Wednesday, May 10, 2023

#MuglerHM Collection!

We're so excited about the Mugler and H&M Collaboration! It launches this Thursday May 11th and these are our favourite pieces of the whole collection. These iconic denim and black neoprene outfits are to die for! The jean jacket has structured shoulder pads and snaps up the front, and the jeans are stretchy, high waisted and fit to perfection. The designer of Mugler is Casey Cadwallader and he is the brilliant creative director.
We are so obsessed with this Collection and love how each piece is constructed with either mesh, boning, seams or draping. There is so much attention to detail when it comes to the #MuglerHM Collab.
The collection has pops of neon green and neon pink as well as really cool Mugler star earrings.
Our mom has a lot of vintage Thierry Mugler dresses and we are so happy she never gave them away, because they are so special. We are so happy this Collab is happening because its an amazing way to celebrate his legacy. Make sure to check online this Thursday!
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Sandra said...

WOW! Very cool look - and even smarter photos. 😎😎😎