloggers-models_zpskqnhsk9m.jpg  photo sambeckerman-caillibeckerman-chanelcruisecuba_zpstzn3vofw.jpg  photo tildaswinton-chanelcruisecuba-cuba-havana-tilda-beckermans-beckermanblog_zpscg9tngmm.jpg  photo stellatennant-chanelcruise-beckermans_zpsvqtlde9n.jpg  photo cocochanel-chanelcruisecuba-tshirt-cococuba-sisters_zpsmwoxufxj.jpg  photo runway-cruise-chanel-models-cuba-havana_zpscwsel1fr.jpg  photo bradkroenig-hudsonkroenig-sambeckerman-caillibeckerman-chanel-chanelcruisecuba_zpsazo1gq9k.jpg  photo chanelcruisecuba-cococuba-sambeckerman-caillibeckerman-beckermantwins-havana-coco-cuba-_zpsnoai82ao.jpg  photo Chanel Cruise Cuba- Coco Cuba-Beckerman Blog- Cuba- Chanel-3_zpshha2uba6.jpg  photo Chanel Cruise Cuba- Coco Cuba-Beckerman Blog- Cuba- Chanel-4_zpsr87rhmpw.jpg  photo havanacuba-beckermans-beckerman-bloggers-cruise-chanelcruisecuba-chanel-cruise-cococuba_zpstzeojoad.jpg  photo cococuba-chanelcruisecuba-sisters-cococlub-cruise-bags-runway-beckermanblog-_zpsmoturyfj.jpg  photo chanel- hudsonkroenig-bradkroenig-karl lagerfeld-chanel-beckermans-_zps4u7roqqi.jpg  photo cococuba-havana-streetlife-runway-bloggers_zps0f9h8q3t.jpg  photo runway-chanel-cruise2017-cruise-beckermans_zpsjnuy7pi5.jpg  photo stellatennant-beckermans-sisters-beckermanblog-chanelcruisecuba_zpsg8imiolu.jpg  photo karlandhudson-finale-runway-chanelcruise-cuba-cococuba_zpstgn27yt9.jpg  photo chanelperformers-dancers-runway-finale-dancing-cococuba-chanelcruisecuba_zpscrtqln31.jpg  photo vindiesel-fastandthefurious-chanelcruisecuba-chanel-runwayshow-havana_zpsy9kv0m4f.jpg  photo karllagerfeldandcecilecrochon-hollysiz-chanelcruisecuba-sisters-beckermanblog-sisters_zpsm54zukyy.jpg  photo chanelparty-cruise-chanelcruisecuba-sambeckerman-caillibeckerman-bloggers-beckermanblog-chanelcruisecuba_zps9alflo7z.jpg  photo Chanel Cruise Cuba- Coco Cuba-Beckerman Blog- Cuba- Chanel-1_zpsqf5atuwe.jpg  photo karllagerfeld-karl-lagerfeld-cuba-havana-cococuba-chanelcruisecuba-sisters-beckermanblog-cococuba-cocohavana-cruisecollectio_zpsxgvmeugb.jpg  photo pinkcar-cuba-havana-cuba-ellecanada-beckermanblog-chanel-chanelcruisecuba_zpshbm6gqsg.jpg

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Nicola said...

Seeing your Cuba trip on your Snapchat gave me life! It truly seemed to have been a once-in-a-lifetime event and I am incredibly happy you two shared so much of it with us!
The collection and the whole setting was just perfect ♥


Annabelle said...

Oh, my God! This is so exciting. I am dreaming about Cuba now.

piƱ said...

Woawwwwww!! Conozco Cuba y es maravillosa y que decir de mi adorado Chanel!
las fotos son impresionantes y el reportaje tambiƩn!!
os espero en mi nueva ubicaciĆ³n en
mil besos de susana

Beauty Editer said...

On point! This is so nice!

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Bash Harry said...

Ohhh this is so exciting! You must have had an incredible time! Wow!

xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

Sara C. said...

Nobody covered it like you girls! I love Chanel!
xo Sara C.

Harry said...

I love Cuba. What a stunning show and incredible experience. The clothing is beautiful and Karl is the KING!
Harry from Geneva

Unknown said...

QuƩ maravilla de desfile!!!
Un beso

Gianna said...

This Cuba Trip looks like the best trip. I think your pictures are beautiful and I also love the clothes
x Gianna

Couture Carrie said...

So amazing, darlings!
Loooooove these pics!
You both look incredible and so happy :)


Jackie Harrison said...

Awesome post beauties

Maria | Looking Glass said...

