Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Ste.Marg Scot!

We're sooooo obsessed with this new amazing Canadian Label called Ste. Marg Scot! Designed by Sasha Jardine. Like us, Sasha loves COLOUR! These coats come in so many cool colours like Irish Green, Royal Jam, and Electric Cobalt. Literally the Rainbow!  These Heritage duffle coats are so obsessive and they are made in Toronto. Ste. Marg Scot is an outerwear company that is modernizing woollen coats by making them colourful, gender inclusive and they only using natural materials. There is no plastic or metal parts..(even the buttons are hand carved). It's so cool cause it has this amazing liner that keeps that coat nice and toasty for when its freezing out, and you can remove it and wear the lighter version in the Spring. 
We were so blown away when we received it. The packaging, the wooden hanger and the presentation was just gorgeous. These are really special and so beautifully made. Check out their website here to see all the colours of the rainbow! (Sam is wearing the Power Pink in Small and Cailli is wearing the Modern Lavender in Small)
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