Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Samantha- Candyland + Evergreens

Sweater- Handmade cashmere and bobble Beckerman Spring 2005 "Birthday Girl" thesis collection sweater
Shorts- Beckerman D.I.Y heart jean shorts
Earrings- Isabel Marant pink feather earrings from Net-a-porter.com
Bag- Beckerman large green heart bag
Black tights- Black tights from Leggs store in Toronto
Key chains- Pink and blue robot key chains from Prada store in NY
Dog sweater- Handmade bobble dog sweater by Caillianne
Boots- Chanel black motorcycle quilted boots from Chanel store in Toronto

The Look: Candyland + Evergreens

Fun Fact: In 2004, Caillianne said that she was determined to learn how to knit a cashmere sweater! So, she attended an after school program at The Fashion Institute of Technology called "How to Knit a Sweater" and went for it! This is her first sweater she ever knitted and I'm still obssssesed with it! She also knitted bobbles and found vintage ice cream sundae copper enamels from the Chelsea Flea Market in NY and decorated it! A few years later she also knitted her first dog sweater to match. This is it, but she ran out of green yarn and added a different color green for the collar! Hahaha! Cubby just loves it! We're a match made in heaven! Pin It Now!


Unknown said...

love it. love. it!

sydney said...

love that sweater and those shorts so much! cubby looks adorable! <3

Amanda said...

loooooooove the sweater. and the dog is so cute!

mispapelicos said...

You alway, always surprise me with something wonderful. I adore that colourful jumper, I really do, wooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww.
Un abrazo grande.

Peta Rudd said...

Oh, those boots are gorgeous! (YAY! your cast is off!) and love the matching jumpers (clever sister)! x

jemina said...

I LOVE everything here, and green is def one of my most faves colours :)


infinitezest said...

I love this outfit&the matching sweaters! adorable!

Mei-li said...

aa i like it, so funy like a rainbow in the cold autumn

| l e n e r d | said...

OMG! girls
you SAM look amazingggg
+ i can't get enough of this cute little pie/dog!
love you loads!

daisychain said...

what an incredible sweater!

Isabel said...

Cutest doggie EVER!

Anonymous said...

love love love your handbag and that pooch is too cute!


Debora said...

wonderful outfit, I LOVE IT !
And OMG this little dog is the cutest one I've ever seen, I love ittttttttttt !!!!!I want this baby :D !!!

love love love your original style


Ring My Bell said...


I think Cubby needs his own blog :)


Copious Couture said...

I have a sweater just like this! My gran made it for me! You and your puppy look adorable!


thehautepursuit said...

I LOVE the little nubs on the sweater! I really want to learn how to knit. I always see people doing it on the bus...might just have to buy myself a lesson!
Your outfits always make me smile. because you're so un-apologetically YOU! so refreshing :p
and ur baby. ur puppy! AWWWW!

giamarieb said...

this is too adorable for words!!! my sweet cubby!!

Erin said...

Fantastic! I love the matching dog sweater. Too cute!

The October Issue said...

I love your purse & your dog is too cute!

Collette Osuna said...

Hi dollie....as usual, fab as ALWAYS!! what a fun outfit....:)
I have to ask, I called my daughter Chloe over to see your little furbaby..I knew shed love him....he is the cutest ever..Chloe would like to know what kind of dog it is...maybe she thinks Santa will bring one....to an 18 yr old? I think not, lol

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Closet Confections said...

that sweater looks like so much fun. i just resolved to teach myself how to knit, but i'll be sticking to scarves for now, lol.

that dog is too cute for words!


Laura said...

Holy crap, I can't get enough of this look!


Beautycountry said...

Well, this was fantastic!! Just look at that cute little doggie...naaaaw :D

uggkicks said...

this sweater is cute .

Irina said...

your matching sweaters are too cute!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute and fun and colourful! Love it!


Unknown said...

OMG that dog is just adorable!!

Thanks for commenting on my blog, www.blahblahbecky.co.uk! ^_^

Angeles Almuna said...

Fabulous GREEN! Full of energy!
Love it!


peggy said...


Unknown said...

Sooooo nice your dog!!!

Cool blog you have style!

Krizia said...

The dog is adorable!

x Krizia


Eline said...

Waahhh, your sweater and dog! I can't get over the ridiculous awesomene cuteness of it all *_*