Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chloe- African Lion Safari + Zebra

Sweater- Vintage Kenzo zebra sweater from a Vintage shop on Abbot Kinney St. in LA
Dress- Opening Ceremony dress from Opening Ceremony store in NYC
Bag- Black leather bag by Juicy Couture from Juicy store in LA
Bear charms on Bag- Blue Salvatore Ferragamo tie bear charm from Godmum and Prada leather bear charm from Prada store in NYC
Boots- Vintage Justins black boots from Vintage store in NYC

The Look: African Lion Safari + Zebra

Fun Fact: I am soooo excited that my family came to visit me in L.A! The Hollywood sign in the background actually reads "Sallywood." When we went to the Griffith Observatory they were putting up a letter, day by day, on top of the Hollywood sign to save the land from being developed on. In a few days, the sign eventually reads "Save the Peak." Pin It Now!


giamarieb said...

I wish we all could be California girls! Miss you Chloe!

Danielle Hession said...

so very cute chlo!!!!!! mmwaahhhh miss u!!!

valncami said...

LOVE that skirt!