Monday, September 30, 2013

Caillianne- Queen of Hearts + Menswear

 photo IMG_9759a_zps161d7056.jpg  photo IMG_9856a_zpsb16bc078.jpg  photo IMG_9721a_zps13d6ab8e.jpg  photo IMG_9924a_zps362c8fd8.jpg  photo IMG_0139colorcorrected_zpsf24faff3.jpg  photo IMG_9834a_zpse7515795.jpg  photo IMG_9925a_zps2ca09923.jpg  photo IMG_9830a_zps26f4d634.jpg

Sweater- Sonia Rykiel Sweater dress from The Room at The Bay in Toronto
Slip (underneath)- Beckerman black slip
Bandana- Vintage red bandana
Hat- All Saints Black hat from All Saints store in New York
Sunnies- Ray-Ban Sunnies
Bag- Devi Kroell bag from Hamptons in NY
Shoes- Isabel Marant Scarlett boots from TNT in Toronto

The Look: Queen of Hearts + Menswear

Fun Fact: I love wearing oversized sweater's as dresses. Even if they get a little short (just throw a slip on underneath!) This felted Trompe L√≥eil sweater is insanely fun to wear because it's made to look like a sweater jacket in a sweater. I've been feeling a red and black punk vibe ever since NY Fashion week and can't seem to stop wearing these two colors! LOL! I finally caved and got these Isabel Marant Scarlett boots! So excited!

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Joana Chaves said...

That sweater is so cute!

x Joana
When You Dream Big

Unknown said...

I love this shoes !!!!

mispapelicos said...

Great masculine-femenine combo, my dear.
Glorious alwayssssssssss

Unknown said...

love your shoes

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Absolutely Mrs. K said...

what is there not to love about this outfit! always have been a huge fan of sonia rykiel's sweaters, love the humor in it! gorgeous bag, so you! must have a red/black outfit too! must try

Yulia Sidorenko said...

such an interesting outfit, dear!
love it!

what about following each other? let me know, i'd love to)
love, Yulia

Louise said...

you look fierce! especially love the hat.. x

Thrifted Shift said...

I didn't realize it was a sweater until you explained! The heart of leaves is so sweet. I wish I'd thought of that!

cecylia said...

wow your red jacket is stunning! Love the trompe l'oeil effect!

Le Chat Noir said...

Your style is absolutely fab!
I love the Isabel Marant boots!
You made the outfit so sophisticated, yet a bit boyish! Love it!