Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Caillianne- Sully from Monsters Inc + Toucan Sam

Jacket- Beckerman Fall 2006 Jacket from "Beckerman Manor" Collection
Shirt (under Jacket)- Denim H&M shirt from H&M store in Toronto
Jeans- H&M jeans from H&M store in Toronto
Scarf- Blue cashmere Marc Jacobs scarf from Marc Jacobs store in Las Vegas
Hat- Prada print hat by Holliday and Brown Fall 2003 collection from Prada store in NYC
Bag- Bottega Veneta suede bag from Saks 5th Avenue in Naples, Florida
Shoes- Ralph Lauren Collection oxfords from Holt Renfrew in Toronto

The Look: Sully from Monsters Inc. + Toucan Sam

Fun Fact: Samantha and I trade a lot of stuff! It makes our wardrobes fun because sometimes we love eachother's stuff so much and just want to claim "Its mine!" Its sounds silly but it makes you feel like you just bought something new and have a new piece in your wardrobe! This hat is super special because it was made from Holliday and Brown fabric specifically for Prada. Holliday and Brown is a famous for their mens ties. I traded her my Marc for Marc Jacobs sailor heels for this Prada hat. The funny thing is that we did this little trade about 5 years ago. But for Prada's Resort 2010 collection they brought back this print!!!! OMG!!! Sooo excited!! Thank goodness Prada recycles their prints! So, I looked everywhere but I couldn't find this hat anywhere! And finally where did I find it... ? Drumroll please... Back in Samantha's closet! So, I had to steal it back! (Sorry Sammy!) Pin It Now!

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Danielle Hession said...

Sully!!!!!!! what a good name for the outfit!! I think I am going to have to get those jeans!!! miss u girls!!!