Thursday, July 1, 2010

Samantha- Reality Bites + Cottage Country

Dress- Vintage babydoll dress (no label) from
Slip- Black Beckerman slip (under dress)
Sunglasses- Alexander Wang sunnies from Opening Ceremony in LA
Necklace- Native American bird necklace
Jean Vest- Urban Renewel jean vest from Urban Outfitters in NYC
Bag- Forever 21 polka dot bag from Forever 21 store in LA
Hat- NYC Yankees hat from street vendor in NYC
Boots- Vintage cowboy boots (no label) from Urban Outfitters in LA

The Look: Reality Bites + Cottage Country

Fun Fact: It was relaxing to go upto the cottage with friends and swim in the lake. The cottage was originally built in 1900 but burnt down in 1920 and was rebuilt in the 1930's. It was very rustic and cozy. There were soooo many mosquitos that we went through a bottle and a half of bug spray! You know when you keep hearing lil' buzzing noises in your ears and you can't stop slapping yourself?!!!haha... They made this new bug spray that smells kinda like watermelons, so we called it our "perfume" for the weekend. HAPPY CANADA DAY!!! Pin It Now!


donalla said...

Wow. you look rad! All you need is an Ethan Hawke look a like and you would fit right into that Reality Bites movie.. isn't it ironic?

Melissa said...

I'll bet you were the best dressed in north! How were the mosquitos? I dont see any bites on those legs :)

Sophia said...

Nice pics!! You are dedicated to bloggin! Even on vacation you look great :)

Anonymous said...

feirce shades girl.

xo, Kim

mAdi*cakes said...

yayayay! I love vests!!Esp. with florals and boots :]