Wow this definitely looks like the experience of a lifetime! Cuba looks so cute with all the colourful houses. You two look gorgeous too, great outfits xx

Trendy Chickadee said...

SO jealous y'all got to go! This show looked absolutely AMAZING :)

Hanna Lei said...

This is so awesome -Hanna Lei

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Unknown said...

This looks like such an amazing time... thank you for sharing this with us

Filipa xxx | Instagram

Jeanne said...

Wow! Congrats on this amazing event girls! This is historical even! And this gallery of pictures is stunning! Thanks for sharing this!
Wish you an amazing week!

Unknown said...

omg. that looks so so amazing


Hi fun girl
this is a very excinting event
Maison chanel is so original
Thanks to show me this amazing pictures
Have a good day

To me new post

Adele said...

Amazing photographs, it must have been incredible to be apart of such a spectacle and milestone!!

Unknown said...

This looks like an amazing time! I love the photo with all of the bright cars

Emily said...

Omg I am sooo jealous! What an amazing experience!!


konstylencja said...

Your Cuba trip looks amazing! and your outfits! omg just perfect girls!
seeing Chanel - my dream! <3 love karl!

ALLIE NYC said...

Wowzie this looks like it was an INCREDIBLE event! I like that the show/runway was outside, and I love what you guys are wearing in all of the photos and Meeting Van Diesel how cool, your photos really bring this event to life.

Allie of


I M P R E S I O N A N T E, guauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! me ha encantado todoooooooooooo

The Equinox Fashion by Paweerata said...

I saw the video on your Instagram, and I was like "girlsssss im jealous!" Hope you had fun though!


Gabrielle said...

I'm totally blown away - what an incredible experience! Cuba looks beautifully colourful and vibrant, and there couldn't BE a better reason for your visit than to be on a press trip with Chanel. Wow! All of your outfits are killing me and oh my gosh the scenery... I just want to dive into this blog post haha!!

F-lover Fashion Blog said...

OMG I love this collection very very much! great pictures!
kisses Gina

new post

De. said...

Amazing pictures dear:) kiss

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Sounds like an awesome time, and I love the sunglasses!

Larissa said...

One can definetly tell from the pictures that you had an aaaaaaaaamazing time! I would love to visit Cuba too :)
conscious lifestyle of mine

Unknown said...

OMG girls, this is awesome!!! I envy you so much right now. :) It looks, not just that it was an amazing show but that it was an amazing party and experience. Love it.

March and May

Moren Cort said...

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vector art services said...

awesome post and your pics are also superb.

GlamourZONE said...

I love your accessories
you are lucky to have a chance to attend such an event
Everything looks awesome

Rachel-Beth said...

Oh my gosh as if you met KArl! That is actually insane :) Cuba looks like a rainbow come to life and all the Chanel clothes look incredible

Rachel xx

Unknown said...

Wow what an amazing trip! That looks like such an incredible experience!! You both look so beautiful!!

Danielle said...

Love your pictures! Looks like you girls have lot's of fun!


Joepet Macariola said...

Greetings from,

Nice pictures you have here.

Thestylegalaxy said...

So many beautiful PHOTOS.

Beauty Follower said...

Lucky you!
Hope you had a great time and dance all nigh long ;)

Lynette said...

Love your photos looks like you had a blast.

Unknown said...

Amazing photographs and your outfits are gorgeous!! <3
Looks like you had an amazing time :)


Very nice photos :)
Maria V.

C - Abriendo mi armario said...

Wow! It has to be one of the best experience in your life! It was sucha a great event! Fantastic photos!

melange boutique said...

Look fantastic, really original colorful and a bit eccentric all in this marvelous island

Melange-Boutique Blog || Instgram

angieporelmundo said...

unas fotos sensacionales, las gafas azules me gustan

Bellezzefelici said...

Lucky women!
Love this post, so full of colors, of happiness and of style :)


Melina Alt said...

You both look great and this Travel Diary (kind of)is lovely ♥

Caro * said...

Amazing photos ! This event is gorgeous ! Kisses girls :)

Edyta said...

Wow, wow, wow - how amazing!

Yomi Siavichay said...

IncreĆ­ble este blog.

Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

What a badass trip of a lifetime! And Karlllllll!!!!
Omg I mean, does ANYONE really get to meet Karl in a lifetime?!!! Nope!!!!

I would've been sneaking pix of Karl... then sneaking pix of my FAVE twinsies <3 <3

Muah! Xx- Julie

Haute Khuuture Blog

Emil Kadlic said...

Really I am impressed View your photos. Amazing photography . One of the statues and your picture, It's looking really awesome .