Friday, January 10, 2014

Cailli- Faux Fur + Monsterlicious

 photo IMG_8598_zpsbda4f8ab.jpg  photo IMG_8840_zps400c53b2.jpg  photo IMG_8558_zps44ee8c52.jpg  photo IMG_8738_zpsc1bc7c50.jpg  photo IMG_8582_zpsc77319dc.jpg  photo IMG_8706_zps20193ac4.jpg  photo IMG_8750_zps62dd9571.jpg  photo IMG_8824_zps333777f0.jpg Jacket- Faux Fur H&M Jacket
Monster Scarf- Jeremy Scott faux fur scarf
Pants- Quilted Ono Norma Kamali jog pants
Bag- Prada blue faux fur
Shoes- Modern Vice Chloe studded boots
Doggy- Cubby Beckerman.. woof :)

The Look: Faux Fur + Monsterlicious

Fun Fact: Well in Toronto right now we are in a deep freeze. It's been -25 degrees Celsius and dropping! And underneath all of this snow is...drumroll please... ice! (I have already fallen and have a huge bruise on my leg!) I slid down a hill doing a snow angel.. LOL! Anyways, the only thing that makes me smile in the winter is pulling out an old Beckerman trick, and that is layering faux fur things! I'm also obsessed with my new studded boots from Modern Vice. I love how studded they are, and I can't get enough of them. Cubby's is also staying warm in his bumblebee sweater. I picked it up in L.A at D.O.G pet boutique, it's the cutest store!

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crafty-zone said...

wow, amazing fur :)and your dog is so cute <3

The Fashion Panda said...

Love all those kind of colored fur ! Nice post :)

Lacee Swan said...

so much furry goodness here!! <3

Unknown said...

love your dog!!!! :)

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

must have a scarf like that! period.