Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Chanel Fall 2014 Collection SuperMarket Chic + Food DIY

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When we saw the Chanel Fall 2014 Collection we were instantly obsessed with how it's at The SuperMarket! I mean, we always take a ton of pics at the Supermarket because of how vibrant and colorful and fun it is, but Chanel took it to the next level! Cleanup on Aisle three please! Chanel Cookies, Chanel Chain Saws, Chanel Macaroni and Chanel green beans! YES PLEASE! Nomnomnom! Even the baskets were decorated with chains and the models filled their carts with Chanel wine and Chanel crackers. The models had big dread lock pony tails filled with pieces of tweed and braids. The show had a sporty feel because everything was put with running shoes. Our favorite were the lace up runners that stopped right below the knee. The tweed corseted jumpsuits were a total standout and very 80's as well as the crop tops! (Crunch time lol!) We have been obsessed with silver pants, and usually every season we always see something silver in Chanel's collection. Karl did silver baggy pants which are so hip hop and so space like. The best handbags were wrapped in cling wrap and packaged up like a pieces of fresh Agneau (Lamb). The knitwear was so futuristic and beautiful with the holes, as well as sparkly glitter knitwear pants. We loved all the little candy buttons sewn on the sweaters and dresses as well as the graphic pop prints. It was a super happy collection! There were some crazy amazing tweed oversized sunglasses that are a must have! Need everything! Time to Checkout! In honor of this collection, we created a Chanel bread bun with a squishy bun. It's fake food but we thought it would be a fun charm to put our Chanel bag because we love grocery shopping too!

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Unknown said...

You girls always have these crazy ideas, at first I thought you used real bun lol. It really looks so real! I would definitely love to reincarnate that Cara Delevigne look, it's my wish since I saw the collection first time. The only thing I miss is that tiny flat belly, haha.

Dooshi said...

I also thought it was the most amazing presentation from all fashion weeks shows this season! Only a genius can think like this. Magic in a spoon like I say. Perfect.

Virna Gambini said...

Great post and amazing photos! Did you take all of them?
I'm in love with the green coat and the jacket with huge pockets! *.*

Virna ♥

Faye said...

this is a very chic collection