Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Samantha- Sunrise Sunset Song + 50's " Sock Hop"

Jacket- Vintage army red cross jacket (no label) from Vintage store in Kensington
Dress- H&M dress from H&M store in Toronto
Bag- White and Black polka dot bag from Forever 21 in LA
Socks- Neon orange socks from Forever 21 in Toronto
Shoes- Black and white saddle shoes by Hogan from Hogan store in NYC

The Look: Sunrise Sunset Song + 50's "Sock Hop"

Fun Fact: The Griffith Observatory is such a gorgeous park! Its free admission and you can look through the biggest telescope ever designed! More people have looked through this telescope than any other telescope in the world. Pin It Now!


Danielle Hession said...

look at that polka dot bag!!!!!!! another xx1 gem!!!!!

valncami said...

Great vintage army. We just found a fab one in wool at our Salvation Army the other day. It's at the cleaners but will post a look with it soon.
Glad you all had a great time in LA.

Mike said...

great looks keep up the good work, well done and your Dad ,who sez white men can't jump ,cheers i am going to forward these to my powers that be.