Monday, March 22, 2010

Caillianne-Titanic + 1920's Sailor

Red Jacket- Vintage red leather Vanson jacket from Value Village in Toronto
Tank top- Black Old Navy tank from an Old Navy store in Toronto
Scarf- Navy and White scarf from street vendor in NYC
Hat- Knitted navy vintage hat from Hell's Kitchen Flea Market in New York
Pants- Vintage 1920's white Linen pants from Gadabout Vintage store in Toronto
Diamond Shoe Clips- Vintage clips used on bottom of pant clips used to hold pants
Belt- Vintage black leather belt from Tribal Rhythm Vintage store in Toronto
Bag- Vintage red Chanel bag from Chelsea Flea Market in NYC
Shoes- Burberry Prorsum Fall 2009 Desert Booots from Burberry store in Caesars Palace Forum Shops in Vegas

The Look: Titanic + 1920's Sailor

Fun Fact: When we were in Vegas we went to the Titanic Museum at the Luxor Hotel. It was the most magnificent exhibition. They made us walk through the Titanic's cabin and walk up the Grand staircase which was so beautiful! They had artifacts like whistles, plates, makeup and even soap dishes. They even had a piece of the Titanics gigantic hull. This was really unbelievable and we had goosebumps the whole time while walking through!!! Pin It Now!


Mamie Canem said...

Great wedges

The Book of Right-On said...

Oooh love the shoes!! and the red leather! Hot!
Margaux from BoRO Xx

Anonymous said...


Nikki said...

You are so beautiful. ☀☀ said...

Great outfit!
I love your jacket!

xx Alex

Anonymous said...

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