Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sam- Pajama Chic + Hallelujah!

 photo canada-streetstyle-fauxfur-beckerman-girls_zps3185fd5b.jpg  photo toronto-streetstyle-beckermans_zpscee29575.jpg  photo hallelujah-himalayancampers-snow_zpsc60998af.jpg  photo hm-pajamachic-beckermantwins-pradabag_zps292e1f67.jpg  photo camper-himalayan-bernard-willhelm-beckermanblog_zpsed55bf3f.jpg  photo camper-bernhardwillhelm-fashion-shoes_zpsa1a10bce.jpg photo bernhardwillhelmxcampershoes-himalayan_zps2b7274ae.jpg  photo fashion-beckerman-sisters-happiness-sweats_zps4f330192.jpg

Top- Happiness Hallelujah sweatshirt
Pants- Happiness Hallelujah sweatpants
Hat- Pink H&M hat
Jacket- Black Jacob Faux Fur
Bag- Pink Prada faux fur
Shoes- Bernhard Willhelm X Camper Himalayan sneaker

The Look: Pajama Chic + Hallelujah!

Fun Fact: It's been sooo cold here in Toronto, that being super comfortable under your winter jacket is key. I am obsessed with Happiness Brand sweats! We have been living in them non-stop. They are super cozy and I love how they did a modern and funky take on the sweatsuit. They rocked it out with this matchy matchy print. It has a twist on pajama chic and hip hop. Bernhard did an epic collab with Camper and these Himalayan shoes are so perfect with this weather and with this sweatsuit.

Get the look:

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Unknown said...

Love your style girl! Stay warm in Toronto!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

the shoes, don't you just love them!!! that is what i call a pair of sneakers! anyway, must have sweat-outfit like that! so into comfortable clothing these days! probably because you already are wearing so many layers you want to be comfortable. and still such a big fan of the bag

_our food stories_ said...

love it! such a cool outfit!!

Unknown said...

Fabbb! Shall we follow by facebook and bloglovin?

Trending Game said...

I'd kill for that beanie. Love it !!
Wanna follow each other ?

Irene Gm.
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